To Be or Not To Be: That Is The Answer!!!

Geoff Freed — October 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

HELLO FRIENDS, the year seems to have flown by so rapidly. The energies of transformation have increased measurably, and some folk have said they are hard to bear. Many of the usual symptoms have seemed to have increased in intensity, and yet a relief in emotional response, in other words the physical effect is there, however the emotional response or reaction is not so depressing, worrying or depleting. This maybe because of some experiences that many and I have shared. The deep ingrained patterns are being forced to the surface and the deep patterns are being recognised as just that, deep patterns. This can mean that the unconscious auto pilot that can run our lives unconsciously and by habit are being routed out, brought to the surface by the very intensity of the pain of transformation. A psychologist friend of mine disagrees and feels that we are deluding ourselves and that we are merely getting used to the phenomena and are either finding coping mechanisms or learning to sublimate them. I would agree with her if it were not for the illumination and insight that accompanied them. This then is a measure. No insight then probably a coping mechanism or body buried technique. Insight with a relief or highlight is probably diminishing and ending the grip of the pattern, or at least an uncovering another layer.

There is a debate as to whether a mental discipline says that is some hundreds of years old and now taught by Eastern Gurus are beneficial in these times of media and political indoctrination, which is trend or mass brain washing. Is the mental or so called spiritual method often taught by chanting and swaying not merely the 'media hype' of that bygone age? An example of this is a dear friend of mine who has surrendered herself to a well known Guru, she said to me "I cannot live with myself as it is, I have not the will power, the awareness to free myself from my agony and find inner peace, so I just leave it to the Guru, to teach me in the ancient teachings and follow without questioning his words". Many people may say yes this is the way, and some will say this is how radical fundamentalism is born; others may even say well better a spiritual discipline with its morals than the decay of this immoral and amoral generation we witness now. The solution may arise from what we may term or feel is spiritual. To worship through prayer and supplication a God we cannot see but maybe feel is to some spiritual. Some scientists and psychologists may see this as a brain/mind produced phenomena and a mere way of coping with life. Others may prefer affirmations and repeating beliefs, and so by strong intonation and emotions aided by mind intoxicating rituals bring about ecstatic states and in group bonding. Witches, Wickers and so forth [so termed white or black] feel there way is spiritual and so on, the list is endless.

What about the so called hermetic way. The mystic who seeks endlessly to find the truth of life and creation, by eradicating thought and programmes to finally arrive at pure illumination, light and awareness. Maybe then the fog and mists of differing dogma and doctrines finally clear and the pure experience of God stands alone as spiritual. Perhaps the boiling pot of today's world is simmering away the differences so as to arrive at a common denominator.

Politically this can be seen as a world government, a central dictum for the entire world to follow, a uniform, boring conformity, eliminating character and enterprise, suffocating spontaneity and intuitive creations. A well known large country would like this to happen and well known sect of many religions would like theirs to be the only one too, again creating stereotyped automans.

Nature has the answer. Unity in Diversity. This means an ecological system that works in co-operation and in synthesis. It follows the laws of mutual benefit and balance and is cyclic in its essence, directed by the Life Force that created and Sustains It. Nature does not have differing beliefs that separate its units, nor do our bodies unless sick. So perhaps the answer to our societies dilemma is not more laws, punishment, nanny state or to promote licentiousness and impunity, but to TEACH HOW TO ACCESS THE INTELLIGENT CREATIVE POWER WITHIN. Immediately then comes the clamour from the Guru's and such like, "I can teach the way to this and my way is the best, if the Guru does not say this then the pupils will as they feel the guru knows best,". We are back where we started.

The way we are going as a civilisation will either lead us to make or break point. Let us examine this. Global warming in my opinion is both cyclic and man made. This has happened before and there are graphs that show when global warming through the sun activity is high or low populations have arisen and fallen. I will go into this in addendum to follow. However we have a responsibility to not add to this warming and it will throw up most of the things we do to kill ourselves, cause ill health and put profit before sharing.

Through the very act of survival we may come to the premise that finding and contacting of the Life Force in the Natural world, the Cosmos and ourselves and feeling that connection and instinctively knowing, as our bodies know when in a silent, quiet mind we are prompted to 'right action', then and only then, in my opinion will we be like nature, diverse yet bonded by the unity of the recognition and feeling of the underlying Life Force, the energy that is emitted in intelligent form by God Almighty, the Unseen Force behind Creation in form.

Can humankind put aside its monstrous selfish ego and step forward into a new era, stripped of selfish intentions, animosity and glamour. We may have to be brought to our knees and see our precious belongings go into the flood waters [I felt so deeply for those flooded people and their houses, the tsunami's, the forest fires, the droughts, the killings, wars, and so on], like the ten plagues in the old testament will we have to go through all this in order to wake up!!!? I see this in me; I have a part of all this in me, I own it and this is my bit of bringing to the surface the patterns that is part of my minds connection with the collective unconscious. I welcome the process of peeling the onion and clearing my karmic truckload, and as painful as it maybe and my ego rebellion, I will carry on. I do this not only for my own peace of mind and to live with myself, but to serve the Life Force in whatever way I can and hopefully benefit nature and humanity in whatever capacity the Creators Force Has In Mind For me.

Hey There, Go Well. Lots of Love, Geoff

Addendum; Have a look at Earth – Sun Link's google Crystal Links for graph as above. It gives the Sun's activity and years of civilisations and so on. This from 3000 BC till AD 2000. Interesting the oestrogen and progesterone levels fell or rose in relationship to the electromagnetic output of the Sun.

More of UK madness. Apart from gun crime, knife crime and so on. An eminent Professor wants every one over fifty to take a pill consisting of aspirin, statin and a cholesterol drug every day to lessen heart attacks in the UK. Statins have been proven to be highly dangerous and actually cause heart attacks. [see What Doctors Don't Tel You and Dr Mercolla]. You mustn't play conkers; you mustn't blow bubbles as children may slip on the wet floor — so many now, the latest all those between 60 and 70 are to be sent colon cancer testing kits. Talk about a fear generated older generation. My Doctor recommends twelve tests a year, some of my neighbours ritually spend a year of tests and are so worried about the results that they become ill; some are on at least fifteen drugs a day. Straight bananas by law from the EU, what is Yoghurt? EU. Come on it has been proven in articles on the Mercolla website that when Doctors went on strike in three countries the death rate went down. This has happened more than once. Come On Nanny UK. Is the UK becoming a Nanny Goat? If you annoy a goat and you turn your back on one, it may butt you in the butt. Perhaps the governments of the world need a good kick up the ----!

The Aurigrids a meteor shower came in on September 1st 2007. The source is thought to be a comet named Kiess a comet that appeared 2000 years back. The shower has appeared in 1935, 1986 and 1994. GF

Latest in Astrophysics from Dr Futore is that the Sun is belting out huge solar flares and energy particle at Mars Venus and Earth simultaneously. Russian Scientists have noticed changes on all planets similar to our Global Warming. Hey. Hey this maybe proves global warming is in indeed solar system warming. See above. This year sees 13 full moons which occur every 19 years and Saturn moved into Virgo for the first time in three decades. What does all this mean to you? GF.

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