Breakdown or Breakthrough

Geoff Freed — December 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THIS ARTICLE could well have been named 'To Be or Not to Be'. Many people have rang, e-mailed or written to share the way that they feel and to take care and comfort from each other. I have always believed that we are each others teachers and we teach that which we want to learn. Many are sharing they are concerned about the breakdown in society, the world environment and that they have lost 'faith' in the emerging new consciousness, many have feared health breakdowns and so forth. The internet is full of joyous and uplifting 'ascension' stuff as one friend put it, and the conspiracy 'stuff ' denouncing the emergence of a new consciousness as the 'elite' fooling the masses as a ploy or smokescreen to the new world order run by powerful governmental influences backed by multinational power merchants.

Some scientists and doctors went recently to the House Of Lords in the UK to denounce Homeopathy and yet Russian Physicist named Koroctov has proved with the GDR instruments its effectiveness and also the use of meditation. Then there was October 17 06 when a letter and e-mail, faxes and phone calls announced that a blue magenta energy from another dimension was flooding the Earth. Then there was a follow up which said it was all a load of rubbish. My view was that I definitely felt this energy many days before, so did many others, some said I picked it up from the collective unconscious ( scroll back to REG ) article and that the internet is the collective unconscious made conscious. Well the palpitations of my heart were raised and so many others felt the same. So was a massed induced event by auto suggestion or a pick up from the collective or a genuine energy phenomenon? I guess this is where intuition, and then comes the argument was it genuine intuition or fools gold, a kind of subconscious belief filter which fools or imitates intuition? This then leads to does one want to believe this information or is it a cop out from what is

really happening? This dilemma is in the world today, for instance in the same week as scientists and doctors lobbied the Lords, two eminent Professors said The flu vaccine was a waste of money and was not effective, yet the fear of not having one and the advertising on TV and the trains and public places is prolific.

Reverting back to the 17 October, a friend of mine reminded me that many years ago that famous guru's and my own 1967 writings said that the metabolic rate would up step and that it would cause palpations and hot sweats ( which many have reported as well ) so did I or was I responsible for ' programming ' people years ago? Is the whole ascension programme a pipe dream? Are the conspiracy people correct? Are we all on the path to unstoppable global warming, spiralling crime, in the hands of the multinationals, the elite, a burnt out planet with a few elite and the rest of us slaves ( scroll back to article on ' barrier seven '. These confront us in every day issues now. See also the end of an era and related articles.

There is a point that conspiracy people have, and that is that we should point out the asleep ones that they should add their voices to protest ( in a non violent way ) and protest through the correct channels, and not hope that someone else will do it. The event of taxing people for environmental purposes may wake many up, however the super rich will not be touched by higher fuel taxes and the like.

There are some promising things happening in the energy prospect, helium 3, eneutronic energy research and such things as quantum fluctuations all being researched and a race to find the free energy, its bang on time. Recently six scientists in a DVD named 'Icons of The Field' can be purchased from the 'What Th e Doctors Don't Tell You' all tops their field many of them being ousted by the stuck in the mud outmoded 'dead' on their feet boffins and corporate fear of loss of income and power, stated we are light beings temporarily inhabiting a human body. One of the scientists from the USA said he borrowed a phrase from his Russian Colleague and said that most of medicine and science today was " bullshitski " how apt.

Over the last few months I have had health scares, workshops cancelled, strange dreams, erratic sleep patterns, wonderful insights and real scary occurrences I've lost faith, found faith, been uplifted, felt down, u and around so to speak, yet behind this all I feel the 'slide' the window I look through is changing, my view of the world is clearer. I feel the paradigm shift, I know I am not fooling myself, there is a feeling in my deepest strata that I am not who I was, and there is a profound shift. My personality is dissolving; the bullshitski of me is dawning, melting. This is not age related, I can see it in other people as they are ejected out of their comfort zones, I see young people looking for the answers to global warming, racial tension, mindless killing in the mid east. Deaf Politicians, the same old rhetoric, bleating monotonously like sheep, vague promises, backtracking, knee jerk laws, fear messages, all looking for the answer in the 3d world of illusion, the matrix of advertising, glamour and corruption, a world based on mammon, that rots and decays with time, and the bed rock of deep inner peace and ones connection with the Universal Cosmic Consciousness. We are crying out for a different fresh way of living, this will not be found in our present systems of thought or assumptions .It requires a step of huge courage, a brave new world, a massive leap into unknown territory. Just for instance on one of the many issues, to recognise the one Creator of All Life, not the prophets who brought it to our notice, to recognise all prophets that they all say similar things and give credence to them, to allow freedom of religious worship and rituals as holy and not to put our religion or way as the best or the only one, to go beyond tolerance to acceptance. Another instance, can we learn to share wealth, can we put love, respect, care and genuine compassion before selfish endeavours, can we reach out and see another as ourselves, can we green this planet instead of raping it, can we see we are one at a deep fundamental level, can we live be it and not make this a theory a mere words and soft options to mull over and be pipe dream or interesting theory over a glass of wine, or a mere workshop attendance, a lift at the time and a let down tomorrow.

May this Christmas, Chanukah ,Ede, Ramadan, Duwali, Humanistic and Agnostic Wishes for a Brave New World be actionised and fulfilled.

Lots of Love Geoff.

Addendum:-The seed of God is in us……Pear seeds grow into Pear Trees, hazel seeds grow into hazel trees, and God seeds into God. I had a huge ah ha out of that quotation, although intellectually I knew this, I had this flash, well I can see the seeds of pears and hazel nuts and so on, I knew that this seed was not from my mother and fathers union, where was it? Then I realised the truth for me it is the real ME beyond my personality, the seed is in deep consciousness, when I realised this I jumped in the air and ran around. Shouting like eureka, it was the most emphatic shake up I have had in many a month and has shifted my perception, causing me to shift at deep level and to see through another slide of reality. A dear friend of mine on hearing this experience said to me when I described the impact an explosion of Light in my mind , she replied well that is the seed opening in you, and I said well how did you know that and she replied it came from the seed in me. May all our cosmic seeds flourish and grow now and forever. GF.

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