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Geoff Freed — February 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THE WORLD TURMOIL is a result of a materialistic view of life, and many other facets which will be gone into later. The top surface of Life is manifested in apparent solid form, like the iceburg who allegorically view each other as separate, this by their beliefs, culture, karma and so forth, this kind of narrows their perception, though feeling safe is a form of imprisonment, a mental encapsulation. This is analogous with the world condition today, however with the Aquarian energies pushing it is causing confrontation and breakdown.

The mutual fear and profit can bring nations communities together, this can be a tenuous alliance and when the the threat removed it can lead to former hostilities, unholy alliances. Wealthy nations setting up cruel dictators and then invading them when their purpose is fulfilled or the dictator bites the hand of the master that feeds it to name one example, Sadam Hussein.

The urge to sustain materialism is seen to be a blind pursuit. Humankind is raping the Earth and one another to extinction and pursuing this activity will cause the perishing by the hand of its implication. Warnings now from previous sceptical scientists are being ignored. Intensive farming methods, poultry breeding, pharmaceutical and petroleum companies in conspiracy ploys (there are enough websites that deal with these) all seem to paint a picture of doom and gloom.

Peoples seeking cosmetic surgery, forever to look young, making the plastic surgeon a new icon, the movie stars, the footballers on huge wages, endless celebrity shows all seeking thrills, to be famous, to be recognised, a form of safety and relief from a world of monotony this is the an artificial shift in energy. How so ? Many who feel that life is not fulfilling and have got past the glamour, glizt, distraction and boredom have began to awaken to a deeper reality, like the iceberg as above a deeper level is experienced, the sea level, and here a kind of joining of a joint recognition is experienced, still differences may be realised, a kind of mutual tolerance, well we are all in the same boat.

Going deeper into the fabric of reality and seeing the results of quantum physics as presented by awake scientists, we see that surface materialism is but a tip of the iceberg, even past the sea and into the realms of the unconscious in our analogy, into the collective of current memory, the ego and deeper into past collective and the present collective mind forms. Differences still exist in individual forms as past karmic tendencies, psychic beings and the like. Many now are going to the ocean bed, the zero potential field, the source, where all is one.

In this potential there are only probabilities, possibilities, and we can manifest one of the teeming time lines. Aquarians sense this and in deep meditation join to the bedrock of Life and intuitively know the pattern of energy which translates into thought and will bring through the new forms of living. (Aquarians are not necesarily born in Aquarius, one can be any of the signs and be an Aquarian, it is a constellation shift, scroll back down). Nine-tenths of the iceberg is under water so a lot of mind stuff has to be expunged, felt as toxicity, criminal and abhorrent acts of torture and cruelty. Headaches, joint pains, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, anger, heat, outrage, influenza type symptoms, and yet amazing synchronicities, flashes of intuition (ah ha) deep inner joy can offset the purging and keep one afloat. The brain is being realigned and the body in time will alter to follow the new energy information (scroll back down).

Many false prophets will arise who may use the deep energies for their own advantage, these are the magicians who use the two sides of the force. The Light and the Dark. Many workshop presenters in it for fame and money, mediums who give suspect messages, new so called therapies can be suspect. All are feeling the shift, some in their naivety take it to an impure and clouded part of their mind, this will mean more cleansing, the true Aquarian will not emerge until later (scroll back down).

The time is now, the clarion call is clear. How will it turn out? That is up to you and I. For the lawn to be green, each blade has to be green.

Lots of Love GEOFF

Addendum:- from the editor of Energygrid. Do not follow in the footsteps of the men of old, seek rather what they sought. (Masters this refers too). If you argue with an idiot someone watching might not be able to tell you apart. See you in March. All this scrolls back to Jan 05. 02084492213. Fax and ansM/c off at 22.30 on at 09.00.

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