The Gaia Theory

Geoff Freed — December 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

AWONDERFUL and fulfilling year to you and apologies for being late with the articles, I was late sending them to Michael and he was on holiday and then a technical problem arose which has now been sorted. Articles will now be two monthly, so the next lot will appear in March. The Gaia or Gaea theory (the name derived from the goddess of the Earth, who bore and married Uranus and became the mother of the Titans and the Cyclops. Greek Gaia, personification of the Earth, ge, Earth)more recently theorised by James Lovelock (who I understand has reneged on some of his data), however this is my take on the subject.

The Earth is a living being and is as intelligent as the Cosmic forces and information supplied or channelled through her. Gaia has ley lines, power points and chakra nodes, which the human form has too, along with Aura and etheric sheathes. The latest study of energy as frequencies which carry information seems to corroborate the above.

I mentioned earlier (scroll back) that sunlight is not just random frequencies or quantum packets of chaotic energy, that research had found that the frequencies contained information which is vital to health and well being. The magnetic and refracted colour (research colour therapy)is most beneficial (see Medicine of the Future by Dr Jacob Liberman, which also exposes the myth regarding the dangers of sunlight). In the world of computers, electronics and so forth, animals, plants, insects, they all have their communication ' language '. Computers read files (this was the hitch that we faced as above), water reads thoughts, pictures and words as crystal formations (see Dr Emoto). Cells read chemicals that have been generated by thoughts and Cosmic imprints from Etheric emanations in the form of neuropeptides. In the same way sunlight actually has a language that the thalamus understands and convert to messages that the brain, pituitary and pineal glands, similar processes are involved when thoughts are converted to neuropeptides (the brain manufactures over one trillion neuropeptides a second).

There are some who postulate sunlight is not as dangerous as is made out. A study of outside workers such as farmers, road worker, gardeners, found that they had very few skin cancers, however those that were mainly indoors, poor diets, especially those that sat under fluorescent lighting, used mobile phones excessively, used computers, watched TV a lot were more likely to get skin problems of a cancer nature. There has been a shift in some medical teams as to vitamin D and sunlight. Then the other camp who denigrate homeopathy and sunlight. There is this theory that because of the ozone layer and hole in the ' sky ' caused by polution that dangerous frequencies are interacting with our cells and causing melanomas, to counter this there is a theory which suggests that the beauty creams with unnatural ingredients, chlorine and water additives, food pesticides are the real cause of the trouble. We look here to see that the Earth and Sun are not the trouble, but humans interfering with the Sun and the life giving sustainable propensities of Gaia Smoking, drugs, pornography, violent movies, halogen lighting may deprive the brain of vital life giving messages and be fed with violent cell disruptive information. However, do not leave off your barrier creams and exposure times, but research and come to your own conclusions.

A fascinating insight is that tectonic plates of Gaia are like our skull bones, and like cranial therapists that gently pulpate the fontanelle and can feel the rhythms of the hydraulics and the flow of energy in the body, likewise perhaps the tectonic plates are ' moved or manipulated ' by human thought and or Cosmic information via sunlight. The Earth has an average frequency of 7.8 hertz, brain frequency as 7.8, 7 chakras (in the body so as to speak see scroll back, one connected to the sun ultra violet, the halo, and the Earth one, between thighs), and when also the potential voltage between Earth surface and Ionosphere is 7.8 hertz then we can see our communication network is this ' broadcasting carrier wave (a carrier wave is a non modulating frequency that is modified by information imprinted upon it) so the collective unconscious (scroll back to REG and critical mass, (Rupert Sheldrake, and Harold Saxton- Burr), would influence the ' Hydraulics ' of Earth and although say an Earthquake would happen its severity could be exacerbated. I've seen miracles through cranial therapy. A settling down time, the healing crisis is sometimes experienced and can be fatiguing and uncomfortable for a while, perhaps the turmoil we are experiencing is a shift through the nineteen Earthquakes and four tsunamis we have been through recently (some have been briefly mentioned and have been massive, such as the two in December near Fiji at 6.8 and 7.1 fortunately under the sea. We are experiencing the shift into Aquarian energies (scroll back) and the ' physical ' adjustments are taking place in our Earth Being as it is in us. This is being adjusted in proportion and location where it needs to be done.

Taking a closer look at the brains pacemaker, the thalamus. Brain waves vary in frequency from momemnt to moment. The system is the thalamic rhythm generator or pacemaker. Research shows as to the cellular basis is that calcium ions slowly trickle into single thalamocortical neurons, which oscillate for 1.5 to 28 seconds which trigger and entrain brain waves, which then spread throughout the brain. When the thalamic oscillations slow down and cease, the reason being because an excess calcium build up in the thalamus neurons, during this quiet period or phase, lasting 5 to 25 seconds the brain waves 'run free'. It is then the brain can be entrained to external fields, for instance the Schumann resonance (scroll back) and so forth. The cycle reverts to fully up cycle. The waves spread throughout the nervous system via the perineural system into every part of the body, so that brain waves regulate the overall sensitivity and activity of the nervous system. (Research Anderson and Anderson 1965 --Pestexhe1993, ---Wallenstein 1994----Becker 1990a and 199b).

There is a fierce debate as to whether biological clocks are timed by internal or external influences or clocks. Do planets, the sun, moon and other celestial bodies affect us? Some scientist say that celestial bodies are to weak to entrain us, others say not. The moon affects tides, our cerebral spinal fluids, our moods (scroll back). (Laboratory work by Geoff Freed 1984 'Moon Cycles' and Pentagrams 2004/05) has shown that the entrainment not only works by so called gravitational bodies on each other, but by thought and magnetic entrainment as well. Taken from a holistic and quantum view it is all a interdependent, interrelating body. The entire Cosmos being a complete being in itself, does not have a central focal point like an ego, it a being like us, and as such is an information network. Like a wave in the sea, we rise and fall back to calm sea and for that moment as a wave we appeared to be separate, but our infrastructure the calm sea, the zero potential field, the void, space, the canvas we are painted on, has all the information, the collective actions of all units, all waves, in it, the experiences, feelings of all and so an action billions of light years away may affect us, and we the cosmos. Maybe as is coming to light, distance is relative, it is said that the distance between atoms as great as interstellar ones. Maybe its all in the mind anyway. So internal and external clocks are not valid, it is the knockon effect that information through the network has on us, (take Avian Flu, flu through fear or Hysteria flu, see what happens to mass media influences, fear caused the ' clocks ' to race, alter our body chemicals and so forth, scroll back to Crtical Mass and Dutch Elm Disease Syndrome, how many trees died of the symptom not the virus) (See the case of Mr.Wright ' What the Doctors Don't Tell You ' Jan.06 and Deepak Chopra ' the diagnosis Kills ').

Please feel free to phone me 0208 449 2213 which is a fax, answerphone, I have a mobile, not very often on 07947060667. Take care see you in in next article. Addendum;- what we call light years does not make sense in one way. Space in which all is contained maybe consciousness Itself,being that It is aware of Itself as a complete entity, It is all in Its own mind as it were, so distance has no meaning for Itself. The sea is complete and all is happening IN THE NOW, however, the wave may not see it this because it is created and feels separate, and so distance becomes relevant for it, on subsiding to the infrastructure it regains its NOWNESS.

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