Opening Up to Cosmic Energies

Geoff Freed — May 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

ON 28 FEBRUARY 2006 (New Moon Day) I had a vision of the Tsunami (2004) fissure and all the other subsequent tsunami with earthquakes of yore, that these events were not random, and that an intelligence of a vast nature was behind it, and its purpose was to facilitate Cosmic energies through the fissures in order to reach the core of Gaiai. This vast portal was likened to a lens from the Cosmos to download to the core at 0.300 hrs that morning of the 28th 06. This procedure was a filtering process, it would then radiate through the ley lines, gush up through the intersections which are the power points and interact with nature and in human terms through the soles of the feet to the store house in the abdomen (dantien, hara,) through the root chakra (muladhara) the spleen (svadhisthana) to the solar plexus (manipura). This will flush out the emotional debris and encrustation's accrued over the aeons. Many telephoned to say they had extra bowel movements and detox symptoms (not to be confused with a stomach bug, I had this clearing too). Meanwhile the sideways effect from the lens went through the ether or etheric ley lines to effect the mondula (scroll back) to effect the throat, neck, eyes, sinus and shoulders. many comments and feedbacks on this as well. Particular and peculiar to this were the eyes, focusing, gritty, and sore (please get a check up from a health professional if any doubts, they can be symptoms presenting of illness). This time there were many reports of the 'draylas ' or dreylas, which are like tiny specks like steam or mist particles, these are the components at the molecular level, and are the carriers of Chi or vital force, which equate to the tingling one feels after a Tai Chi or Qi Gong session. They were so strong that I really felt it was raining or foggy. Many reported this as well.

This down poring, was responsible for an upstep in frequency of an increment of half octave. Other symptoms were the usual heat and flu like disgorging, along with restless sleep, vivid dreams, restless body parts, some dizziness which are symptomatic of old chemical cell receptor terminals shedding their chemical signatures (due to the brain being ' rewired ') hence new composite neuropeptides. The language of the cells is chemical and electromagnetic and the brain changes thoughts to chemicals (neuropeptides) so the language interface is brain to cells chemical, cells to brain in feelings, brain interprets feelings to thoughts through and visa vie to the programming, karma and pre-life agreements. Should one be clear and in soul contact the cleansing and new messages will come though without the slant or conditioning vetting process of the ego and world collective unconscious. The neck point correspond to the Qi Gong point of Ya Men and so on as in Mondulae. The thyroid will produce erratic rhythms (please please be careful and get a check up on this as so much depends on food that is additive dosed even in organics and poor environmental stress (mobile masts, computers, TV, car electronics, microwaves and so on) if one eliminates all the above then the chances are that is the new energies. The above are just some of the many energies of the transformation, (some term it ascension, mutation, aquarian energies, new age, the awakening). There will be a change in time to the human body (scroll back) and even some senior folk will begin some of the changes and feel better in themselves. There is a large stirring in the infra structure, the old foundations are cracking, and the new is peeping through the old outdated formations. Politicians talk about change,their change is to juxtapose and reshuffle, at best a makeover, they feel the change,only they have no idea how to facilitate the new. A dwindling planetary resource and yet not brave enough to make serious change, the money moguls still calling the policies, and yet there are breakthroughs, not just solar panels, organic food, meditation, there is a deep awakenings, the change is here and the time has arrived.

Lots of Love GEOFF

ADDENDUM:- There is a phenomena named the ' still ' moon this is a 18« year cycle, the moon nearest to the earth now. Many feel as though it is full moon all the time, some say that on Feb.8 2006 the earth held still and and did not have its customary wobble. The Yin of winter has now become the lower yang of spring and huge planetary line ups on February 20 and 27 brought in with the above a huge cocktail of emanations --------hang on to your lifeline and fasten your seatbelts.

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