Is There A Solution?

Geoff Freed — July 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK from June blog and glad so many of you understood and liked it. Many have wondered if there is the human made pollution symptoms and not the transformation energies that produce them, and the governments or mass protestation, rallies, e-mails and so forth fail to produce change then what is the solution. Can we just leave it to God and hope the energies of change will magically bring about the transformations we crave? Do we have to just merely intentionise [forgive the coining of the new wording craze] and hey presto here it is? Will enough people with media support be sufficient to turn the tide and loosen or pierce the thick skins of the hard headed ones who resist change and say as I heard at the time of writing, "oh, all is well the planes, carbon emissions and so on they will not affect the Earth, the Earth is big enough to take on the emissions and more and the natural cycle change as well". These are many of the feedback remarks that were asked to comment on plus a couple of more scientific items that you requested to go into a bit more and a new slant on one or two. Remember these are concepts to be mulled over, researched and if it feels right accept it, if not perhaps put it on the back burner for another time.

Perusing the many theories regarding ascension [known as transfiguration, alchemic process, phoenix process, transformation process, my one is Aquarian Alchemic Light Body, resurrection process] there seems to be a number of common elements: 1) There is change whether one believes it is Cosmic or Human Made. 2) Cosmically there is channelling, Ancient Prophesies. 3) Astrologically there were and are the same arrays around as historically depicted. 4) This is part of a cyclic syndrome. 5) Many are feeling the effects synchronistical and in differing times zones. 6) Solar and The Central Sun [Centre of the Galaxy Emanations] are causing huge inputs of energy] no one for sure knows what the result of the process will be, for sure change of some sort. 7) There is proof gradually emerging of a mutative or evolutionary change. 8) Investigation into our genetic structure has seen anomalies suppressed for many years and now becoming known and with this knowledge; it will bring about further change.

What then are the implications for the prognosis? The energies of transformation are said to be just that, transformative. They are to ascend us. A kind of rebirth or evolutionary leap, or merely to reclaim our heritage, our birthright, our divinity. What are we to be rebirthed to? Some say the fifth dimension, does this mean we shall be noncorporeal; we shall be light etheric beings? Alternatively, does this mean we shall still have a corporeal body but of a lighter composition? I feel the later. Will this happen in a twinkling of an eye at the critical mass, which some say has occurred and others feel 2012 or at a future date in a sequential linear time based but speeded up process. I feel the later. So summing up we have to sense what we feel is right for us and maybe all are correct and we are at different levels of attunement. Eventually the Sun will burn out and we shall all be in different experiential bodies either denser or finer depending on our respective agreements and contracts. This also depends to the choices we make regarding the pollution we have engendered and our response to our responsibility to our contribution to the global warming process. If you believe in the ascension process perhaps, you would like to ask yourself: 1) what this would do for me physically. 2) When will it end and what or where will I be?

According to my 1967 writings it stated that some of us could not take the huge transformation, the massive energy inputs and if we believe it is a serious illness, subscribe to old patterns, our bodies frail and unable to sustain the pressures then we would leave and pass on. Others would limp along in an agonising process and eventually break through. Then what maybe is the breakthrough? The new information is supposed to gives us better health, joyousness, longevity and a blissful nature with great healing and manifesting powers whilst still in the corporeal body, and for some this is so even now [see Moses/Jesus in back blog Feb-March 2007].

A computer analogy, when logging in I sometimes get a notice which says updates available now or later, or upgrades in process, this sometimes blocks me or I have a choice to click on or resume later. This I feel is happening to us with the new information rolling in and as we DOWNLOAD the information assimilation process [see June 2007 blog] it excites the hypothalamus and causes a new neuropeptide cascade causing a rapid detoxing, because the hormones and peptides are pushing, flushing out the slower, now redundant chemical messengers, these then are passed into the eliminatory processes, blood, lymph, pores, kidneys, liver and so on. Hence some of the fatigue, sluggishness, bloating and related alchemic symptoms, depending on the health of the organs, the resulting responses will be proportional to the ability for the organs to cope with this. The difference between the computer and ourselves we do not seem to have the ability or I do not know of it, that we can delay and hold the new inputs. If we can 'hold' then I feel we overload and I can sometimes feel this as a pain or resistance to change. I can feel reluctance sometimes to let go of old programmes and this could be the 'later download button', somehow this does not feel completely comfortable for me, even being centred and still, being aware, present is not enough at times to accept the flashes of download, assimilate, integrate and complete that part of the process.

"BEHOLD I MAKE ALL THING ANEW" This Jesus said and the word I as in the June 2007 blog is the Universal I, and from another point of view if we have a return cycle, a new turn of the spiral, an evolutionary leap, a cyclic natural phenomena, which some could say is magical. Others astrological, yes even astronomical, archaeological, then we being part of the whole, non separative, then surely whatever renewal is occurring should it not include us too. We should gladly embrace these symptoms as symptomatic of the change leading to glory and a new Life.

The Hologram here expounded as the holistic theory and its relationship to the particle emanation world is interesting. A negative of the hologram is fuzzy, blurry, and is of no local information, when projected then it makes the familiar outcome we know, the 3D. Both then have same properties of the fuzziness and blurry nature. Both particle and negative hologram have the chaos of blur and fuzz, this being that seemingly no conscious focus have been brought to this randomness or seeming chaos. Two things are apparent. Firstly the fuzz of the hologram appears to be fuzz to us because our focus needs the projector to convert it from the 'language of the particle to our language of the five senses of the body', at the hologram level it is complete and whole, we have to 'downsize it, freeze it to our time space continuum', at the particle level it is complete and whole, we have to thought form it, intentionalise it to bring it to the same 'downsize as the hologram' analogy has it. Both examples are indicative that we , because of our limited five senses have to retrieve the information from the whole, to the 'limit' that our senses are capable of understanding, analogous to this is the ordinary negative which produces the image of the picture taken and when sliced up gives a part of the whole, there is no fuzz with a camera[ unless badly taken and so on ]. Some gifted people can extend their senses to extrasensory perception and can 'see more than the limited' view, these people can extrapolate more from the whole. Maybe the rise in the energies will mean a greater perception for us and an opening into greater things, less fuzz more clarity

Some wanted more on the coil. A simple coil is a piece of metal which copper insulated wire is wrapped around in turns, this when activated or motivated by an electric source, the mains or battery, is termed the primary winding, a second wire wrapped and insulated wrapped around the core is the secondary winding which is usually available to a load source, that is a mobile phone, tape recorder and so on, this then known as a transformer[ there are many different kinds of coils and construction. ]. If the primary coil has more windings than the secondary coil then it is a step down transformer, visa versa for step up transformer. The secondary coil IS NOT in this example connected to a motivating source; it is motivated by the Primary coil by induction. The coil is motivated by the source supply, which causes a magnetic field to be set up in the secondary coil, since in the step down transformer the secondary coil has less windings it has less out put, and vice versa. Magnetic fields form standing waves of energy, which meet and cause an interference pattern, you can do this, two magnets, place them down a few inches apart and then drop iron filings around them, then see how they form arc lines [use north to south bar magnets] then see the how they relate when brought closer together.

Consider this: the heart is said to have the strongest beat or pulse, which sets up magnetic and pulse waves. Then a healthy heart through entrainment [see June 2007 blog] and the coil principle could affect another's, also vice versa. When hands on healing or distant healing are evoked then perhaps, we tap into a vaster source of energy, which flows through the ethers as in distant healing and in hands on directly. Then we may see the entrainment and coil principle come about. If the patterns of resistance are so deeply ingrained in the recipient, then a feeling of well being may ensue and after a while, the old pattern returns. We see this with the recalcitrant stubbornness with the world condition today, a deep ingrained hard-core programme, a kind of denial, yet a deep longing for change, yet a fear of loss and power. Therefore, a kind of wearing down takes place and the even the most hard granite cliffs eventually wear down by the incessant waves. Keep on Keeping on.

Lots of love, Geoff.

ADENDUM: - For those of you who love words. Invaginate, inutlile intromit, intumesce. GF

Thank you for bearing with a technical article, it is my endeavour to change and present different subjects and yet the central theme of the energetic changes of the alchemic processes taking place now, Thank you again, just skip the ones you do not relate too, maybe they will click in later. The old saying 'horses for courses' Go Well Geoff.

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