Kundalini and the Alchemical Process

Geoff Freed — May 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

SOMETIMES SPELT kundolini or cudolini, this process and its arising is well known in Eastern practices and philosophy. It is said by various authorities that the awakening of the serpent [ a name given to kundulini ] that it can be stirred into action by a spontaneous event, an illness, accident, broken relationships, shock and spiritual practices. The emotional, mental and physical effects are numerous and can be found in various websites and related experiences. These are mainly random events and sometimes long term with seemingly no way of stopping the process and in extreme cases very disabling and debilitating. The help or aid is merely suggestions to be able to cope with it and best way to live with it. Seemingly going to a Doctor would be an assessment of psychotic disorder, nervous breakdown or stress.

Various teachers I have spoken to have identified some points of interest and difference. These can be that the serpent should not be raised without supervision, it can cause death, madness and one way to deal with it is to stop all 'all Kundulini raising practises', others say if it is random then there is no hope other that it can spontaneously cease as it mysteriously came. There are as many opinions as there are people and each person's symptomatic response is unique and peculiar to them as is the process.

What is Kundulini? Again there are many different explanations; in fact so many that I will limit it to a few. The energy lies dormant at the base of the spine and when roused begins to travel through various channels in the body, under supervision it can be directed the correct channels and as it does it 'burns 'away the dross and blockages, if not supervised it does this randomly and so can cause a chaotic cleansing and maybe too severe for the person. Having said that what then is it? And why does it lie dormant? The Universe is said to be driven by this energy, it is hot, and it is powerful and transformative, so in this sense it is evolutionary. I feel for me this is true, and it lies dormant because the 'programmed' personal agenda, our conditioning kind of keeps it in check or even suppresses it. When by intention it is raised by spiritual practices then a change of conditioned response occurs, the programme changes, this then alters the brain neurone connections or neural pathways, a new cascade of peptides arrives at cell receptors [ see previous blogs ] and toxic burn up comes to clear the way. When it is random or a spontaneous event then like say an accident, shock and so on[drug trips, severe illness and the like] it shakes up the belief systems and then rearranges the brain neurone syndrome. However there is no direction, no structure or programme and so there is chaos and it runs wild in the mind and body and so ones response is confusion, fear and then a Doctor or such like will diagnose accordingly. This can convince the person they are ill mentally or physically.

My Teachers of Budo [collective Japanese Martial Arts and my lay Zen Buddhist Monk time along with later Chinese teacher for Tai Chi and Qi Gong] have a slightly different view, Ki, Chi [Ki is Japanese, Chi is Chinese] seems to differ in the way this energy travels. The Yogic approach is that it should rise in the spine to the Crown Chakra and if doesn't then it goes to the left or right side channels [ida and pingala] causing all sorts of problems. In the Chi/Ki theory it travels through the various meridians clearing away the dross, whether Ki/Chi is the same as kundulini is debateable. My feeling is that they are the same and that the masters have seen a different way of presenting it. My teachers told me that 'those that have not been consumed by the fire in their hara/dantien will not find nirvana or wu '.

There is a connection here for some feel the kundulini/chi/ki in their solar plexus and there is a vast network of nerves that the energy can flow and burn through there [see my blog on chakra July 05]. The alchemic process is to or was to turn lead or base metal into gold in a pot or special crucible, then fire it up and add things to alchemise the process. Our bodies are the crucible and the Cosmic Energy [see March and April 2007 blog] by means of the huge solar flares and Central Sun is producing the 'heat' for this process. The connection between our solar plexus and the Central and local Sun is Unique and many are feeling the clearing pumping process as this pulses in, some can feel like palpitations , sometimes mistaken for heart ones. The process of alchemy is clear the dross, so it is a purification process, a detox, this can felt as often described in all blogs, fatigue, dizziness, heat, cold, lethargy until the body and mind have shed the dross and refined itself, eventually to Gold, which is the equivalent to spiritual Union with the Divine.

The rising of the Phoenix is a process of similar purification. The Universal Mind or Consciousness, The Beloved One, has put Kundulini/ch/ki in place as an energy to be activated and as an evolutionary tool so that through the course of Earthly time, a linear progression and sequence we may ascend so as to join with the Divine. God wishes us to Unite with Our Essence, which is God, and so through the journeys of incarnations we eventually arrive home, while the energy of the alchemic energy pushes quietly at first through experiences and then when the channels clear and the opportunity and timing is right it comes in at a blast to finally push over the last barriers and then the oneness is obtained.

The event of two world wars, a succession of wars, Vietnam, Korea, the cold war, The Gulf Wars,9/11, the Tsunami, local wars The Middle East, Terrorism, Going to the Moon and Space Photography, HIV and other huge viruses, Mrsa and all that is akin to these, is a shock[huge obesity, drug, alcohol, pollution, climate change and the like] has had a mass effect to the collective subconscious[see blog on random event generators or The Field by Lyn McTaggart] and so has raised the COLLECTIVE KUNDULINI /KI /CHI this is part of the chaos now being experienced by those who are sensitive or not to these energies and the Central Sun and Solar Sun { local } are adding to this process, the energy is enormous.

Part of the chaos we witness today is that we often feel the drug takers, gamblers, hoodies,alcoholics are insensitive, not always so, they may feel a deep unrest, like those who feel an earthquake or natural disaster or man made calamity, before hand, and not having the knowledge or understanding, turn to an addiction to shut out these strong feelings. Those who are sensitive with the knowledge they are sensitive can probably handle it differently [again blogs backdated].

The conclusion can be that the Alchemic process or whatever name we wish to give it is commensurate and concomitant and proportional to the individual mind set, spiritual attainment and incarnate Karmic accruement. This being so it would seem that as the great cycle of the Cosmos revolves, the time is right[26.000yrs, schumann resonance, magnetic pole shifts, 18 ½ moon cycle, and so on ] for a huge shift, this then ramps up the mass Kundulini and however we are able we will be swept along, and as it is stated in Star Trek, Resistance is Futile. Perhaps we can ride the waves and as that Great Hopi Prophesy states 'There is a river running very fast, jump in and do not hold onto the banks, this river has its own destination, see who is in the river with you and celebrate — we are the people we are waiting for.'

Lots of Love Geoff.

ADDENDUM:- There is now a difference in approach to what is called the Ascension Process or as I was given ' The New Aquarian Resurrected Light Body ' this being in 1967, the process as written in all blogs is similar to the Ascension Process. Different writers in their blogs express it differently, like with the UFO story and the like, no one writer has the whole, take a mean average view and the truth will approximate to it, and it is right to have differing views.

The process of transformation differs as from the many cycles in the Earth's History, a few have done this before, Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Mohammed, and other great beings, in so far as the astral, emotional and logic sheathes are being burnt away, so the ' veil ' to other dimensions is less dense, so that the Alchemic process [collective name for Kundulini/Ki/ Chi] can be directed now by higher frequency beings and the information input being downloaded through the auspices of the Central and local Sun via the Cosmic Consciousness. Those who are sensitive to the process and understand it is a transformation taking place en masse or at least a greater proportion of the population, will appreciate it is not as random and confusing as before, and will see the consciousness' raising as we travel towards 2012. The switching on will continue [ see March April 2007 blogs] and as the 97 percent of the DNA gets sequentially switched on and areas of the brain 'lit up' then when the mind set is complete, a new world can reconstructed, first a mind clean up then the physical world clean up.

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