Geoff Freed — March 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE of the beholder, an old adage. This maxim was portrayed by a series of programmes on TV. There were some who felt the super obese, the anorexic, the pierced, the tattooed and the various other self seen enhancements were attractive and beautiful, and whose to say they are not? Some creatures in nature may seem strange or even abhorrent to our eyes. A friend of mine cringes at an Anaconda swallowing a crocodile, Herpetologists simply love them. Some find same sex relationships, mixed marriages of race and colour, older men with young women and vice versa uncomfortable. TV shows showing all the above plus religious intolerance relationships, are bringing out these previously hidden prejudices and forbidden aspects of living. There is an old saying ' Love is Blind 'and maybe being in ' Love ' is really saying I find you beautiful, although I've often wondered about Being in Love, when we are Love, and how can we fall out of love by the same token?

When we are still, not trying to be still, not categorising, analysing, manipulating, a deep inner peace arises, the mind is empty, thought has spontaneously ceased, deep inner joy bubbles and pervades our being. We may cry with this, or sigh with this, all seems to be one and harmonious and its right order, and a kind of beauty of a most rare kind is experienced. In this alert dynamic and yet still consciousness, should one be in nature, the street or wherever, trees, objects, animals, people, flowers, seem to 'speak' in this silent eloquent language of love, beauty, and oneness. How different from the cacophony of trains, aeroplanes, loud booming car speakers and music blasting out of their earphones, making themselves deaf by an early age. Yet even in this quiet alertness noise is passed through. Those who allergic to noise can be tense anxious, or those that cannot stand the quiet and stillness need constant music or TV on, and so this can become an addiction, and may lose the 'still small voice within' not to be mistaken for the internal dialogue and spontaneous mediumistic interruptions.

When we are gazing at a beautiful flower, and if our minds are not still, we may go into 'how did this arrive'? Is it evolution, the big bang, God? Then we may drop all this and go deeper into the flower, be still, breathe gently, it maybe our busy minds relax, become empty, and in a rare moment we become one with the flower, and strange mystical peace, joy and beauty fills our mind and body. We have become one with source of our common creator. The flower and I are one. In this consciousness we are love, we are harmless and we are joined at the deepest level of Creation.

This being Ness, this fundamental energy when experienced world wide and consciously adopted by humanity could end strife everywhere. Life and Its manifestations would be respected, fighting would stop, greed cease, religious dogma collapse, politicos redundant, we would still like nature recognise our differences but revel in the beauty of this. There is a tendency for cloning and uniformity, nature has the different sameness. We are beauty and maybe beauty is Love in the Universal sense.

Lots of Love. Geoff

Addendum:- The moon is at the end of Its 18« year cycle or the beginning of the next one. It is termed the still moon, it appears to be high or low and causes large tides, for those sensitive to the moon it will feel like full moon all through 2006. On Monday 20 Feb.2006 it was said by some astrologers that the line up was the same as the tsunami in Dec. 04. On the 22 Feb.06 there was a huge 7.5 earthquake in Mauritius, it rolled along the coast and fortuitously did little damage. Feb.27 06 is supposed to be a huge line up as well.

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