Look Back Time and Propinquity

Geoff Freed — September 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

HELLO AGAIN, a few things to clear up and explain before going into the article. When I mention something from science that is accredited by the present scientific community the source is acknowledged and is at the present theory or fact authenticated. Then from this I may speculate or feel inspired to write up my own version or spiritualised insight to the above. This may not be accepted by the scientific community and may be termed as pseudo science or science fiction, I will mark the difference so as to not mislead or falsify the presentation. Bearing in mind yesterdays pseudo and science fiction maybe tomorrows true outlook and science.

Look Back in Time is an accepted science, when you look out into space you are actually looking back in time. This is because of the speed of light. At short distances the light travel time is less than a second. The Sun being so far from the Earth, light from the Sun takes 8 minutes to reach Earth. As distances get longer so does the Look Back Time. Our closest star, Alpha Centauri, takes the light 4.3 years to reach us; the Andromeda Galaxy is seen as it was 2 million years ago. The Hubble Deep Field telescope has pictures of galaxies as it was billions of years ago, that's when the Earth was beginning to form. The finite speed of Light means that we must always be out of date. A simple question, what is happening right now on the Sun? Right now as we see it is eight minutes back. There is a galaxy NGC 6240, which is 400 million light years away, this is 400 million years out of date. Astronomers' observing this are therefore 400 million years behind time- that is Earth time. Albert Einstein said, "The past, present and future are only illusions, even if stubborn ones."

Looking at NGC 6240, the assumed and predicted merger of a super massive black hole or holes, has more than likely happened, perhaps 250 million years back, we may know this in roughly 150 million years. Many of the phenomena in space maybe extinct, however, their light exists and comes to us.

The above gave me an insight. In previous blogs it is mentioned that light [not refracted light as we see it though our atmosphere] but photons and magnetic frequencies contain information. Scientists' such as Liberman, Popp and Saxton-Burr confirm this. Then the postulation is that the Universe being an intelligent Sentient Organic Being is sharing information as an internet and each particle, each planet and so on, being a node or intelligence point, downloading and sending on information so that like our bodies [see back blogs] the translation and transforming of higher energies to lower ones [see June and July 2007 blogs] from the minuscule to the massive is a process of dissemination of energy waves of magnetic and photonic information.

Bearing the above paragraph in mind, the vast bodies that may now physically have dissolved, have now shed their knowledge as Light which is reaching us from the outreaches of space. This would mean that the Universe is Unfolding itself to us as it appears from the Past to give us Its knowledge once held in a so called solid body form. Analogous to this is a person who lives in a corporate body, gathers their knowledge over their sojourn and passes on, leaving their wisdom and insights to be passed on, in book, DVD, video, or spiritually in the Akashvic records. Tracing this back to the Mind of God, the Consciousness behind Creation, it is theorised that The Great Source Of Life, created and endowed the vast bodies of Space with Knowledge. They accrued this knowledge through their vast Life Spans, and when their time came to pass over, dissolve their corporate form, they then disseminated this in a huge burst of Light and this travels throughout the vastness of Space, which is through consciousness and is absorbed by various entities to be their next step in evolution. These hand me downs of evolutionary next steps occur in sequential, arranged stages. Various stages occur at specific spirals of evolution, seemingly to us in proportion and commensurate to our experiences and in what bodies we find ourselves in, the time space continuum of our existence and so on. We are at a large leap at this moment in Earths history. The great round of the 26, 000 year cycle is upon us and as we venture towards the 2012 year and beyond, we discover more of the galaxy and more so called out there and we then receive more of the information which then is concomitant to our development.

At the level and state of consciousness we experience, there appears to be a past, sometimes a present and a future. We maybe are moving to a place or state of consciousness, this itself a misnomer, for consciousness is a moving dynamic, and we hold consciousness to a pattern, or mould it to our belief systems, so freezing thought to a programme, which in its turn shapes or moulds our reality. However, we maybe soon to break free of this stultifying appearance of solidity and move into a more freely moving reality and scenarios of less possessiveness and time space continuum in which, the past is not regurgitated into the future. The idea being to free the future by letting go of the past and so be in the now.

Science is some cases a great blessing. At the particle level all appears 'loose, not so tightly bound together', solidness is not so solid, the rational mind finds this hard to grasp, this world seems more a concept, more a realm of consciousness. This discovery when it percolates through the collective unconscious, the sums of minds of humanity, when this is digested and assimilated it will break open the tightly held fanatical mind sets of religious fanatics, constipated scientists, hard headed industrialists, stubborn politicians, toffee nosed atheists and know all blogers like me!!!

Propinquity is described as the nearness in time, proximity, kinship, similarity in nature. The Universe has these qualities and as we travel or evolve in our consciousness, which means to expand and stretch our beliefs to a more generous outlook, more altruistic attitude we may embrace that kinship and discover whatever race, culture or religion indeed there is a definite sameness if not similarity in nature. Prospopoeia or prosopopela is described as the impersonation of an absent speaker or imaginary speaker, personifications, as abstract or inanimate objects, masks, dramas and such like. The astral world is full of this and we will see this quality stripped, we are moving towards the ultimate in glamour, fantasia, media and graphic unrealities, surrealism and hype. The bubble will burst soon and the let down for many will feel like withdrawal symptoms [smoking ban] a healing crisis and while the nanny state prevails many more masks will be exposed. The veil of deceit which prevails is the fog of the astral and lower psychic domain and the imaginary voices, the personifications hoisted on objects, talismans and the like will be lifted and clarity of the new vision becomes obvious.

Going off on another tack, new words appear, and some are used in other contexts. As before intentionalising, radicalising, and then phrases, 'I don't do so and so' a famous one by a politician, 'I don't do God '. Like the energies of transformation new situations are cropping up and so words are sometimes inadequate therefore these modifications of language. Analogous to this is the downloading of new energies and so the brain synaptics and neurotransmitters have to form new brain hardwiring which in turn has to send a new cascade of neuropeptides and so a whole new thought/brain. /neuropeptide interface and configuration set up. Particle physics has the same anomaly as to how to explain the unexplainable to logic at the sub atomic levels. Intuition has the same mystery to the logic and is often scoffed at by the hard left brained persona. This then is the way to go or a pointer, to marry the opposites or the dual polarised aspects of the one. Like then seesaw the point of balance is in the middle and so the middle way is becoming the more appropriate than a leaning to extreme attitudes and posturing. We see today a much polarised situation, extreme fanatics of all persuasions being desperately pleaded with by extreme political correctness. Then there is the nanny state, no playing of conkers, clowns not allowed to blow bubbles in case children slip on the wet floor, permission to put non offensive flags up in case someone is offended [in one's own garden], EU laws such as bananas should be straight over a certain length and so on, massive laws made by the EU so that no one knows which one to apply. The banning of herbs, natural food and the like which for thousands of years have proven to work, and yet prescribing of medicinal drugs with huge side effects and doctors and hospitals in the UK responsible for over 24.000 deaths by mistakes [only takes one natural therapist to one mistake and howls of derision and shutdown are tumultuously lined up, as dangerous, not proven], often profit is the motive behind much of this. Somehow this reflects the shift of the ages, the end of an era. Desperate attempts to fit the new free ideas and concepts into the old patterns, long past sell by date and yet resold under new fresh and pristine. The result confusion, why you may ask, the old does not work, the new not fully accepted, where then does one go from there?

This is how it should be, the transition the overlap, the moving from one house to another, the shift of concepts, the rapid information, the pace of life, yes 'there is a river running very fast, jump in do not hold onto the banks, see who is in there with you and celebrate — we are the people we have been waiting for'. [Hopi Prophesy].

Just lately a few people and myself have felt a kind of disconnection from the 'old source of energy', and I can describe it as a connecting to a deep energy source, as if the Life Force is coming from deep dark space, at first it seemed to be outer space, like from look back time, now it feels as if that outer space has co joined with the inner space as it were in my head. It is energising and complete in its essence.

What of the years ahead. I saw a TV programme on the worlds tallest youngsters, some were 7feet and 7inches tall, and the commentators said that young people were getting taller [see UFO blog], well there are all sorts of reasons, food, modern exercise programmes, mind expansion, and the new download energies, we can expect more of this and other mind blowing happenings. The world of science is acknowledging [New Scientist] that the big bang may just be one of many [see my blog in UFO and other blogs] that the Darwin theory maybe incorrect, that there are anomalies in our DNA, perhaps even some of it ET. Watch this space and I mean other writers as well. Mentioning other writers, great ones like Jeremiah Lindsay, Fif Hugenholtz, Gregg Braden, Karen Bishop, Shala Mata, Celia Fenn, Urial, and so many more, we all have our own expression and I feel we compliment one another well. However, not many of us mention or give praise in our blogs to others, I would like to dedicate my thanks to all who have the courage as above to write and 'be out there' we do take some stick and flack, we are pioneers, explorers, and often are maligned for daring to go out of the uniform, to jump into the unknown and say, write and be brave with the new concepts which often make the old school uncomfortable.

Keep on Keeping on, Go Well. Lots of Love Geoff.


ADDENDUM:- A few people have noted some experiences which have synchronised with mine. I therefore will attempt to describe or relate this.

There is a kind of background energy, a feeling perception that is akin to an underground current beneath the main stream of everyday awareness. The awareness that is focussed on the superficial, mundane mind preoccupation and chatter, the programme. This background energy is a gentle laser, yet fermenting, eroding the grit and deposits of ancient 'stuff'. Stuff is the outworn accumulation of patterns that are redundant and lodge in the neurone network as old 'wiring connections', and consequentially this is then deposited chemically into the body. The body becomes the repository, the dumping ground, the landfill for all the brains manufacturing networks. The body believes everything we tell it, and acts accordingly.

The other perception that is powerfully apparent is that my awareness seems just what it is, awareness. This feels like clear glass which a viewer, the silent witness within[in some ways this is confusing, for the awareness is neither within or outside, it is all pervading, however the experience of it in clarity, no mind thoughts present, feels within, it is a if I experience myself as awareness and so within]perceives and experiences. This at intervals seems to expand and 'see' more. Like most interior and intuitive experiences the description falls short of the 'real experience'. In quiet moments and in hectic activity, this 'empty awareness' appears from the so called background, and interrupts into the internal dialogue and mutes without suppression the usual habitual mind chatter. Sometimes the habitual chatter fights back, yet there is a sense it is not as powerful as it used to be. Occasionally in order to re-establish its domain the ego [the collective mind programmes held to together by the super glue of fear, and cemented by repetition], causes alarms of health in the body as viruses, colds, allergies, stiffness and so forth, then the redeeming energy of clarity awareness comes to liberate and resolve and dissolve the situation.

When in the 60's and 70's I did the martial arts and Tai Chi, Qi Gong it seemed then I had so much inner peace and clarity, then from the 80's till now I seemed to have gone through a deep dredging. Stuff from way back when is surfacing and a huge clear up operation is in process. This then are the shared experiences which many and myself are going through, it feels a return to the inner peace is nigh and the worlds situations certainly have a need for this. Lots of Love and thank you for being you. Geoff.

Stop Press. The lunar eclipse of August 28 2007 followed by the solar eclipse of September 11 is a powerful and searching and to me searing time. Check out the BLACK VOID, NASA Astronomy picture of the Day August 27 2007[they have a huge archive and goes back years with stunning and huge information and you will see just how much is conjecture and changes as the Universe throws up anomalies and enigmas].

The above spoke to me in symbolic terms. The void is in Buddhism a reference to enlightenment, not a sterile stagnant entity or consciousness. It is the clear emptiness of pristine prime consciousness. Maybe then the Universe, the Cosmic Mind, is speaking to us and with this discovery another step towards a new clear mind way. A way that erases or raises the consciousness of separation and accumulation to unity and sharing. Could this be another portent that is a statement? Wipe clean the past, move into a new era, this is a window of opportunity, grasp it and move through to a glorious and combined future.

To me emptiness is potential, a dynamic, like at the field level or whatever name one prefers, zero potential, quantum level[quanta of energy packets], there exists probabilities, possibilities, the faculty to go beyond mind patterns, habits, dysfunctional behaviour, beyond or transcendental to logic to the intuitive[not to be confused with compulsive surges, known as fools intuition] which is a receptive open non biased awareness, in this state or beingness the yin or negative potential attracts the positive yang of fullness and so the flow of information seeps out, or leaps out of the void, to the receptive awareness, then translated into the language of the 'body' that is attuned to its receptivity.

This maybe is the way of things shown to us by the Cosmos. I would like to applaud scientists, doctors and all those who feel the 'new way of things' too way out not logical, not proven, for they inspire me to have speculative and thrilling incites, which by my own admission maybe utter rubbish, to me they have a flavour of exiting revelation. To doctors who push me to better health by their renouncement of natural therapies, to the pharmaceutical and politicians', who show me selfishness and narrow self interest, to all those who are frightened to reach out, they are my teachers of how closed I am. All of those above I bless and cherish dearly for they are my mirror, my teachers and their sacrifice of choosing to play this role in my life and on the Earth are invaluable for my growth and moral outlook.

And for you dear readers and collective blog writers a big thanks for your support and kindly communication. GF.

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