The Concrete Mind

Geoff Freed — April 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

HELLO. I AM DOING ARTICLES a bit irregularly because of circumstances and commitments, they will be like three short ones or several broken up or rather long.

Fifty five years ago my sensei (Japanese Teacher) a zen master from Kyoto Japan, demonstrated in front of many people how to break a piece of oak with his forefinger (scroll back), and his remark to us astonished pupils and audience was ' I go between the bits ', the bits being atoms. I know now and have seen the incredible events in quantum physics, and what he did I've in a way seen in bubble chambers and scanning electron microscopes. Yet still the fact that he did it with his ' naked eye ' and with the knowledge I have years on, the meditations and insights, the ah ha's, yet still it astounds me, and even harder for me to perform it, although intellectually and feeling wise I know it can be done. Part of my mind baulks, it does not say ' pah, humbug any more, it kind of goes blank, wants to escape or wants to escape, change the subject, another part of my mind avidly pursues this ability, perhaps for powers sake, more for liberation from the limited rational thinking mind, to reach out of the prison of the concrete mundane mind, to reach perspicuity. I yearn for the ' outer yet inner ' orbit of minds encapsulation. I' trapped by the ' gravity of my planetary solar system of my own making. This part of my mind is my ' hard rationale ' this is the concrete mind. This is why I understand why some doctors, scientists, sceptics, religious persons, hard core business folk, resist the so called miraculous, there always has to be a logical or scientific explanation, this is because of their training, culture and conditioning and world populous agreements. Politically if we could move mountains (Jesus quote in bible scroll back --- there would be no profit but each of us would be a prophet ''').

The Aquarian age will see many of us turn and see the that we, at first, will be able gradually to do the minor miracles, which for us will be ' normal '. This will be in the realms of manif stations. Indigo children, Nobuo Shioya (see internet) are on the verge of such things. The new energies will and are breaking down old hard programmes and as such the brain which is a chemical factory (scroll back down) is through its entrainment with the Cosmos (scroll back down to Schumann Resonance and concomitant cycles). (See also the Inverse Law scroll back down), able to do this.

Let us applaud the doctors, scientists, who endure the wrath, mockery and isolation as they are now coming out of their closets and braving to put forward these new yet always been there ideas. Yes the next steps are to collate these ideas to spiritual values, from physics to metaphysics. To know a mountain is only a packed conglomerate of electrons, atoms, molecules,particles is one thing, to rearrange them with the mind is another, and yet it can be done (scroll back down to Founder of Aikido, Morei Uyeshiba). (Scroll back down to Zen Monk who says ' I did'nt do a thing to make it happen '). The Aquarian energies will smash down the concrete mind, and the present turmoil is one of the formats it is taking. There is great hope for the future it will not necessarily depend on technology, it will depend on our alignment with the Source and its commensurate intuitive action after that, which may yield harmless technology and wise generous loving people.

Lots of Love Geoff

Addendum:- over the last few months there have been 57 earthquakes, three huge tsunami, five roof collapses, six avalanche, eight mud slides. NASA official quote ' The Earth's surface is bubbling, we are baffled '. Many of these are only a sentence on teletext and the rest is bird flu, more jabs, terrorism, political mayhem. 02084492213. tele/Fax/ans. off at 22.30 on at 09.00. See you in June or July. Bye.

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