Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Probabilities, Infinite Confusion

Geoff Freed — June 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

WHEN I FIRST STUDIED particle physics years back, I decided to give it up because then as now I feel we will know a great deal about the form of things and how we can manipulate atoms and nano stuff, analogous to clay and how it can be shaped and yet how to produce clay, yes from its constituents to make clay, and then down to its atoms and then particles, and yet can we ever invent particles, yes? However can we be the space where the particles emerge from and control that? Since I feel that space is Consciousness and is the Evolutionary Creative Force to be That means to surrender our individuality and we become I not WE, not a personal ego I an all encompassing Being named I AM. This I AM is not a personality or a limited mind but an all encompassing Being which is in everything, through everything and is everything, far beyond human understanding and yet can be experienced in rare flashes of intuition, a knowing rather than an understanding. Therefore this Being Creates the Natural Universe and Its diverse forms, all endowed with an intelligence of Its own ilk and for us humans our form of intelligence and also the gift of free will, the ability to Create [and what has free will done with technology, some helpful, some destructive, some barbaric and some altruistic].

Recently we have the wave of 'intensionisers'. The Bleep, Down The Rabbit Hole, The Secret, Icons of The Field 2006, The Law of Attraction, experiments with mass intent, scientists telling us that at the Quantum level, The Field, Zero potential there are infinite numbers of possibilities and probabilities and of course we have to intention them to make the 'fuzz', the 'blur' the chaos of random fluctuations become form. OK then who brought the Universe through as we know it now? Presumably we were not around to intention it then. Now we have the prospect of all of us as in The Secret DVD creating our own worlds, as it says in the DVD our own big cars, our 3 million dollar house, making mega bucks. Is this what we want? To feed the ego, to set up rivalry, to rape the world of more materials and cause pollution. By the way the use of intention is used in distant or absent healing, and in certain experiments that have been done in crime reduction in cities [The Fountain Group and so on, if you research you will find dozens of these kinds of things]. Many great Teachers, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and so forth along with contemporaries as Joel Goldsmith, Brother Mandus, and Henry Thomas Hamblin all extolled the above, however they gave direction as to the good and holistic inclusion with reverence to nature and creation. Having said all of this it seems as though the answer for me as way back then to now is to align myself to the Consciousness of the original Creation which is still evolving and to this is to be still[be still and listen to the still quiet voice whispering in the wilderness of your soul]. In other words deep mediation as distinct from imagery, contemplation or visualisation, although these maybe pathways or techniques to reach stillness, being careful not to mistake a dull inert stupor as stillness which can be the result of a mantra or repetitive rote.

Having stated as above, a flirtation with form and science is interesting and can titivate the mind as long as it does not become an obsession produce an insulated mind and an arrogance and egoistic bombasticity that so many scientists, doctors and politicians with hard headed fanatics and theologians have, in fact me too, for I recognise this in me because I recognise it others. So here goes;- When as an engineer[ the short career after soccer to physics, to engineer to forensics to now and a parallel spiritual 'career, still ongoing', I came across a fascinating field of being able to grow back limbs either by electrical stimulus [exogenous] or from mind techniques[endogenous]. Many who knew me in the early 70's and 80's attended a lot of workshops I presented then and it explored the works of many authorities at that time, however, many of these early pioneers as usual found themselves ostracised, ridiculed and made penniless, some of their work is being revived now and heralded to be new and innovative often by those who reviled their predecessors. How devious and cunning the ego and deceitful in its underhandedness.

Let us now delve more into the 'symptoms' so many are feeling and described in many article on the web as ascension symptoms, taking into account the May 2007 blog and the fact of Mobile Phone Masts, HAARP, Tetra, Pollution and all that related thing, and I am sure it does add to the cocktail of energies, however there are ways which I have gone into elsewhere that can discern the differences. Some facets. 1) The Earth's electromagnetic field is mainly a relationship and interaction with the charged gases of the Ionosphere [there is a debate whether the Earth's magnetic field is generated by the core of iron and nickel]. This is also dependent on lunar month and day and our procession yearly around the Sun. 2) The Sun is roaring and flaring hugely [Japanese studies from their Solar Craft have thrown a spanner in the works as to how the Sun Magnetics work, too early to know results yet]. The 70's discovered sectors of the sun like a tangerine and as the rotation of the Sun occurs it brings a sector into play about every eight days, so the magnetic play to Earth is changed and this induces turbulence in the Planets and Earth's field as the field is opposed by this action, a kind of AC effect. 3) The Earth's surface and the ionosphere form a cavity, like a balloon, which expands and contracts as to the Sun, Moon and other planetary influences this in its turn produces a varying sequence of micropulsations and these could be called the Schumann resonances. 4) Our journey to or around the Central Sun roughly 26000 years see NASA Astronomy Picture of The Day Oct 23 2005 and April 11 2003 with massive energy output which is driving as it were the whole shebang. [The ancients knew about these Mayan etc.]. 5) Lightening storms release energy at kilocycle frequencies which travel parallel to magnetic field lines and bounce back and forth between the South and North Poles frequently before extinguishing. 6) The Earth' surface and the ionosphere perform as the plates of a capacitor [or condenser] this in turn is capable of storing and discharging a large electrostatic voltage and ionises molecules of the air's gases and can pulse in ELF frequencies. 7) There are large DC currents flowing in the ionosphere and as in within the Earth [telluric] which in turn cause their own sub ELM fields. This is but a small glimpse of the phenomena, and now with so much Solar Flare, Central Sun[ Centre of the Galaxy Power Source] it is clear how this interacts with us[see ethmoid bone May 2007], and this is one instance only.

Let us now glimpse at the body's light meter, the pineal gland, this is located deep in the centre of the brain between the two hemispheres and behind and above the pituitary gland. It is roughly the size of a pea, its functions enormous. The gland receives information from the eye, light activated information; by way of the optic nerve to the hypothalamus this in turn sends our hormonal messages which have a vast and profound effect on the body. The gland is affected directly or regulated to the environmental light changes and the Earth's ELM field. This is one way that the body is attuned to nature and would then bring with seasonal changes say the fir to animals and so on, the budding etc. Apart from melatonin and serotonin there are one trillion chemicals a second pouring out of or manufactured in the brain, the brain is a chemical factory, this then is the role of the eye to it, Light is the information supplier, the eye contains 137 million photoreceptors, there are approximately 130 million photoreceptors named rods and 7 million called cones. The photoreceptors transform light to electrical impulses that are sent to the brain at about 234mph. The routes vary but involve the whole brain, some to the visual cortex for the construction of images and some to the hypothalamus which affect the Autonomic, parasympathetic and sympathetic. Information received by the hypothalamus regulates secretions of the pituitary gland, thereby affecting the body's other major rhythms and regulatory systems, for instance the endocrinal system. The endocrinal system in its turn supervises or regulates the physical, chemical, metabolic as well as the DNA and RNA along with the chemical secretions necessary to send the messengers to the cell receptors, these are the hormones. The interesting thing is once the hormones are in the bloodstream they roam about or circulate until they find the 'key' or target which decodes their message.

Perhaps you and I can see a pattern from the above. Firstly 'as above so below' Secondly there is no separation we are co-dependents, we are in an intimate relationship with the whole, even at the form level. Thirdly with the changing weather patterns the ELM and related frequencies, the other facets Kudulini, barometric, light energy is rapidly changing and often. Whether one thinks it is MAN Induced as in Electronic Fog and other things additives in food, horror media or the like OR it is An Evolutionary Change and there is evidence for this in the cycles of Moon, Sun, Central Sun[ it has happened before] and maybe a combination of both then the choice is yours. Whatever your choices then know that the body we live in is affected and the body clock is out of sync. If it only pollution we have the choice and can rectify it by industrial, political and education, if there is enough will to overcome greed and avarice, the lust for power and religious or devious domination. Should it be Evolutionary then there is my opinion no choice but to go along with the Process and ride it out the best we can, and the best is to Be Still and Recognise and Feel The Creative Force, God Within.

Dear Friends Go Well and Loads and Buckets of Love


ADDENDUM:- Entrainment is another fascinating facet of science. Two examples: A famous experiment, a room was fixed with many pendulum clocks, each one with a different length pendulum, each clock was set at 12 midday and then left for three or four days, when the observers and scientists came back [ the corridor to the room was CCTV monitored to see no one came into the locked room] they found the clocks had different times but the different swings of the pendulums had been synchronised, not to any previous swing but a mean average, it seems the faster ones tried to entrain the slower ones to speed up and the slower ones tried to entrain the faster ones to slow down. The Standing waves of each caused interference patterns which then made a consensus of the average. In a different observation and not to denigrate women to an experiment, women who lived together for a while often had their menses at the same time and possibly not at their usual time but at a mean average to the collective. In cardiac wards some patients who were in the ward for other than cardiac problems entrained the cardiac's with better heart or more regular heartbeats [especially with tachycardia]. There is a correlation between religious continual intonation, brainwashing and the frequencies between Solar, Luna, planetary, with weather syndromes and phenomena.

The study of step up and down transformers and back EMF forces play their role too. In the transformer role the large coil induces the small coil in step down transformers to a smaller current by EMF interplay and visa versa, in back EMF[electro motive force or frequency] such as a coil in the old car starting coil or fluorescent light choke, the sudden switch off of the coil or choke, caused a reverse 'rush of energy' of high voltage, which in the case of the car went to the distributor and points to cause an arc and ignition and the fluorescent to the starter canister to cause an arc or flash to ignite the powders to fluoresce. The same may happen with the magnetics from the Sun to our magnetics by entrainment or as a transformer by induction as the principle is called. In this case the step down transformer. I am theorising here this is what the Japanese may have found out about the 'fall back loop' found in the Sun. With a little bit of imagination one can see to our physiology, crystallised body [water has crystals see Matsuro Emoto] and crystals hold charge and do amazing things in electronics, one can then see the interrelationships and synchronicities to the Whole Universe and our human condition. One can go on forever exploring the scientific, however, this is enough for now and perhaps it will not be of interest for everyone. Thank you for your indulgence. Geoff

Addendum 2. Have a look up zeitgebers [time givers in German, google in]. GF.

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