Geoff Freed — July 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

AGAIN IN THE 1967 TRANSMISSIONS it mentions a system of energy increments (scroll back) and another fascinating aspect.

As groups grow together, they take their initiations together, groups maybe world-wide and not be aware of each other, as individuals or as other groups. In order to ground and implement the energies, an anchoring process that a group or individual can do, using their physical body as an Earthing Pole, and make the connection in a certain way between Earth and the Cosmos.

and so realigning the brain or rewiring the system. This then causes different frequencies to vibrate and cascade setting up a broadcasting antenna which is the body, this broadcast can be telepathically picked up to those attuned to this level. Conspiracy people feel that certain agencies know of this Awakening and know it is at a subliminal level and so are trying to block this frequency by broadcasting a 'blocker ' vibe. Some people have told me they find meditation difficult after many years of practice. This can be a shift in the paradigm or collective unconscious being breached by the new frequencies, cracks appearing the dam of the old patterns of living. This can be felt as head pressures, due to downloading and booting up of the aquarian information, (once again please check out blood pressure, see a health professional, I know a lot of Osteopaths have told me lots of necks need realigning, check for brain problems and so forth, if all checks out then its probably the new frequencies, check if you are moon or earthquake sensitive and so forth). This process of absorption pushes out during the cascades old toxins from the cells, which were originally the patterns of chemical messengers that were right for that old method of living, this in turn puts extra work on the lymphatic system, the kidneys, the liver, colon and the skin, in other words the eliminative system, a vast cleansing, many have told me of the skin rashes and bloating, so do exercise although feeling tired, detoxing certainly can be a fatigue process. Try gentle exercising, walks, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, rebounding and so forth, drink lots of good quality water. (I've got and dad all of the above). The electromagnetic fields which share the information with the cells, a kind of cellular internet, they have to change their carrier message capacity, and so the Auric fields have to change in order to compensate to the new information. Since there is an interface between the Auric field, the schumann resonance, the ionosphere and so on, deep and subtle planetary and Cosmological influence have to be imbibed too. This procedure is a holistic and wholistic process and all I have outlined is a vast number of wheels within wheels, all working synchronically and in complimentary fashion to one another.

The old self becomes redundant and its core programme which at its functional time was reality to the experiencer, in fact the illusion of reality creates Its OWN experiencer, the witness to its own creation, the ego creates its own reality to be its own experience. When (like the film The Matrix) the illusion breaks down, as is now happening, a new programme can follow, however, those that truly break free, become more illumined more enlightened, and begin to grasp soul ' programmes ' that are in line with the Creators plan for the Cosmos. Cosmic Reality dawns, ego reality wanes. The above can cause a feeling of despair and confusion during the interim period, and so distractions (scroll back) can ensue and one can slide back into the ' world Media Political Drama ' and its attendant digital media broadcasting, as much an addiction as drugs, drink and tobacco.

A relay system is in place. A group or individual may go through an intense period of 'deep information briefing ' and while the absorption period with attendant changes take place, they may be ' out of it ' as it were, then another group/ individual takes over and ' holds ' the anchoring while the others process, absorb and ground. Then the switch clicks in and a vice versa situation follows. The Cosmic Intelligence through a transformer step down process guides this realigning process. (Perhaps more of this later in the year, depending on how the awakening arises and the 1967 dates of 2006, 2008/9, 2112, 2036 pan out, the awakening takes place through the amount of people awakening in proportion to those still asleep). 25% awake, 75% asleep could stretch out the process, however it will happen. Due to the inverse law (scroll back) this is a certain process and will take place no more than say four years either side.

Perhaps by 2009 a majority of individuals and groups would have gone through the preliminary steps of the process of initiation (as above June 2006 article), and a stabilising of frequencies, that is to say the huge cleansing and new information would have done in many cases enough to see the process anchored and the Earth Being more contented with our consciousness's being more in alignment with Its Own. This will feel peaceful and fear would have left us and nature will have a safe passage to do ITS thing without humans endangering it. 2112 may see the 2nd mass human initiation this will be akin to our going through the gate (scroll back June 2006). If we miss 2112, 2036 will give us another chance, I I have heard from a source that another chance could be 2075, I am not sure, what the 1967 paper says is that if we 2036 we may have to wait until another 5000 or so years past--------?????

Each surge of energies bring forth attendant physical changes. The physical being the most dense form of energy takes the most time (which is where dense energy has its roots, more subtle the energy the less time is apparent). A percolation process takes place, the energies arrive as information, pure energy, then it is passed onto the brain to form chemicals, and carrier electromagnetic fields are set up to synchronise the energy information, to over see the synchronicity and distribution, then from the brain new chemicals that in tandem with the information in the form of neuropeptides cascade and saturate the cell receptors and flush out by a 'kind of pulsing kneading process' the old chemical message receptors, this in turn causes changed in the whole anatomy as described in May and June articles. This procedure takes time and so the new information has to be absorbed, anchored and grounded. This may explain why we get the message but it does seem to manifest until some time later. All is well and going according to the Divine Plan. This is a rough outline of the relay of awakening and Its unique and wonderful process of which we are very much a participant.

Take care and lots of Love. Geoff

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ADDENDUM: From the amount of Light (which contains information) brought in and anchored, a proportionate amount of density and darkness will be dispersed.

Earthquakes and tsunami in Indonesia in April, Russia (two in Kamchatka) landslides in several countries, massive tsunami in Tonga (May 2006) and so the changes go on, what the Earth feels so do some of us, all is well.

During the last few years John Walker a Homeopath and Radionics practitioner has helped many people and myself, it is not often I mention and recommend therapists, however I feel John is an exceptional person and practitioner. His telephone number is 01707 328643.

Now and again I will mention people who I have contact with who are at the leading edge of the Awakening. (I will not mention anyone without their permission). Feel free to quote anything in the articles, however, I would appreciate a mention. Thank you.

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