I Am Not What I Used To Be

Geoff Freed — January 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

AWONDERFUL AND FULFILLING New Year. So much seems to have happened since November and this January article. I type this in the middle of December and catch it up as the days roll by into January 2007. I felt compelled to set this down, so many e-mails, faxes and phone calls, mainly how people felt about themselves, the space they were in and the physical symptoms. The main symptom seems to be the palpitations and as many around the world had synchronistic times and realisations I felt as with me it was not a conspiracy phenomena. So many went to the Doctor and some to A and E only to be told they were OK and probably stress.

During this time a wonderful insight came, it was not stress but excitement as if an expectancy were emerging, some felt a Cosmic event, some felt a miraculous occurrence, many felt there was an expectancy to a higher consciousness, a minority felt that there would be a calamity and tsunami or such like. I found that tuning into the joy of this energy a feeling of deep love encompassed me.

I had a follow up to my loving myself experience, I accepted my spiritual self, who I am as a Spiritual person, not religious not having psychic gifts or any other special aspects, but rather having all of them as a natural propensity to the being I am. This I felt was a next step. Again this opened a whole new layer, as if opening a file, all the doubts and fears about the ' psychic and spiritual ' realms dissipated, they were as natural as loving myself. I found as with the love experience I was not who I used to be.

Then came a shattering experience or two, I got involved in some current headline news stuff, this took me into the world of forensics, psychotronics, bio photon research and similar kinds of things, linking up with my past and research for degrees and so on. I felt nausea, head clogged, sick, heavy and tired, as if I had been sleep deprived, I had restless dreams and nightmares and I realised this is the end, the intellectual and academic buzz had gone, I yearned for an empty clear mind, and the peace that passes beyond all understanding. Many others had similar experiences. The past was a heavy weight and now was the time to let it go, and how many times does this arise?

This was such a fundamental shift that I knew I had to physically remove the symptoms of my past and like some recovering alcoholics I used to counsel, who still kept the statuary bottle in the cupboard as a reminder, I had to remove mine. The diplomas that are of my academic achievements are symbols of past and now irrelevant technical details, all these can now be retrieved from the internet, so I dismantled them and ceremonially burnt them. I felt relieved and born anew. Now I am who I am without an academic reference. I am hoping I can remove the degrees from the heading to energy grid to my blog and just leave those that are relevant now.

During this time of involvement with the past I had to contact scientists, various organisations, and of course I took my degrees under our family name, the hassle, and then, in meetings, the usual questions, ' so where did you get your PH.D, what do you do now and so on '? I found this not polite but intrusive, not who am I as a person '? A measuring up of the ego in pecking order, a defensive defence threat cover up, and then when doing my spiel, the arms and legs crossed. The frowns and non acceptance of new ideas on an old subject. This is very judgemental I realise that and I apologise, it is because I found it a threat too. I realised neither of us could listen to the new or old, we were set in our ways, each defending their own corner. I realised this is the world situation and to go beyond my stance, their stance, of not listening, not a new solution was needed in technique or political policy, what we or I needed was to come from a different place in consciousness. To be in the still open place and allow the ' soul,' the heart, to speak' to go beyond logic and technique, to be like a wise child. Now I knew what it meant to be my spiritual self, now I knew what it was and is to love myself. I do not feel now I have to have the back up of my certificates, my old knowledge is fast out of date if not keeping up with the latest research, I feel I am racing to a different consciousness, losing academic knowledge to the intuitive realm ( scroll back to burning off of the sheaves or sheaves ).

Meanwhile Cosmic Arrays of Planets and Huge inputs of Energy Bursts continue to play their part in the breakdown of the old order and the breakthrough of a new kind of Political World Order into a 'SOUL INSPIRED' World order, this not being political, religious, spiritual, agnostic or ecological, but a kind of each being linked to their centre like spokes to the hub, then what I feel-know is what we all feel-know. To be like this we have to drop our defences, our agendas, and our self interest, our stances, our mind games, this is what I feel 2007 might offer us.

Bless Michael our Editor, a great friend and wise person. Just recently I gave up driving and owning a car, I am fortunate to have 8 buses pass my door, the tube up the road, and the train down the road, a freedom pass, and a senior rail pass. The money and hassle saved is valuable. I have had a anxiety and panic attack type thing when packed in like sardines in the tube, strong aftershaves, perfumes, and dare I say it many unhappy people not liking their jobs, many hung and drug over, nervous looks when anyone comes in looking like a archetype terrorist as presented by the media and the home secretary saying with the Met.Police Commissioner, " we are on high alert, it is not if another attack it is when " Paraphrasing that with we are expecting some 30 attempts this Christmas, we are not trying to frighten you but to put you on alert. I shared this with the editor and he said (not exact words)' have you considered it is not a problem with you, you maybe are one of the few who are sensitive and feel these deep undercurrents, others maybe are cut off from this level of feeling, and if they were not maybe we would not be in the state we are in '. Thank you Michael, it released me from 'What's wrong with me.' I haven't had such a fear and panic since, I accepted my sensitivity and there was nothing wrong with me, also it answered a number of childhood problems as well.

This led me to another insight I have had many times. Travelling recently from London on a busy route to the country, a few fast trains sped past packed, a man had his laptop open working away with his mobile ringing every five minutes. I looked at people in their houses, working in the streets, in their cars. I thought what a crazy world. Where are we speeding to? The Earth speeding to? What is the outcome? Death? What have I they achieved? Is it important to achieve success? Does it bring lasting satisfaction or a quest for more to fill the gap of non fulfilment? Why am I here? Then I knew, I am not here to achieve anything, I am traveller, a tourist, I am here to experience all this, look, observe, enjoy or not, not hold on and pass along to the next. The quest is not about accumulating but to experience and to move on, to be alive and present to each moment and to know that this is the content of my life, not Life Itself. The furniture in my room is the content; I am the experience, the observer of it. I am the awareness not the content of the awareness, Iam the screen not the image. A hypothetical question. What if we all knew deep down that the contents rusts, decays, is temporary, subject to time, and that the observer, the witness is eternal, non collecting and hoarding, free and eternal, would the world be the same?

Recently the usual games of the UN, Codex, and the EU and government bodies have come up with the vitamin, supplement, fluoride issues, and many NGO's who have attended these meetings have shared with me that the so called official bodies are jittery and that the awakening is mighty and the officials' are shaking a bit at the ground swell. Many take side swipes at homeopathy and bio photon work, Korotkov and such like can prove it. Wonderful new things like GDV, light therapy, meridian findings, cosmic fluctuations, and cheap solar panels are on the horizon. A new breed of politician needed, new bosses of Industry, a brave New Paradigm is needed and is fast arising from the infrastructure. The seeds that have been planted in the desert are sprouting, the winds of change are pushing down, uprooting the old stale worn out 'stuff' this being the fertiliser, the compost of the new,' before we wait for the outside to change we must live it from the inside, not as a theory but as a reality, that is who we are not who we are trying to be. If we are aware, present, mindful, a natural mind, then we are in alignment with ecology, ourselves, everyone everywhere. I feel this growing in me, I felt these things years ago, I felt alone in this, now as it proliferates I feel joined into something, not tangible but nevertheless real, in fact much more real than if it were words, writings, a theory, it as if from the depths of me, which is the depths of everyone else, the flotsam and jetsam is clearing and arising from these depths are and is a collective new paradigm and collective consciousness. The collective will not be joined to the material top surface but to the deep 'SOUL' Being in us which works from a different perspective, not from logic and technique but from intuition, inspiration sweetened with and overlaid with unconditional heart energy.

When an Idea or an organisation springs to Life it has to be carried on. Like water if it remains stagnant it becomes bitter, rancid and putrefies. Life has to be a river, renewing itself or it crystallises, becomes stagnant. Winter the time of sleep and the miracle of hibernation, the spring of new Life, the buds, the blossoming, the fruiting, now the beginning of the 2007, the renewal, the chance to ' catch ' the energy of the new. 2500yrs of energy now in its crumbling crystalline form, the river is silted up , clogged, now is the chance to renew ourselves, not a makeover, which is merely change of image, only to be made over again when that is displeasing, or a new icon appears who we have to base our reality upon. Are we displeased with who we are? Who is out there we want to be? When they fade into anonymity who shall we copy then? Trying to be someone else or an imaginary being from fantasy only causes the schism between who we really are and who we are not. The Heart Chakra energy is strong and I feel the seed of Love growing, go deep within and feel this cosmic star seed germinating, water it with deep attention and loving care, the Gardner of our flowering souls. Then renewing energy the 'spice of life 'is not found outside, it is in the well of the soul, deep down, and as we breathe and with each breath we flood our being and draw from the well the spring of Life, nothing may change much on the outside, however, inside the fresh sweet waters seep through the mind and body and that extraordinary joy and bliss, waters and cultivates our joy de vivre.

I know when I feel stagnant and get caught up in old patterns my knees feel arthritic and crack, my joints ache and so on, and then I feel this renewal as I make contact with who and what I am The River Of Life, that runs deep through my being, into my cellular structure my frame and my Mind, it is then I know I am a Light Being temporarily inhabiting a human flesh body, I am an Eternal Witness to the Creation of What Is Wherever I am the Observer, then a melting into the sea of All Knowing, and as the Sufi saying goes ' Glorious Sun Why Are You Setting ? ---Only To Rise Again '.


Addendum;- There have been many planetary things going on, I will not go into them again but mention huge solar flares, see websites on this a big x-9 one which the west was not told about, can affect health.

1) everything has its beauty perhaps it is not seen because it is covered up by personal ambition.

2) our own agendas distort reality, cause separation and isolation, this is the breeding ground for violence, ugliness and defence/offence.

3) a mind that sings with the dazzling joy, is an empty intuitive mind. This mind is harmless and extremely creative. GF



During the past few weeks many have phoned ,faxed, e-mailed to say that the energies felt huge, powerful and intense. The main symptoms seem to have been restlessness, unable to relax and even hyped up. The energies since the Grand Cross in 1999 have been pounding in almost constantly and not incrementally as from 1967 till 99. This has caused a number of shifts.

The main shift is that the heart chakra has been opened up to receive more of the upgrade frequencies this can be felt by some as palpitations, throat tightness and irritations. ( as usual check with a health practioner and do not just assume all is new frequencies ). The article I wrote about the love I felt for myself did not leave in ecstatic peace ( it did for a while ) however, it uncovered a can of worms and opened them, however instead of being aghast, ashamed, guilty and unforgiving, it was allowed to vent out with compassion.

The next phase seems to be a special kind of light, not bio photon light, not atmospheric light, artificial light or the light of joy one experiences in Meditation, no this is more the light of the soul. In other articles I described the upgrade of light from the more powerful sun energies to the optic nerve to thalamus cycle and so on, no this light comes from the soul which has been exposed as it were by the burning off of the false patterns. Many have mentioned the sweating, intense heat ( not weather or health related, nor to age ) and in earlier article it was described how this worked.

This energy is a carrier wave, a raft that brings on its wings, soul contact, this replaces the lower astral sheath and ushers in a higher form of intuition and knowing, upgrading the gut feeling. In earlier articles it was mentioned these sheaves would be burnt off in the alchemic process. This energy has had the effect of realigning the way we view the world and perhaps a symptom of this is strange eye symptoms and a feeling of not being in contact with the old world . The patterns that configure our old way, the set up is dramatically changing many of our realities.

Many have shared how they view the world in a more childlike way, with wonder and awe, not needing so many explanations. This shift will further alienate those not in tune and bring up lots of the unfinished business of the past with the usual breakdowns, breakthroughs, or just plain stuck. If one tries to go back to the old it feels stagnant, boring, not fulfilling. Its like we are on stepping stones and the ones left behind are covered over by a fast current, the only way is foreword.

As the soul energy permeates more and more, so the past will be wiped out. This feeling of being disconnected is not the same as shock or being spaced out, its more like a deep peace behind the scenario of Life, like being an interested spectator at the bottom of the ocean and watching the top surface world carrying on in its frantic and frenetic way.

The energies of 2007 will continue to stir up conflict, deep karmic emotions until the cleansing and detoxing has completed itself. The outside world will continue to try to find mediation with policies, crime, false corrupt people plying their trade in a confused world. However, those who are attempting to make the shift will find more peace and although peaceful, the energies have to be grounded in the body which will continue to ground the energies which will be uncomfortable as the new energies will force out the old paradigms. Never the less the process will carry on. Resistance to the energies will cause more distress.

The old paradigms will try to cling on, and the battle to hold on often results in distress, fatigue and anger. The liver, lymph,kidneys, pores of skin, bowels all need to be assisted with some good quality herbs and supplements.

The Light is who we are, we are the light of the world, and we were told not to hide this light, to let it shine. I find I am not so emotional, not so judgemental , there is still a lot ot burn away yet. I am also finding a deeper compassion, less fear and anguish and a deep seated panic attack in certain situations caused by a very unpleasant accident, is easing, not because I am pushing or suppressing but because of the soft effulgence of the light that is growing in me, others and the world. The light is indeed watering, nourishing the seed of Love. I had this experience where in the glow of this inner soul light ( I aware of it spontaneously in awake states and sometime in sleep ) the cells of my body were gently purring and glowing, like flowers growing in well composted earth. The opposite was when I got an old message, I seemed to shrivel. Let us hope the Light in Our Lives flourishes during 2007 and beyond. Wishing you fulfilment joy and peace in the years to come as we journey towards the Light Eternal and World Peace.

Lots Of Love Geoff.

ADDENDUM:- Many felt the Full and New Moons of September 2006 with the 17 October 06 were powerful culminating in the 11:11 and Nov 27 06 powerful energy portals, this may have facilitated the shift changes as above. At the moment of writing I feel a tightness around my chest, not muscular or panic, it is as if my heart is full of energy and bursting to give forth of its abundance and saturate my whole being with light energy and then into the world, I feel as though others will have this too. GF.

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