Geoff Freed — February 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THIS IS A CONTINUING SAGA. Since the last article and my removal of my diplomas that are not relevant to whom I am and am only the content of my knowledge, I have messages from many relating to this. The present line of shift is that a feeling of dates such as 2012, 2036, 2075 planetary alignments and bodily sensations and so forth maybe in a way a false trail and yet paradoxically not. In 1967 when I had this revelation and subsequently many in workshops and latterly on the internet, an agreement, a kind of group energy, seemed the appropriate expression of many and myself. However, the moving finger having writ, writes on.

The collective content of me, which I term the ego, held together by fear and superiority, which needs to justify itself and build defence/ offence mechanisms, which in its modus operand can breed wars, separation and isolation, loneliness and barriers to accessing the real self. In this respect then the 1967 inspired writings are no longer needed, nor dates, nor planetary line ups. In the dual world of polarities we live in we need a raft at times, however, when reaching the other shore, which is not content, the furniture of the room as it were, but the space in which this is witnessed, the silent viewer, space being analogous to awareness, the room being the setting in this reality. I needed this raft, it also gave me the picture and the ideas with images to egoically cling onto life as I cognised it then, and was not ready to make the leap into what appeared to be a void of nothingness (which I might add that my Teachers urged me to do), which is experienced more as inner peace and joy, not a cop out, a distraction from what is. On the contrary the ' is ' is more vivid, more alive, it is seen as it is because there is less of 'background' buzz or pop up blocker which analyses, criticises and which in turn distorts the 'is' into a creation of my own programming.

In retrospect the 1967 writings and subsequent meanderings contained the message, a deep infrastructure emergence, that an AWAKENING was imminent, that was clear to me, it seemed that this had to unfurl, and the way it was and is that a gradual breakdown of the paradigms, the way of Living, needed to change, maybe technology, fast foods, travel, the internet, the migrations, wars and conflicts, were and are signs of a breakdown, a meltdown, and this means radical change in the way we live, it is obvious that the way we are now is not working, we need radical shifts in consciousness. Young people I speak to tell me the old boundaries are inadequate and the new ones punitive, so where are the solutions? I feel they are in a change from content, the rules, disciplines laid down outside in law, prisons, senior figures being corrupt and multinationals raping the Earth for profit, only give a picture of doom and gloom. There is an internal inner space where a joy and altruistic love can be found, compassion, lightness which is satisfying and does not seek gratification and self esteem in obtaining MORE, acquisition, greed, lust and power. Acquiring objects to live through until the novelty wears off, things that rust and decay (even our bodies) desperately trying to keep them young, a new object with more gadgets, to give a sense of 'being' and yet a loneliness in a deep knowing this is only temporary and I have to work hard, get more money to feed the addiction of acquiring, becoming more in possessions, less in being.

The 1967 experience with the monks at Samye Ling exposed me to Tibetan culture as in subsequent years (scroll back) having had Japanese and Chinese teachers. The Tibetans say that their invasion broke open the can so that the cultures can infiltrate and mix with other migratory cultures, the melting pot, this takes in 'form reality' time, which is the product of form, time is measured in a sense to the rate of decay or death, or against something faster or slower or stationary. The witness to time is timelessness, an internal witness, empty and yet aware. The space in which time arises in the shape of form is who we are, we are the space that allows creation in the form of form to arise, live a while and sink back to the emptiness it came from, not an oblivion but a witness to creation. For Death to Be, an Eternal Witness has to Be. We live in a dual sense, the form that seems solid and belies its true nature of temporal existence and highly visible and the witness, an awareness undying unformed and Eternal and indestructible — invisible. This is the great mystery of Life, and if we let it be, not trying to analyse it, define it, register it, scientifically explain it, experience it in its pristine form, just being with it, then a magic moment arises, we can become one with it, let it be, and we can then experience its essence.

Looking at the new physicists and the work in the 'the bleep' 'rabbit hole' icons 2006' and the bio photon stuff and so forth, it seems that at the quantum vacuum there are or is activity, standing waves, fluctuations, motion. I feel there is a beyond that, yes, intensionalising the latest play word, yes it works. How do we know what we are intending is not in opposition to others intending? This could cause more duality, opposition and conflict. This is another reason to leave out my qualifications all this information is now on the internet, I can just refer to the website and then this leaves my 'head' as it were in peace.

The most insidious aspect in the separated mind is to win power by putting someone else down. I went into blame in another article. In the realm of politics, put downs are common, winning points on some poll. Scientists regularly put down, without proof, or investigation something that is not seemingly credible. Many of the new physics 'proponents' were thrown out of their jobs, ridiculed because they broke new ground, seemingly a threat to their colleagues, and I have met some 'stuck' scientists who confessed in private they agreed but were afraid to 'come out' . During my 45 years of workshops, lectures, client therapy. I have been saint, saviour, evil personified, a quack, vilified, that's OK, so now where am I? I don't really know, however it feels a whole lot better than being somewhere. It is freer, less baggage to carry around. I can put the baggage into the lock up, or dump it, who knows? This space is not definable but can be experienced, and the experience is peace.

The world today is full of power struggles, a poll of young people thought that being a celebrity is fantastic, the X Factor APPEAL many celebrities felt that the price of fame had its downside. Being important, recognised can be a sucker blow as the more one is recognised outside, the inside recognition of ones self can be diminished, the recipient feeds from the outside, the world of moth and decay. Today's star, yesterdays forgotten idol. The sad stories of fallen greatly admired pop stars, footballers and others who become addicted to sex, drugs and fear of anonymity. Maybe our own head programmes leave us let down, as we ignore who we are fundamentally to seek outside goals that perish and die in the course of time. The tale of a beggar who sat at the city gates, a pleasant person, and used to get many gifts, at his death a hole was dug to bury him where he begged for years, and lo and behold, there was a treasure. Maybe looking for handouts all the time in the sense of approval, with the weapons of put-downs, power games, hidden agendas, superiority, acquisition, hunger to be the top banana, I am right you are wrong, my religion, sect, cult is right the others are trash, quacks, false prophets, anything controversial is threatening, must be denounced, burnt at the stake, dunked in the witches pool, put in stocks and pilloried, maybe this has to be aired in order that we might move on, not feel threatened, listen without prejudice, allow it to be, yes listen to those who oppose and with compassion realise that the fear that is felt is built on the past which has become a habit, a programme, feels safe until threatened. If we stick to the past, evolution cannot take place, although it will come through. The man who walked in front of the first car and train with a flag, where is he now? He can be found in the put downers, yes its true some things are harmful, and what is harmful? That which binds a person to fear, pain, hurt and against natures plan for Life, that is detrimental to the survival of the race and natures species in order to gain wealth and prestige to the detriment of another's God Given right to be equals in the bounty that Life has given us.

The powerful energies now are causing turmoil, and yet in that turmoil we may find the content are not needed, a time of shedding, and the courage to leave the space vacant. The powerful solar flares, the comet, the endings of six major cycles, the climate changes and the histrionics in the media and yet underneath the feeling of a breakthrough as the meltdown of an archaic worn out age and its ideals come to a close and a new way enters, fresh spruce pristine and giving fresh life to those who falter by the wayside. The ice is gradually melting and as we claim our birthright our heritage our natural God Given Inheritance we shall emerge as a new humanity. What will this look like or be? Next month a few hints and ideas will be shared regarding this matter.

Keep On Keeping On. Lots Of Love Geoff

ADDENDUM: Any change has to start in consciousness first. At long last scientists at LEEDS University have found a connection at Full and New Moon with physical symptoms to match. They are thirty years behind the times. See scroll back to my article on weather sensitivity, planetary and Moon effects. More next month. GF

ADDENDUM: Have a look in Energygrid you can do this by looking at left side of my blog and click onto Destiny and see article DNA and extraterrestrials and then click spiritual to the Krishnamurti article. Thanks GF.

PS. Will be doing an in-depth on ET DNA and the Central Sun with a look at certain aspects to childhood that is relevant now.GF.

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