Geoff Freed — June 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.
  1. Hearkening back to the 1967 transmission it refers to the aspects of initiation, preparatory to 2006, when the energies would lead to this door or window being opened or offered to humanity. This is part of the package of the awakening, the ascension or New Age and so on.
  2. One aspect is a mini death, not necessarily a physical death (scroll back). This death can be emotional, a relationship, a job loss, a shift in consciousness, a real life changing situation. This is not to be confused with an illness and subsequent healing, this is more a known intuitive level of why the event happened and its source from soul level.
  3. There are signs, precursors, premonitions, a vision that is symbolic (scroll back to my pentagram, tsunami, St. John of the Cross, Buddha crystal and so forth).
  4. There is a phoenix, resurrection, rejuvenation and regenerative cycle.
  5. A new Modus operandi follows.
  6. The initiate meets many who have travelled the same or similar paths. The contents of the experience may differ, however, the result or key purpose is the same. I have been in contact with many over the telephone and fax regarding the above.
  7. The initiate becomes joined into a higher frequency and comes from a like minded group into a soul group. This group may not share like minded interests, however there is a bonding of deeper energies.
  8. Sometime a geographical move occurs.
  9. The old ways of living may fall off. Parties, TV, food, clothes, speaking, old friends, relationships, may not feel appropriate any more. One may seek solitude, quietness, goes off of mundane chat and senseless frenetic activity.
  10. Relationships can go stale, the job not fulfilling, food does not seem to satisfy, one yearns for spiritual upliftment, and things more au naturale.
  11. Our urge to find our true selves and our niche in the world becomes passionate and all consuming.
  12. Synchronous and intuitive knowings ensue.
  13. Manifestations and miracles may tumble into lives.
  14. The initiate arrives at a gate as it were. This can be felt as a barrier, a block, not just a lifestyle aspect. Those that are truly visual can ' feel see ' this is more powerful than words, images, an image arises from the 'feel' like smoke arising from a smouldering fire, and then can move on through process, this is a symbolic key to the journey of initiation. The second stage is a space where the old energy fades, and one feels lethargic, even dying, purposeless. the living desert as opposed to the dark night of the soul. A period of mourning, grieving, sadness. One awaits before the gate in a holding area. The the gate opens and one feels a resurgence of energy. A new life ensues.
  15. The death of the body is the final initiation for a particular incarnation. This present global condition is an initiation for our Planet Being, and we are following in its wake. This is the first initiation from Pisces to Aquarius or from the Kali Yuga to the Satya Yuga.
  16. This is a rough synopsis of initiation, there is much more, for instance the 'rods of initiation' Real ET involvement, perhaps in a future write up. This year 2006 is a key year, the year of creative chaos as some have termed it. A year for shedding many old skins.

Until next time, take care of your beautiful selves. Lots of Love. GEOFF.

ADDENDUM:- Sometimes during initiation one can initiate a modus vi ven di. This modus is certainly straining to come through globally now. A real modulus that society needs to embrace now.

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