The Radical Shift

Geoff Freed — October 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THE SHIFT IS DEEPLY, deeply serious, a radical shift. The energies that are powering in ( see scroll back for measurements in electron volts ) are now triple to that stated. These are not to do with tetra, mobile, radio, submarine infra sound or electronic fog, pollution or holes in the ozone layer. These are cosmic, planetary and end cycle effects and the subsequent new energies coming in new and powerful sequences that contain vital new information, these are not just random frequencies. It is not super nova eruptions or nuclear waste, virus or additives or any such like.

Those that are attuned to the new energies the shift appears in many ways, to name a few, new intuitive information, fatigue, strange eye focusing, a type of vertigo and other symptoms, and so on, I do not want to dwell on these, so as not to energise them, rather to where they are leading us too, to see them as transforming. In the DVD ' What the Bleep do we Know ' ? a top scientist refers to the process as to a ' rewiring of the brain ' which in turn sends new combinations of neuropeptides to the cells (scroll back).

Folk who are not sensitive to the new frequencies will find they fall back to the old outworn ways, a rhetorical path and they feel ' stale worn out and ' its not working anymore and yet still feeling they are losing their grip on things, fight desperately to hang on ( see Hopi prophesy scroll back ), they are tired of being a sheep and hearing the vain bleating of political garbage, promises and policies that are without substance and wishing someone was brave enough to introduce a global policy that is uplifting fair and altruistic. They almost see through the veil of materialistic living, they are frustrated and cannot leap into the new, so they feel depressed and escape into distraction in drink, crime, sexual deviations and media hype and supply, and then are those who yearn for the 'good old days'.

The radical shift is not violent or terrorist, it is an awakening of consciousness, to feel a loving all embracing yet not emotional sentimentality, an all inclusiveness, not a taught previously indoctrinated idea, but something deeply felt, new, pristine, lived and part of one. This is a paradigm shift and the energies that are running in the infrastructure are now surfacing and they will bring about this radical shift and hopefully stabilise between now and 2008, after that the energies will still occur in increments and surges, but will be more gentle or softer. However, those in relays ( see scroll back ) will get a ' hard Knock ' should there be a stubborn resistance, a hard scrape of the pan needed. The Earth Mother has to go through her process as well so more earth changes will happen, however, these will be in proportion to those who have awakened. 70% awakened 30% changes and so forth. There is a battle for peoples minds and should a slip back occur by the invention of a mind blocking device, it might put back the 2008 to 2012 or 2036 and the last chance 2075, however, this is not looking to be the case so far.

Be of Good Cheer. Lots of Love. GEOFF

ADDENDUM:- Many old power points and centres are being activated and cleansed, ready to receive the new energies and crisis centres for those who are awakening and need reassuring. For those who like words. The still moon is on its way to its apogee. Politicians like to spout apodictic phrases and maybe we should all partake in an aubade. GF.

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