The Tsunami and Telephathy

Geoff Freed — January 2006
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

MAY THE YEAR AHEAD bring change that is the harbinger of a world that works for everyone everywhere. Equality in Life, Quality and sustainable living. The energy of greed and lust be transformed to sharing and reverence with respect for Life and Its manifestations.

Scientists tell us that the Earth's revolutions are slowing down, although the tsunami of 04 did speed it up marginally, although a big knock on motion, plus the 28 mixtures of huge earthquakes and tsunami's not reported. In fact the earth's magma and crust are fair bubbling. The slight ' speed ' up did have a exponential and entrainment factor involved and many individuals sensitive to the Earth's rotations felt it massively (scroll back). The Earth's rotations are slowing down and yet there is significant awakening of spiritual or higher dimensional energies and consciousness, --------- how so?

The Earth as it slows in Its rotation has an Auric Etheric Field which contains a subtle layer of collective memory and fields of memory linked to the Cosmic Memory (the Akashvic Records, see Srimad Baghvad Gita). The collective unconscious can be measured by REG'S (scroll back and telepathy experiments done at Edinburgh University Koestler Unit, and various works like The Field by Lyn. Mc.Taggart and so forth. Looking at the law of Yin and Yang, counterbalances and so forth, as the Earth slows down the materialistic energy will slow too, this brings about a diminishing amount of available energy to feed materialism, greed, power lusts and so forth, in turn the knock on effect of the ' wounded creature ' fighting to the last, hence the political madness of raping the Earth and Its resources to the point of no return if a U turn is not made soon. We know that disasters can be great wake up calls, and perhaps survival will be the turning point, along with new information being fed through Earth's Etheric Field from the Aquarian Energies and so bringing a change in the collective thought forms, a reverse or Inverse law.

Edinburgh University conducted a few years of telepathy experiments under the supervision of Professor Morris. A passer by was invited into a room at the far end of a corridor (a long one with a screen midway) to sit and view a projector screen that showed lovely scenes of nature (another university not mentioned did it with horror or distasteful scenes), the pictures were random, the passer-by was asked to select a scene, concentrate on it and send it out into the atmosphere so as to speak. At the other end of the building another passer by was requested to take part in the experiment, the second passer by sat in a comfortable chair, (we will call the second one the recipient and the first the sender), white noise earphones, and, goggles made out of two halves of table tennis balls painted pink. The recipient was asked to relax and relay any scenes or images that might come into mind. There was a huge success rate exponentially over a period of I believe two years. Then came a startling turn around, after a seemingly saturation point, the recipient would almost immediately get a picture whilst the sender was still pondering as to which they should send, when the sender did select one, it was as the recipient chose. The scientists involved felt it was a morphonogenic field (see Rupert Sheldrake, Harold Saxton- Burr -- Life force fields, fields of energy or magnetic holographic blue prints) and that when a critical mass had been reached it was the ' norm ' for that location. The repetitive experiments had an indelible imprint in the building. Think of religion, political and media impregnation and now see the imprint on the collective unconscious, the web around earth over the past 260000 years and consider the huge effort by the information to turn around the Piscean to Aquarian energies (The Kali Yuga to the Satya Yuga, or the end of an era scroll back). Think on about brain washing, reincarnation and the subtle subliminal advertising.

The shock of the Tsunami's, the media satellites, the seemingly miraculous and incredulous findings at Quantum levels (see DVD ' What the Bleep do we Know) and some scientists now not afraid to come out of the woodwork, a void containing possibilities and probabilities, multiple locations, huge breakthroughs in energy medicine by mind and instrument these are slowly although exponentially percolating through society, then there are those stuck in the mud, fearful of change, refusing to even look at the evidence. Comfortable in arrogent power, smug in an ivory tower, frightened to embrace the new and the unknown, and bless them for they fuel the advance because many are feeling fed up with the old and feel stale and not knowing an alternative turn to distraction and escapism. This is the time illness can creep in and horror as more thrills are needed to enhance the boredom of old escape distraction habits, and the media feed this, the pharmaceutical companies thrive on this. Those that feel a new way, seek it are the pioneers of the New Way and they are courageous and bold and have to go on intuition and each support, often ridiculed and reviled.

The Hopi prophesy which states in part ' there is river running very fast with an unknown destination-----we should jump in not hold onto the banks (the old) ----- see who is in there with you and celebrate ------we are the people we have been waiting for. The fact you are reading this shows you are in or considering the change.

There are so many ending cycles,which mean the new cycles begin. The end of the Kali Yuga the 26000 years of out breath, the start of the Satya Yuga the In Breath, end of the 370000 magnetic pole alignment, the end of the 50 year Sun Cycle, the moon wobble cycle, the end of so many other cycles, and the effect they have on our 600 cycles in our Body (see Thalamus and so on scroll back).

Many of us have heard the call and have felt the awakening and the Critical Mass approaches so the inverse law will click in. Take heart it is happening. We are in Armageddon, the flip side is the building of the new, and with the tele powers seen as above, we may see a paradise in many years to come. There are no blueprints available as yet, however many hints are there. Truly a brave new world is beckoning and the way is open should we choose to embrace it.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes. Will meet again soon. Late March for February and March Articles. GEOFF.

ADDENDUM;- Should you have a panache for words have a go at these;- some say fate is ineluctable and that God is ineradicable.

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