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Geoff Freed — April 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

WHEN I WAS A CHILD, and especially after my NDE at four years of age and then until eight, two things stood out for me, clear then as they do now. Why do adults think one thing and then do another, they seem to lie so much? Why do adults do things so complexly, why not the simple choice? I feel a lot like this now and of course as we grow in years many would say, well you are retired, you are getting senile or you are not up to speed, however this for me is not valid, the truth for me is I am getting wiser and yes more child like, hopefully the wise child, so with this in mind I will go on and share some ideas and information which I hope will be controversial and perhaps insightful. By the way these are shared ideas and information and I only offer them, they are not meant to be cast in stone or venerated.

Some feedback from the March 2007 article and perhaps to take it along, I feel the invasion by the Melchedekens and the era that they instituted is a correlation to the Old Testament account of the 'Fall' and the Sitchin event of the twelfth planed inhabitants [as you know I feel the account by Prof Sitchin of the invasion differs from my account see March 2007] from then onwards the genetic manipulation and the subsequent sequences more or less fit. My contention is that Atlantis was the same era as the melchedekens and that the twelfth planet people were the Atlanteans that no one can accurately put a time date on this. My reasons for this is as follows;- Over the last fifty years I have travelled to sacred sites and investigated the Grail, The Ark, The Avalon and so forth only to find that different authors, esoteric explorers propounded their ideas and were led to different locations, and yes, they did have an element of truth in their theories. What I feel is that the Grail, Ark, Avalon and so on is an all pervasive energy consciousness picked up by sensitives and conducted through the ley lines and impregnated in power points, which are the nodules to disseminate these frequencies of information through the planet. Many people are unblocking and realigning these now [such as Phil Medley] and then aligning them with star gates. So when people talk about the second coming I feel it will be a Heart Love Energy which is World orientated and not a specific person, hopefully a mass consciousness. So therefore Atlantis was planetary wide.

It is mentioned in the Old Testament that Mosses' face shone and he wore special headgear when he descended with the second set of commandments, he spoke to Aaron mind to mind. Moses sat a lot in the Tent of Meeting, also that if anyone touched the Ark of the Covenant, some six to ten weeks later their skin peeled, they came out in boils and their bones crumbled and calcified. Could this be radio active poisoning? In the New Testament it mentions the transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount [before the crucifixion] and like with Moses, the shining and transformation were similar. The process I have continually spoken of in all my blogs is this transformation, alchemic, ascension process, could this be that we in time [I give a time date of 150 years] will transform into a next step of evolution equating in form to Moses and Jesus? Are the high energies now the 'heat' of the Alchemic process? Are we indeed moving towards a first real sighting of the New Aquarians in 2012? Is this year when we will be at the centre of The Central Sun and the Solar maximum the intense energy to ' alchemise' and push many of us on our awakening? In earlier blogs I mentioned that in 1967 I got that we will 'wear a new body, the new Aquarian resurrected Light body, it will eventually be androgynous and the forerunners would appear from 1999 onwards'. The process for light workers and sensitive's would be in many cases painful such as the ones described elsewhere, others as the process went on would find it easier, the energies would accrue in intensity until 2012. 2036 and 2075[last chance] these energies would stir up all ancient Karma and animosity with unfinished business; some would find they cannot take the energies and would leave the planet or get into madness and mindless distraction. [This information was given out in the 70's in our mag at the time Universal Approach]. The journey towards the Central Sun is being noted by scientists who through Solar Flares and the immense energy emissions from The Central Sun could cause a danger to the ISS and general Satellite communications, not withstanding our bodies, climate and so forth.

The Central Sun, I feel is an intelligent Information Source as is our Sun and a few facts to give a sense of the enormity of its radiation. The mass of The Central Sun is a million times the mass of our Sun and as such is difficult to track stars under the enormous gravity of this super massive black hole. Research shows the enormous effect on the human heart [see www.springlink.com www.healoliver.com Nexus – The Schumann Resonance and Human Psychology. The Radiation from these giant bodies in my opinion intensifies the planetary, full/new moon and therefore the 'firing up 'of the alchemic process which is the process of Kundilini. [Sometimes spelt kundalini, google it see Biology of Kundulani: Cosmic Influences.] In this article you can read a repeat of the technical scientific facts that were in earlier blogs, some in more detail that I did for my degree.

Research into the interrelationship, interdependence, ecological, organic process driven on by Cosmic Energy, the holistic process, the complete Cosmic Ecological Evolutionary spiral, and note that the Kundalini moves in spirals as do galaxies, the caduceus, the helical, the snake as in the cloning story[March 2007] the natural evolutionary 'way ' of the Cosmos is 'as above, so below' 'the macro to micro', so the turn around the 26,000 year cycle is proportional to the event that is now occurring. As our galaxy, our planet is having to take the leap or input of this Cosmic Kundalini so our bodies will have to follow, whether we are aware of it or not. The sensitive's who are aware of the process will not necessarily have a 'ticket' to salvation, many as have been said before could burn out or up, some fall from the process. Others who are not aware at all will in the course of time meet their fate in whatever destiny has in store. Should we not have the critical mass by the dates given above then the planet will go onto to be a burnt out sterile place.

Repetitive Mantras have been shown to set up magnetic fields which are blueprints of information[see Rupert Sheldrake, Harold Saxton-Burr] so by this fact we can see that as the Cosmos is one intelligent information network, which shares its information with its entirety, then the Central Sun as our Sun, planets and so on are Intelligent beings in their own right, perhaps it is human beings in their arrogance and assumed intellectual superiority that feel that the Cosmos is dead matter and we are the sole form of intellectual awareness in the Universe. No wonder with this attitude we are in such a mess. Unfortunately it is most of the scientists who have this stubborn resistance to being open minded and bigoted along with the indoctrinated religious authorities. [There have been a few priests who have bucked the set piece and as in Science thrown out of the halls of academia or religious institutions]. [March 2007 blog on Leeds University only now finding out about the influence of the moon. In another blog I mentioned the work of Yens Yergil[forgive spelling] who years ago did experiments in Switzerland and Tenerife that showed the effects of the procession of the planets on the endocrinal and Chakra system.

Close research will show the interrelationship with medical procedures and certain cosmic events, and in the future Doctors will do surgery and examinations on days that are conducive to their procedures. [See article on Biology of Kundolini:Cosmic Influences]. I have seen in laboratories the cadence flows of neuropeptides in various Cosmic Displays, the influence can be seen very clearly. Solar Flare days can raise blood pressures as does a rise in Ascension energies; a Doctor on this occasion could prescribe drugs which are unnecessary.

Lately many people have contacted me about the 'energy symptoms '[see Karen Bishops blog throughout Feb.2007 in her energy alerts]. Research has found that behind the sinus is the ethmoid bone close to pineal and pituitary and is sensitive to Earth micro pulsations which is sensed in the region of the sinuses and perhaps conveyed to the glands as above. [See earlier blogs re the thalamus/calcium cycles and other bio cycles]. I mention this because so many have complained about their sinuses, back of neck and lower back. Just to reiterate, as we go to the Central Sun and our Local Sun belts out huge flares reaching its end cycle of eleven years to a solar maximum, then the up step in Cosmic Radiation which I feel could be named Cosmic Information or Kundolini, this in turn will 'switch' on areas of unused brain mass[not all at once but in orchestrated sequence]which in turn will alter the Neuropeptide cascade, which in its turn will turn on some of the dormant 97 per cent ET DNA as it were, so causing the PH balance to oscillate and new cell receptors to appear and old chemical messages to be flushed out, this causing the eliminatory organs to be overworked, hence, plenty of rest, gentle rhythmic exercise, drink water, light foods[although the occasional heavy food required for grounding]. This then a rough synopsis of the process, there is much more. This may not be to everyone's liking, some find interesting and helpful to understand and help the process along.

As we become more attuned and absorb more of the upgraded information, we will become more sensitive to the natural rhythms and cycles, these in their turn would have been upgraded and so a new sensitivity would arrive, not having been experienced in our present history. The old patterns will feel old and stale, many have shared the fact that foods, pleasures, fads are not fulfilling, and yes, this is so as new vibration input is injected into the food chain and our new activated DNA accommodates the upgrade and recalibrates taste buds, receptor centres and the whole biological process. So a refurbishing, realignment and total process of Cosmic Evolutionary propensities powers in to bring us in line with the changes throughout our Cosmic Unit.

So who were Moses, Jesus and other great Adepts and Great Beings in human form? Let us deal with Moses first. In the March 2007 blog it is mentioned that an attempt was made to put the peoples on a moral path, this being the ten commandments, modified on the second approach [read the old Testament], the fingers of fire could have been lasers, Moses may have had 'treatment' he was picked from an ordinary human family and because of his character and sincerity picked for the job. The question is who picked him for the job? In the blogs I have mentioned the council or parliament on Sirius comprised of intelligent Life Form Beings from our quadrant of the Galaxy, they knew about the invasion of the Earth and could have eradicated the invading Melchidekens[ the fall to Earth as in the Old Testament], they decided not to use force but to wait until an auspicious time, now, until the energies were right and let the natural Cosmic Intelligential to perform the necessary sequential transformations, like when a mistake is made turn it around into an opportunity for growth, a learning curve and so on. Reading Prof Sitchin and agreeing with the fact that not all the twelfth planet [Melchidekens to my account] was evil, in fact there were two factions; one of them was quite generous and humane. These were approached by the 'Council 'and Earths Hierarchy [explain in another blog] and it was decided that a cloned Earthling or Melchedeken , the same now, would be chosen as He would relate to the situation and so Moses was selected, trained for the job and introduced in this part of the world the One Creative Life Force God, The Invisible Creative One. This was done elsewhere by others [explain in another blog].

Jesus was not selected by the Earth Hierarchy or approached by the Melchideken authorities. He was directly elected by the 'Council' and agreed by the Earth Hierarchy and so was implanted as in the Virgin Birth. He was not given Instructions like Moses, but had a direct 'Line 'to Source. Similarities can be found in other cultures of this account of a Divine Christ Like figure who may have been Jesus or other Masters of the same ilk, sent by 'The Council'. In fact Jesus spoke of an army of beings; he also said he could not be taken if he did not want to. He was and is a member of the Great White Brotherhood [here white stands for spiritual and not to race]. To my mind The Great White Brotherhood is the 'the council on Sirius '.

I realise this may offend some people, throw a light on for some, some will say rubbish, some may feel its good science fiction, the choice is yours. I apologise sincerely for any offence it may have caused, and to the intellectual academia, an insult to your reasoning and intelligence, however, in the interest of mind expansion and new approaches a true explorer and researcher will welcome seemingly naïve and perhaps childish concepts, I did say in the beginning I was becoming more child like, however, I do feel there is a consideration for the above to be considered, pondered over and researched with the references given. In sincerity and truth. Go Well Lots of Love Geoff

ADDENDUM: - There is a crystalline substance in the ethmoid which is sensitive to changes in the Schumann, Solar, seismic frequencies and it has been found that some nerve endings secrete more acetylcholine, a white crystalline compound released when one nerve ending transmits to another, this may increase during intense energetic fluctuations, this is another aspect of our crystalline bodies and its receptor and memory storing propensities. The physiology is non ending as it were when deep studies are done with openness and desire to see the miraculous in the holistic organic way we interact with the environment and Universe. GF

PS. Apologies in the MARCH 2007 I spelt Dr Paul Kinters name incorrectly. GF.

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