Rods of Initiation

Geoff Freed — September 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

MANY YEARS AGO I was meditating in a very powerful place when I went ice cold and felt I was dying ( scroll back to 2004 experiences of a similar nature ). I then felt three dark purple clad beings around me, two at my sides slightly to the rear and one behind me. The two side beings held a rod which the one on the left pointed towards the centre of my head above my third eye as did the one on the right. This formed a V, yet open at the apex. The being behind me said something to someone in front of me, I could not see the one in front, this being was cloaked and in the shadow, behind a a large veil. I then felt approval from the cloaked one and then the being behind me brought the rod that was in its keep to join the vacant space in the apex of the V to form an arrow, I then heard these words " these are the rods of Initiation ". Proceeding from this experience it set off a new life cycle in my spiritual journey, I then started out doing many years of workshops, lectures, seminars seeing clients, whilst holding down a full time job. ( 1368 workshops which includes lectures, seminars, 3000 one to one's hundreds of phone calls ) some initiation. This took place from 1962 to 2001. Many people had their awakening at this time as well. It is interesting that I was not given the 1967 Aquarian one until later after the initiation and that prior to 1967 the work was mainly Budo ( Japanese martial Zen Arts and then Tai Chi and Qi Gong). 1984 then really opened up to the Aquarian work so this meant that I did 792 ' new Age ' workshops, seminars, lectures, and about 3000 new clients. During this period a switch in a complete new phase occurred, I was driving up to Findhorn in 1974 when I felt to visit Samye Ling ( The Tibetan Monastic Centre ( see 1967 writings and visited in 1967,68 and 69 ) it was about a 30 mile round return trip to the main road, I got to the gate and was about to open it to drive in, and as if a huge hand, a barrier came and prevented me from going in, try as I may I could not go in, it was then I realised I had severed all connections with cults, religions, isms and felt that I was to be something else, it was on my last visit to Findhorn in 1976 that I informally married Gilly Wells and we started a magazine and group called Universal Approach, these rods of initiation had accelerated me into the Aquarian New Universal Way. The the way is just that, the way.

The world is at this point in its evolution with its inhabitants to take an initiation as above, to find a Universal Way. It may have to come about in several ways, for instance, hopefully through an initiation sort of as above, or through being sick and tired of war, through climate change, deprivation, drought, misery or a gigantic Earth catastrophe. I feel all of these instances may occur perhaps with less drama than it appears to be now. We are accelerating in the energies which are firing up all old Karma and hopefully burn itself out. We have to die to our old ways and the veiled being who stands before us will lift the veil of darkness and we will be initiated into the light and then world rehabilitation will begin. The energies of initiation were strongly injected into the Planets Etheric in 2004 ( scroll back to the pentagrams ) and now another almighty burst at the AUGUST 2006 FULL MOON, many feel the build up to this harmonic Grand Cross Type energy now, with trust and faith hopefully it will awaken people even further and not fire up or fuel up old karma and so burn it off with war and attrition. 2006 is the year of creative Karma ( see scroll back ). Until October hang on to your lifelines and watch for the sleepers to awaken. Lots of Love. Geoff.

ADDENDUM:- Again in the 67 writing that the mind had to be centred in all three Dantiens ( Hara's or energy Chakra Fields ( see back pages ). The energy years ago was Tandem ( Japanese term for lower hara, then in the techno age in the head ( upper one ) now had to be a heart centre opening ( middle hara or dantien ) and so the energy balanced with all three operative. There is a Qi Gong exercise or form I do named The Great Micro Universal Way which helps the channels open to this. GF.

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