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Geoff Freed — November 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THERE IS A SONG 'Where do I begin---' Well at the beginning? Okay. Here we go again. Let us look again at the global warming debacle; I call it a debacle because it would seem the carbon emission theory of global warming could collapse if the new evidence is investigated thoroughly. I must emphasise it is vitally important to stop the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, not because of Global warming but because it rapes the Earth of natural supplies, causes ill health through pollution and robs the indigenous people of their homes and puts materialism and mammon as saviours and Gods of salvation.

It has been stated in earlier blogs that the sun goes through its cycles and in relationship to these cycles we can see from graphs (Earth's Sun – Crystal Links pages 27-29), that at Sun High and Low sunspots that there is a relationship between the rise and fall of species, fauna, flora and civilizations. There is also evidence through archaeology, fossil evidence, and forensics that certain chemicals, hormones and the Earth's magnetic fields were influenced too.

This evidence is further corroborated by Dr R. Timothy Patterson (professor and director of the Ottawa-Carleton Geosciences Centre, Department of Earth's Sciences, Carleton University) who states that the ' that the mud at the bottom of B.C. fjords reveals that solar output drives climate change'. He goes on to say that tree rings, ice cores and so on substantiate this. You can google him in and read more. This is also substantiated by Mitch Brattros and the elders of our race. Dr Patterson does not agree with Al Gore, Angela Merkel, David Suzuki or Stephen Harper. Looking at the time lines of the Mayans, the graphs as above, Dr patterson, Mitch Brattros and other research you may see a link and begin to see the cyclic nature of the Sun and other planets with our moon, and to its affecting climate change. For sure we must ensure we do not overburden the planet by denuding and raping the natural resources so causing more deserts and hardship to peoples and their livelihoods.

There is evidence that this change is Universal. Dr Dmitriev a Russian scientist states that there are planetary changes (again google in for his work—or just Russian scientists and Planetary changes) and also his work on the changing harmonics of our DNA spiral, he states also that the solar system itself is moving into a more highly charged area. This then coincides with my theory of 'journey towards the Central Sun' [earlier blog] which is firing up the sun as we travel in the 26.000 year cycle along the elliptic plane. Although the Sun goes through its cycle its relative distance to the Central Mass at the Centre of the Milky Way, either enhances its cycles or diminishes them. Dr Patterson says he can read the sun spots.

Let us leave the Sun and turn to the Moon. Many years ago I worked for an official Organisation and we were alerted to the Full and New Moon cycles and were informed that extra patrols were needed as the crime rate and so on went up, accidents, memory loss, dizziness, headaches, low and high blood pressure, A+E Depts, had more admissions, data from insurance companies verified this and police records. Only lately the Brighton Police in UK and Leeds Uni, cheekily announced this as if they had made a startling discovery, having poo poohed it some years earlier. Some airlines test their staff for moon sensitivity and will rest the employees accordingly on those days. Some even go by biorhythm charts. Why cannot GP's do the same?

A scientific theory named displacement says that earthquakes can be caused by and especially at Full Lunar Eclipse [see last ten year or so study] and even a new moon, fluids are 'displaced', that is contract or expand, as do the tides, which by the volume of the sea, magma, lakes, rivers, ice flows, push as it were, assisted by the oscillation of the Earth, the tectonic plates to slide and so cause the tsunami and quakes. They would move anyway, however, this adds impetus to the proceedings, and again the study of natural cycles, graphs and ancient prophesies corroborate this. Think of the fluids in us! I am moon sensitive and planetary line up sensitive. Another Sun theory is that the Sun exudes huge magnetic 'vibrating Waves' which at this frequency silent sound as it were, could cause seismic activity [see Mitch Brattros for full article. ].

Onto another kind of related subject. Dr Elizabeth Rauscher [plenty about her on the internet] is a brilliant scientist, one that I applaud and also brings my awareness to a point of 'I wonder where she is really coming from?' She works closely with the Institute of HeartMath [www.heartmath.org] this organisation along with Dr Rauscher is attempting a Global Coherence Monitoring System(GCMS), a complicated and elaborate system to track the fluctuations in the Earth' s magnetic fields generated by the Earth and the Ionosphere. One of the aspects is to see whether the Earth's field is influenced by, or reflected in, the human heart rhythm patterns, or brain activity, and whether this field can foretell quakes, volcanic eruptions and other phenomena. It explores whether the magnetic field is influenced by the collective unconscious or emotional resonance and whether collective emotional intuitivism can predict this. They have found that three weeks before the St.Helens eruption the magnetic field of Earth changed. [see earlier blog on ethmoid bone and thalamus calcium cycle]. [also earlier blog on REG's set up and also the Field by Lyn Mc.Tagart and The Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole, particularly Dr Dean Raidin]. Scientists are becoming aware of the interaction between, human animal and plant energy fields. The ionosphere emits a cacophony of frequencies ranging from 0.01 to 300 hertz, some of these are included in the human range of heart and brain [see my earlier blogs, also danger of phone masts, fluorescent tubes, micro waves and the like, the electronic smog]. Animals in Chinese Zoos are being monitored regarding their movements as to quakes and so on. Why not use human sensitive's?

Now what is the concern I have over Dr Rauscher, I know she works with healers and I feel she has the best intentions, however, looking at her credentials [see her CV on the net] she has access and is privy to the highest security networks and she made a statement, which maybe out of context and is "give me the money and in three months-----and I'll be able to affect the behaviour of 80% of the people in this town without them knowing. Make them happy—or at least they'll will think they are happy or aggressive" [quoted from the internet and you can find it in the sites under her name]. As I say it maybe out of context, I am not into conspiracy theories, if this is true and she is still connected to spurious sources that wish to mind control us, then investigate this, should I be wrong I unreservedly apologise. However she has worked in Mount Shastra with healers, and, the quote above maybe is meant to slur her by the spurious sources.

Now to some science fiction or is it. In the 70's I was at Findhorn and when attuning to something to do with space and ET, I got that I would go to South America one day and pick up HIC'S [ high intelligence crystals], these were crystals that sensitive's would find and by Psychometry, get the messages out of them. Try as I may I have never been allowed and even stopped from going to the USA and South America. However just recently I have made an acquaintance that has gone to South America and knew of these HIC'S and said she will retrieve them and do it for herself and me. Watch this space. At the time that I got the hic message I was linked with two people a former Tank Officer who has passed on and lived in Devon or Cornwall and the great Grandson of Col Fawcett [google in] who searched for the lost city of Ibez in South America [look him up, there is a mystery that I will not go into fully]. Col Fawcett disappeared and his son who searched for him also, this happened in the Roncodor region of South America, some years later his great Grandson had the vision to find the caves where they searched and was assured by the local ethnic tribes that they were not murdered. On taking slides of the caves, strange faces appeared on the negatives ONLY when projected. Kodak, Eastman and so on could find no explanation. The faces are those of the five races I described in my UFO some blogs back. I met Timothy Paterson [great grandson of the Fawcett's] at Baroness Edmee Di Pauli's home at an evening slide show, I took with me friends who knew of my findings in the 60's of these races and I was shocked to see these faces appear as shown. What goes around comes around. I now await my new friends return from Peru and other countries. More or less at this time I met Elizabeth Van Buren [another person mysteriously drawn to South America] see her book the Return of the Star People and again there were connections with underground cities and races.

I do not understand fully my connection with the above. Perhaps many of us who have these synchronicities have been here before. Nearly all the people above have I feel been sent to 'assist the race through the birth pangs of a new era'. I will say that if you read Zachariah Sitchin, The Space Ships of Ezekiel by Joseph F. Blumerich [Chief of the systems layout branch of NASA and co-builder of the Saturn V rocket] my UFO blog, the Mahabharata, the findings of archaeological digs and findings of Sir John Marshal in the 20's and Sir Mortimer Wheeler in 1946, you may be astounded at what was found, such as evidence of nuclear weapons, space ships and so forth and very many indigenous stories of huge explosions as bright as many suns, complete infertile areas and so on. Have we been through the present day scenario before? Have we come back to try to stop a repeat. Einstein was asked if there was a third world war what would the weapons look like or be he replied" if there is a fourth world war they will be rocks". Are old souls arriving or have arrived to assist the Crystalines , the indigo's the silcones, the twelve stranded DNA beings? Being slightly cynical, do we ascend to the 4th, 5th dimension and leave the poor b------s behind? I feel we need to be grounded. Will 2012 have enough aware beings to reach critical mass? Will the mind benders stop the 'ascension'? Well we have choice and enough choosing, all pulling the same way, not individual fantasies just may swing the change into the Aquarian dream.

Go Well and Love Geoff.

ADDENDUM: - The energies are very strong and many are feeling the transformative energies and their related symptoms. These are switching on folk so there is hope of a critical world mass.

The more I accumulate in mind or material—the more I have to let go of. I can experience all as long as I do not horde and believe possessions are my Life. If I live through my possessions, when they die, I die. When I live as me I live forever.

Beauty is something that brings out the love in me. Because beauty makes me feel love, I may wish to posses it and it can be an addiction. True love allows freedom and gives itself away so that it creates a space for greater love, a love that is not grasping, or possessive. Like a beautiful flower, a sunset, scenery that takes my breath away, an awe inspiring moment. Enjoy it, cherish it, and let it go. Avoid comparisons so that I can enjoy the next and not project onto it the past experience and so see an overlay of what is now in its pristine and prime form. Beauty is an offering from the Eternal One------there is more to follow.

The Lft. Colonel I referred to was Tom Welsh [maybe Walsh] and he lived at Venton Mill in Devon. Timothy Paterson and Tom arranged trips to the Roncodor, and should my memory be correct it is in the interior of Brazil and the word means 'snoring' as large anaconda's apparently make a noise similar to snoring when digesting a large meal [this is subject to verification], anyway Timothy and Tom told me that they invoked the Deva for serpents and snakes before entering the region, mainly because of the venomous snakes which infested the cave area and lay partially buried in the sand entrances. One of the slides showed track marks of large snakes in the sand and some people who had been on these trips said they heard slithering noises in the night. Wey Hey not my cup of tea and I remember Tom asking me whether I would like to go, I must say it did not appeal to me after these tales of sleepless nights,, however if it felt right I would have gone, and when it did Tom went and left the planet and Timothy went back to Italy and I could not trace him even to now. Lots of Love and Go Well. Geoff

PSS. From about the 9th October 2007 until now which is as I type Full Moon 26th October 2007, I have received a huge amount of phone calls, faxes and e-mails with folk saying they feel a huge heat, sleepless nights, strange intense dreams, fuzziness, dizziness, weird spaces in their lives and so on, me too. Many although hugely hot did not have a virus or temperature. There were websites and writers who said this would be a very energetic time. It felt to me like the Kundulini flu or dross alchemic purging. Many went to A+E and nothing was found. Then there is a forecast [see Mitch Brattros] that 19th November 2007 could see an nuclear incident around India and Pakistan.

NASA reported a comet 17P/Holmes, bright now in the sky, usually it is hard to see, and they are unsure why it is so bright. It comes around every seven years. Interesting point, it is the end of a 9 year and cycle, and 2008 brings in a 1 year, this is told to me by a numerologist friend. Is there a link between the seven year cycle, the comet and new beginnings?

Again Lots of Love Geoff.

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