Geoff Freed — August 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

WELCOME AND GREETINGS. The High frequency energies are extremely powerful at this time and many are feeling the effects as outlined previously. The usual imbibing of energies into the portals ( scroll back ) are now taking in almost full power. The reason for this is to ' burn up ' the remaining dross or piscean patterns that are ingrained, entrenched in cellular memory. It is a bit like the fine encrusting left in cooking pans, those bits that have to be soaked and scraped. The sorting of the wheat from the chaff. This of course exudes into the atmosphere and is picked up by those still tuned into the old patterns and exacerbates their dormant or existing programmes, this we see in the escalation of wars, crime, corruption, pollution and typical of the end of an era ( scroll back ). This is now a process of extirpation.

June 21 2006 was powerful in its vibrations and the still moon ( scroll back ) began to move back along its path in its 18« year cycle going gradually further away from Earth in its elliptical orbit, many could feel this ' pull '. The pull was felt as neck, head, back and chest pressure accompanied by the increased detox caused by increased frequency and change of Yin / Yang at the equinox and the moving into position of other line ups to follow. Detox also overloads the kidneys, liver, thyroid and lymph systems, and as most people who are on the path do some deoxing anyway it is as well to keep well flushed through, drink plenty of water, rest as much as you can, also keep the balance with exercises that help the situation, sometimes these energies cause heart palpitations and fluctuations ( please check with your doctor and if given a clean bill of health, then it is possibly as above, many I know have checked in with their health professionals and been cleared and they feel relieved that it may be extramundane ). July 11 06 was the full moon and the energies were boosted up by a blast through the collective unconscious due the World Soccer tournament and Wimbledon Tennis tournament ( scroll back to see article on REG's ).

Leading on from these energies of 11/ 6, we are developing into a harmonic ( see back articles ) and a similar grand cross array as in 1999 ( scroll back ). Pluto is lining up with key centres in the galaxy along with Jupiter which had developed a second red spot now joined to the first, so fasten your safety belts. Many of us are grounding and earthing these energies resembling transformers and aerials. Some are infusing and cleansing the ley and power points and so forth. This is it for August 2006. Lots of Love. Geoff. 0208 449 2213 fax/ ans mc on at 09.00 off at 22.30.

Addendum:- The 1967 script mentions we have to have a strong physical body and mentions the fact we need a good deal of protein to ' weigh ' us down, not to be adipose yet firm and anchored. I do light weight training while on NASA recommended rebounder, tai chi, Qi Gong lots of rest and having fun. Be well GF.

p.S. APOLOGIES for the April May and June July, my ancient word processor broke down and so I could not correct anything, I will soon take delivery of a new ( second hand ) laptop which a friend has kindly donated. Hope this is more up to it.

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