ET DNA, Weather Sensitivies and Aquarian Energies

Geoff Freed — March 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THERE HAVE BEEN ARTICLES regarding ET DNA [click Destiny in Energygrid and scroll to ET DNA]. This is an article by Prof. Chang and others who comment in it, and when linked to a Daily Mail Article, Friday January 19 2007, in which Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the DNA code had voiced similar views, although he was denounced as having had his brain go soft accusing him of taking psychedelic drugs, never the less he as I understand it from close friends was very serious about his comments.

The writer on joining the forensic teams was told by several scientists that they thought our DNA had sometime in the past been tampered with, and I should refrain from telling anyone as I would be laughed at, ridiculed and so, this came to be true. The year I was told this was 1983 and I had already been given this information in 1967 writings and in my UFO research throughout the late 60's. As is my want, I did workshops on this, and with Gilly Wells my late partner, Howard, Gwen and George Murray, we spread the word through a small print machine magazine named Universal Approach, which finished in 1983. One of the most wonderful connections we had through this magazine was sending via a circuitous route to Sopot in Poland, where it was secreted in car manuals so as not be found by the secret police.

In the May 2005 blog I wrote my findings about the UFO Story with research and mentioned it there. If you follow the links to Lloyd Pye [ Star child Project ] and the writings of Zachariah Sitchin (I have a difference of opinion with Prof. Sitchin, I feel the twelfth Planet was in our Solar System and it was named Melchedek, other than that I broadly agree with him regarding the DNA manipulation. Regarding his interpretation of the wars between the rival factions, Enlil and so on, I have other views, to be aired more fully another time). I feel the Earth was inhabited by Big Foot and Yeti type Beings and that the Melchidekens did a DNA experiment to alter their appearance to look like them, the first results being the various types of "types of old stone people". Eventually with enough tweaking, hey presto, halleluiah, several models later, us, the first hybrid, cloned, replica, yes almost grown in a Petri dish, I feel some of the 'abominations to the Lord' are in deep underground caves [which were found by the late Col.Fawcett and his son with his great nephew Timothy Patterson and Col. Tom Walsh ] and are the so called Greys and soon with the advances of deep cave potholing will be discovered. We have the ET DNA and hereditary hand me downs of a warlike, arrogant, power ego race which blew itself up and destroyed its planet and is on course to repeat this now, however, thanks to certain circumstances this may not happen.

Adam and Lilith were the first clones, the tree of life the DNA genome, the snake the double helical, and the apple, the file or procedure containing the genetic modification, in other words the introduction of the first Human GM. Unfortunately the label does not read "no GM material used in this product." What a legacy! To add a further misnomer, Lilith did not like being subservient to men [Adam] she went away and became the Amazons, so a subservient female was produced, Eve. That is changing and this will appear later.

I can just hear the shouts from orthodox scientists, religious leaders and outraged people. Lloyd Pye'S book "Everything You Know Is Wrong" is a fabulous read. I know Lloyd Pye, albeit briefly, he is a very sincere and truth seeking man. If the articles above, Lloyd, Sitchin, Chang, Crick, Myself and other's are correct then it means history, religion, our origins are questionable. Can you imagine what lengths the 'authorities' would go to, to eliminate and suppress the above and the researchers.

The story of Babylon is the story of human cloned ignorance and a code had to be blueprinted to stop the madness then and today, an attempt was made, the ten commandments, a punishing God, separation and religious/politico innuendoes that rule by fear, punishment retribution, sin and hell with damnation, hence the mess we are in today.

In the May 2005 blog it says that the Pleiadian and Earth Hierarchies will wait until 2012, 2036 and 2075 [last chance or window] this will be explained later. An interesting article appeared in the National Geographic on DNA and our connection to feline DNA (June 1997). Hopefully I will attempt a tie up later in the article.

In September 2005 blog I mention the effects of weather sensitivity and how they are similar to ascension or transmutation symptoms. I feel that they maybe similar, however, the causes are different, the trick is to discern or differentiate between them. There is a lot of evidence coming in about the influence of the Full Moon [thirty years late, many scientists and researchers were vilified for this, I being one of them] and also now research as above shows the effects of storm fronts and so on. Some suffer asthma attacks before storms, and lightening can cause havoc [see symptoms in article Sept.2005], there are websites which list Ascension symptoms and weather related symptoms. Fif Hugenholtz has a great website for clicking onto direct sites as does Jeremiah Lindsay Blog{Google name and you will get them, Karen Bishop, Celia Fenn, Shala Mata also touch on these}. The way I discern the energetic effects are barometrically, planetary, dowsing, the numbers of e-mails, faxes that synchronisticaly arrive from around the globe. Usually if the weather is different globally then I feel it is an energy surge of some sort, as distinct from a weather condition or a Full or New Moon, 11.11 days equinoxes, rare conjuncts or planetary line up arrays. High or Low barometric conditions can bring on high/low blood pressure and so forth. There maybe outcries;- "Well you are all plugged into a collective mind set and you are picking each other up and so on". I feel the people I am connected with are sensitive and intuitive enough to know their own feelings [Eckhart Tolle has a point "tuning into another's pain body, so be present" or "looking intently without opinion, observation without bias"],summing this up, there is a huge input of energies, New Aquarian Cosmic Energies. Massive solar flares (X-9 factor the highest ever, the western governments never informed us of it, yet the East were told because it can cause cardio vascular discomfort especially with pace makers, the sudden shifts in climate/weather changes, the body clock must be going crazy. Which season are we in now? Nature is having a ball as well. We have pollution, media hype, electronic fog and the chem. Trails and so on. [Nexus, David Ike and others will gladly fill you in]. Blog March2005 will also give some measurements of the rising energy frequencies which they claim emanate from an unknown source.

The source of the Aquarian or inputs of energies [all my blogs] are connected to our journey as a planet and solar system towards the Central Sun. Strictly speaking it is not a Sun but a massive, massive, massive energy source, which scientists and esoterics agree on, some call this source Alcyon. Our Sun and Solar System travel around this Huge Source in a 26.000year cycle and guess what? The Earth lines up with this smack bang centre on December 21 2012. This year Pluto will line up with the Centre on December 21 2007. The journey towards the centre has meant that as we get nearer the energy is intensified. (A good source to read is Dr Percy Seymour "Astrology The Scientific Evidence," a former astronomer at an Observatory.)

There is research going on and indeed some have ratified it, that as a planet is exposed to the Central Sun, its harmonics, and intensity is heightened, so astrologically speaking the influences of the planets and their alignments are incrementally increased. Incidentally some research shown by ice drillings at the Poles suggest that we have seen this warming climate change before, concomitantly and commensurate with schumann fluctuations, moon and sun cycles and so on [all my blog], however the difference this time being that technology and pollution add another factor in the equation.

We now come to the new planets, Quaoar, Sedna. Orcus, Eris and Chiron[one of the many centaurs found]. According to many esoteric astrologers, astrology will have to be upgraded, and indeed I had my chart done by a very experienced esoteric astrologer and it really gave answers that I have wondered about for years. [A good source for this is www.karmastrology.com]. To round this off a bit;- The impact of weather changes, pollution of all kinds, moving towards the Central Sun, the up step frequencies from planetary influences[especially full/new moon and so forth is huge on the body/mind systems.] Plenty of rest, good food, moderate exercise, sleep well and so on is so important, a very good network of friends to share and support are of paramount importance. NASA has some great information on the pole magnetism, weather stuff and so forth, or just Google in these subjects.

Coming back to UFO and Cosmology and a question raised before. If we were invaded thousands of years ago [Sitchin, myself] genetically modified and the powers to be knew about this why was a rescue mission not launched? See my answer to this May 2005 blog, however, it would appear they were waiting for 2012, 2036 and last chance 2075 for the line up to the Central Sun and the effect that the information coming from the Sun [ our one – all frequency is information or contains information ] and the extra-ordinary planetary arrays {grand cross 1999, the pentagrams last seen 550 years ago, the discovery of six new planets and comet McNaught, plus other arrays not seen since 1780 and so on} has been an enabling instrument in awakening the DNA dormant in us. I FEEL the 97 percent of our DNA that is ET is actually being gradually awakened and they are coded inside us to be awoken by Cosmic Signals as above. This was known by the Pleidian Council of Intergalactic Governments [crude term] and the energies would be ripe for the burning out of the cloning [see blog February 2005], the sheathes of logic, astral, intellectual would be burned off and the gap filled by the tele powers and intuitive faculties [Jonathan Cainer states that 2007 could be a breakthrough in telepathy and levitation with other scientific breakthroughs, new comets have heralded new ways. Some astrologers are saying that 2007 is rehearsal for 2012]. There are already amazing harmless technologies in the wings, blocked by the power hungry, money-mad enterprises. When we are brought to our knees with the threat of extinction or an awakened society, then and only then will we save the planet and ourselves. The CODES ARE IN THE 97 PERCENT, THEY ARE NOT WASTE MATERIAL LEFT OVER BY THE ET, YES SOME OF IT IS AND THAT IS BEING BURNT OFF. The triggers are the energies and the Intergalactic Council knew this and is prepared to wait for the dates as above.

2012 will see the first real prototype Aquarian humans, 2036 the second wave and 2075 the march towards the transformed Aquarian resurrectional Light Body Human Form Being. When there is an awakened humanity, ET will then openly appear and help rebuild a ravished world, if we do not make it[ we have free will] then the burnt out world will appear to be like other deserted planets and life will appear somewhere else in order to fulfil its purpose. The Intuitive Awakened Ones will be linked to source, each a member of the Orchestra the Conductor being the Creative Life Force.

As we speed towards the Central Sun many more will be "triggered" and the new DNA patterns awakened, new chakras opened and the old world transformed into the paradise It Has The Potential To Be.

Keep on Keeping on, Go Well, We have the Choice and Let US Hope we choose wisely. Lots of Love Geoff.

ADDENDUM;- There is a view which states ET will save us, a few of the chosen ones, they will beam us up, and then when the world is rehabilitated they will set the chosen ones down and they will repopulate the Earth.

My view is that ET will stop the Earth from being split, leave the Earth barren and go somewhere else — HOME. GF

PS. Just in:- several people have phoned to say that their sleep patterns have been severely disrupted and that they have had like a computer download of information, in the 1967 writings it refers to this as "the information is downloaded into the cellular system that deals with the next piece of information sequence and is put on hold until needed or filed away, a signal or trigger will activate it."

PSS. I realised some of you may not know Gilly Wells. Gill and I were married unofficially as it were at Findhorn. Gwen and George Murray let us use their house for meetings and keeping the small Adana Press in. George and I developed the sanctuary in the huge loft and built some crystallised machinery, we had hundreds of visitors. Howard helped us and we had a meditation night on Monday evenings. The group lasted from 1975 till 1983.

Some people like I get these downloads which are not the same as the flash of inspiration. GF.

HOTNEWS:- Scientists Alessandra Ceruti and Paul Kitner from Cornell University say that in 2011 and 2012 the sun's solar flares will peak at the end of its 11 year cyclic change, this is called the solar maximum. They have met with The Institute Of Navigation [Sept. 28 2006] in order to discuss the possibilities regarding navigational matters i.e. the upgrading of satellite instruments, aircraft, ships, GPS systems.

[My comments] Interesting how the date for the central sun, the solar system position. The year 2012 crops up again, so we have massive energies that year, as described above.GF.

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