Pre-Life Agreements and Reincarnation

Geoff Freed — November 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THE FIRST TOUCH of pre-life agreements occurred when I experienced a near death event in 1942 (scroll back), then with my Japanese and Chinese teachers with Tibetan and American Native contacts. In some instances I had flash backs which were verified in actuality.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodal) translated by Evans Wentz desribes the Bardo. The Bardo being the states of consciousness after physically dying. There are mini deaths while being corporeal, for instance, relationship break ups, different phases of our life, traumatic events, leaving a phase of life due to a spiritual and or psychological awakening and so on. An example was the experiences of the summer and autumn 2004 concerning the St. John of the Cross (scroll back).

The work of Dr Helen Wombach in her book ' Life between Lives ' inspired by Dr Richard Moody's book 'Life After Death' mentions briefly that regressed patients from all walks of life and religions when taken to the 'space or place' between lives were similar in nature and similar to the Bardo.

Commencing with the metaphysical aspect, the following may shed some light into the process. The explanations are taken from my own experiences, the patients I have worked with (I do not do regressions, however during hospice work, counselling, psychotherapy, seminars with workshops a plethora of information was collated). Depending on the AWARENESS the dying person they may begin to feel a floating, a gradual leaving the body, some from specific parts of the body. People present at the bedside may see or sense which part of the body the leaving one is departing from. There are various ways of assisting one to move on, however, one should seek permission to do so. Unconscious persons can be assisted with certain verbal or silent prayers and tuned visulisations. Passing through a tunnel. floating, free falling, similar to the near death experience and such like may occur. The most important aspect is often by passed, a very bright light may appear, so bright as to be dazzling or ignored as not significant, this is the light of pure consciousness and is the goal of enlightenment. Many are seduced or lured to other scenarios, especially earthly haunts and delights, bright colours and in some rare instances fantasy and gruesome realms. There is a theory that the minor colours resembling the spectrum array maybe the chakra colour that is determined at the pre- life stage (see further on).

Those that retain their AWARENESS to a certain degree may find themselves in a sort of reception centre, where a panel of wise beings are present, there purpose to assist the soul. A series of highlights are viewed on a kind of screen, the screen of consciousness of the souls departed life, from this the soul (a personality that has left the body — some say the soul is a splinter of the Divine Being and so does not reincarnate in the usual sense--- here I use it as a departed one) will glean the unfinished business or karma that is to be cleared up in the next incarnation. The panel will discuss the best life to enter into, the parent higher selves or souls gather to enter the discussion and see which is mutually beneficial to both parties in order to expedite their karma in a shared life. This can cause stormy relationships and turbulent agonising lives, also very easy and pleasant incarnations. Usually at the turn of an evolutionary Cosmic cycle (scroll back Aquarian) the lives can be difficult as the incoming one has a 'path' to follow. Upon a mutual agreement a pre-life contract is drawn up so to speak, it is a loose and loving contract, there are many get out clauses due to the nature of free will, although a tough Karmic role may cause restrictions and possessiveness.

Working with children and babies I have witnessed Karma being dissolved in early deaths, car accidents and the like. The next best life is not necessarily an easy one, if the advice of the panel is taken a hard one may be best, a few are on offer and for the more AWARE the panel may say less, the more AWARE the less the panel advise, and when a soul is suffieciently AWARE then the panel are not present, one has free choice and is sufficiently intuitive to tune in to the appropriate decision. The ultimate aim is to merge with the light of pure consciousness and not be seduced by glamorous scenarios. There are many 'panel' experiences, permutations in proportion to the awareness of the soul. The KEY factor here is the level of AWARENESS which in turn Governs the level of Intuitiveness. The agreements are sealed as it were when conception takes place. Miscarriages are often reneged contracts. There is a kind of formula, 'in proportion to the Amount of AWARENESS is the amount of UNFINISHED business remaining'. Some souls maybe of the degree of AWARENESS that they become eligible to become members of the panel. Some become teachers and according to the Bhagvad Gita some go on journeys around the solar system to various planets and experience themselves in other life forms (see UFO). There are those that remain in psychic realms as in mediumship, some go to extraterrestrial families from whence they may have originally came, a kind of reverse of the Gita as above. There are a group of souls who volunteer to experience earth life in order to pass on their experience to the group thereby saving multiple incarnations. There is a joke which can describe this 'How many Californians does it take to change a light bulb? Ten, one to change it and nine to experience it'. Helen Wombach found many people in regression had experiences of the future and that many were rushing into incarnation now (Over population?) in order to finish up Karma as a new era was evolving and old mind patterns (scroll back to a collage of our times) would not 'fit' the new agreements being sought. I have used pre-life agreements with childless couples with a small degree of success and with those wishing to rescind their contract or natural abortion. The ultimate physical incarnation is to be an Avatar or Messiah.

Turning now to the corporeal we can examine the works of Dr Graham Farrant a psychiatrist from Australia whose main work is with Cellular Consciousness and C ception which show a remarkable counterpart and resemblance with the metaphysical (scroll back to who are we ?). Dr Willis Harman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences gave me permission to quote from an interview with Dr Farrant in 1985. Quote 1 "If you really spend enough time exploring you own psyche, the experiences seem to naturally progress to dealing with cellular memories of your own conception". Dr Farrant noticed certain specific movements in patients and himself while in regression in order to experience what it is like to be an egg or sperm, and to his amazement on viewing a film taken by an electron scanning microscope or some such device of conception, filmed by the Karolinska Institute in Malmo Sweden, seemed to show these similar specific movements and seemed to suggest that there was choice involved in sperm to egg selection,almost a recognition, (scroll back to see how consciousness shapes synaptic pathways and causes the cascades of neuropeptides which in turn feed cells with chemicals, also see 'What the Bleep Do we Know' Dr. Candice Pert and her book ' The Molecules of Emotion).

Quote 2 " Cellular Memory is a proverbial ------a body memory within our cells, of our experiences as a sperm and our experiences as an egg." Quote 3 "Conception is a trilogy, not a duality. It's a threesome: body, mind, and spirit, the egg, the sperm and soul come together and unite. The preconception consciousness of the gametes has the predominant quality of Spirit".

There is a ground breaking evidence that the brain cuts out every twenty-five seconds and links in with the Schumann Resonance in the calcium thalamus cycles and takes place through the media of microtubles which interfaces with Earth consciousness and then to Cosmic consciousness, similar to particles popping in and out of the void. The link being somewhere in space, the many parallel universes (consciousnesses, frequencies, energies) may be the 'place' where pre-life agreements are contracted. Further back it was mentioned how our chakra colour maybe determined at our pre-life contract. Dr Percy Seymour a well known astronomer late of the Portsmouth Observatory writes about the astrological implications of the planets through weak gravitational energies that influence people at birth. There are numerous lists which link planets to peoples birth signs. (Look up Dr Seymour's book on the net) There are colours and planets, foods, precious stones, notes of music which relates to birth signs, chakra and the like. This begs the question, 'What happens in Caesarean and induced births?' My research has shown either it was arranged at contract, or there is a kind of catch up process. When conception takes place the essential self or soul does not take root in the foetus or baby until a year has gone by, visits are made temporary stays in which some contracts can be nullified with the least amount of Karmic damage (scroll back to Chakra article).

BBC 2 40 minutes showed a film of a boy of 8 who lived in a village outside Agra in India. The boy claimed he had a wife and children who lived and owned an electrical shop in Agra. He said he was the lady owners husband, he knew her intimacies, where the accounts and monies were, he knew the children's names and nick names with some presents he gave them. The first meeting was filmed, the look of embarrassment could not have been rehearsed or primed. There were other precautions which prevented fraud and pre knowledge. He had a birthmark and from my knowledge of forensics looked like an ingress bullet mark. At 54yrs the husband was accidentally shot by a ricocheting bullet, there are many accounts similar to this. Sometimes a birthmark can be indicative of a previous incarnation. The boy was conceived almost at the time of the husbands death, some people of low awareness factors may reincarnate quickly or wander the old haunts as ghosts, or not realise they have passed on.

A very powerful tycoon came to visit the clinic and I became his therapist. He was fed up with many court cases which involved hard executive male elderly despots. Every time he had a confrontation he would come out in a strange mark on his chest. Looking at this mark it seemed he had been impaled on a spike, he said he had not been. I then inspected his back and there was a mark as to an entry wound, he had not been aware of that. It was suggested he had regression, he reluctantly agreed and we arranged a date for the session with a regression therapist. This sceptical man with moments in regression found himself riding on a horse behind a man he felt was his father, he was a young boy about 11. The horse reared up the boy fell off, the boy felt a sharp pain and something passing through him, he felt it was a spear or an arrow which fell out from his fathers quiver. As he lay dying he looked up at his father and said "Father why have you killed me" (in a faltering voice). Before his father could reply he died. We did some psychotherapy and karma resolving things (true forgiveness), he then won a huge court case and several other clear ups, which had eluded and blocked him.

A lady scientist came to see me for help over a matter concerning six abortions she had, and felt nothing, and on the seventh one she felt guilty and remorse, she had herself sterilised and her husband had a vasectomy, she also felt the last abortion was a male foetus, and she kept getting dreams of a little boy who said 'I will come to you again', they did not want to adopt so why this dream, no amount of therapy seemed to release it. Over the road from their house was open ground, and eventually a house was being built by a young couple. The neighbours were aloof and did not communicate, the young women kept looking at the scientist and one day plucked up courage a spoke to her. The young women said 'I hope you will not think I'm mad I am a lawyer and my husband a chartered architect and I am pregnant, I keep getting a dream in which a little boy appears and says you might give me a body but I am that lady's child'. Both ladies after long sessions with me over the phone have agreed to bring the child up between them, the fathers are bewildered and in consternation.

I could go on and on, there are people who work out karma in dreams, one I know of is a teacher who dreamed of being tortured only to find out he had tortured in a previous life and so on the list is endless, nations, groups, religions can find history repeating itself and it could be karmic.

Further research ;- Reincarnation and the Cathars (Dr Arthur Guirdham) The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying (Sogyal Riponche) Death the Great Adventure (Lucis Trust).

Do you know that reincarnation is making a comeback'''''????????

Due to technical difficulties the article will be bimonthly. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Thank you for your support and have a wonderful break, a great rest a wonderful New Year. Hopefully this will be available before the end of December.

Thank you for your support. Lots of Love and take care.

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