The Collage Of Our Times

Geoff Freed — October 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

HEARKENING BACK to the 1967 writings it referred the following period of 1967 to 1999, this would be the precursors years with a steady build up of incremental energies culminating in the middle to late 2000's, should the outcome not be partially resolved by 2009 another opportunity would present itself in 2012, after that a holding period and awaiting another window of possibilities. During this 2000 year period the governments, the multinationals, the the large global consortiums would be forced into the following;- a) Draconian Measures (it did not specify what about) b) huge earth changes that would occur naturally, although exacerbated by human intervention and ill thought out scientific, medical, agriculture, deforestation and political reasoning and planning. c) Mammon becoming the false God of Humankind. d) a clash of ideologies and religious confrontations. e) however the large corporate empires and their governmental lackeys would reluctantly turn to care for the planet and her Life Forms, this would be brought about by the threat of extinction, where even the powerful elite would not find a safe haven on Earth. Reluctantly, discontentedly, fretful with childish tantrums, churlish and begrudging, to eventually with great dissent give way and start to introduce with less profit margins, fair trade and a genuine care, releasing power and control, free energy devices, anti gravitation appliances, complimentary medicine and light therapies, new technologies that will be in harmony with the Earth Being.

Perhaps you would care to join me in a visualisation and imagery, I call this the' The Collage of our Times'. We sit comfortably in a theatre and the actors play to a backdrop, scenery which is static, the movement is created by the actors, lighting and music. The end of the Act brings about a move of the backdrop and scenery by the scene shifters and we adjust to the new tableau unfolding. We can either be caught up in the play, lose our awareness and become totally immersed in the drama or we can sit back and quietly watch ourselves watching the drama. comedy, tragedy. We then leave the theatre and return to our own familiar scenery of our homes, retirement, jobs, thoughts and the like.

Many of us grow up with a steady backdrop, a tableau vivant, it is our base, our referral data programme, our conditioning, and like the play we can relate to the scenery, however unlike the play we are exposed and indoctrinated over many years and so the programme sinks in to deep cellular levels. The programme covers our awareness and life becomes a mere shadow of the spontaneous creativity we could enjoy. When we prescribe to this programme, we relate to the backdrop, the theme of our life is worked through our network of conditioned thought brought about by pathways of beliefs and so stultifying the creative originality of spontaneity and a carefree life. The world backdrop is being challenged, our beliefs, our credibility, our values, our politics, our religious, moral our very so called reality is being stretched, the fabric of our concrete view of our so called solid world is being torn apart by the new physics, world events and the internet, exposing all of us to experiences that stretch us to a point of tension that eventually can rupture our mind world. Many can cope with this, many seek distraction in drugs, going back to childhood coping mechanisms, or adopting a defensive, narrow minded posture and attitude. Many feel this undercurrent and simply call it stress. There is the stress of job, home, relationships and world news, climate and weather changed, electromagnetic pollution, however there is a deeper more fundamental 'push' that of the Aquarian energy push, the urge or impulse of a new era, a Cosmic Evolutionary Urge, an urge to expand to be a true Child of the Cosmos, not a mini minded fear driven, anxious being. This energy is the driving force behind and in the infrastructure emerging from the depths and vault of the Space which is spewing forth New Paradigms for Living.

The world today presents fast confusing images, rapidly changing scenarios (like pop videos, violent films noisy, speedy grotesque monsters) weirdness, that challenge our dearly held beliefs, standards and values, fast changing political correctness and laws, human rights, racial rights, pornography, hoodies, mobile phone happy slapping and the like, the scene shifters are working overtime, like the tornadoes, the hurricanes, the flooding the droughts, the laptops, the satellite, the information flood, new technological updates, as soon as a gadget is made an update or upgrade is available, new and improved tempting the consumer, and then the obsolete gizmo is dumped, more precious materials removed from Earth, few recycled, and where are we in the middle of this? (Earthquakes are the result of Tectonic Plate Movement, there is however some proof that global warming is causing more hurricanes, floods, rising sea temperatures, droughts and so on).

When the base causal reality, the initial mind set programme is initiated, this is usually introduced by parents, family and the like, there is this package of 'filling the empty innocent spontaneous native mind' with the cultural political religious moral overlay this then is cover over the 'factory setting'. My answer phone comes with a factory setting, I have to programme it to my name, date, time and so forth. This overlay is acceptable until it clashes with some other overlay and fear of change or acceptance can cause war, hostility and genocide. This then is our dilemma and our solution. This overlay will influence our experiences and endeavour to fit them in to our belief programme, which can be modify, reject, ignore, attack, defend, counter strategy. This then chemically through synaptic pathways, condition the neuropeptides which feed the cells and so shape our genes, which now have the hand me downs of family traits. (Perhaps this is the scientific definition of Karma).

When we are continually bombarded to repetitive images, ideas, chants, subliminal patterns, brain washing, the first reaction is resistance, conflict, confusion and anguish, guilt and fear. Depending on the technique or offer of safety and security, an offer or happiness, then we maybe persuaded to adopt another reality. It is clear that with media hype and fear restraints tactics employed to control us especially over health issues, there is mass confusion, suspicion and lack of trust. No wonder our youths are rebellious, our governments losing the peoples confidence, outworn policies, the same old tired rhetorical words, lamb dressed up as mutton. The Aquarian Energies are like a hose pipe in a clear stream. they churn up the mud from the bottom, they are detoxing the grime, the sludge of the ages, they are causing all this dark faecal stuff in the guts to be removed. The energies are transmitting new ideas to the awakening peoples, this then alters the chemicals to the body, this in turn causes the alchemy the transition and so the eliminative organs of the body are being overtaxed at this time, especially the liver. Adding to this additives to food, dirty air, electromagnetic, climate change, planetary line ups, ending of cycles then we need to support these organs and assist the cleansing process. (See your health professional for herbs, tonics and supports) for the mind we need to find the quiet centre, the eye in the middle of the storm. We need to find an awareness not an opiate. Krishnamurti once quoted 'if you want a mantra I give you one Coca-Cola, say that enough times and you become dull inert and stupid, you become like a vegetable, you think you enlightened but your actually asleep'. Real Meditation is an alertness, like an animal watching its prey, a dynamic, a clarity. This mind is empty and yet vividly alive, it can be intuitive and not to be confused with wanton impulses. This is the mind that pervades the Cosmos, of which we are 'a chip off the old Block', a fragment of the whole, a part of the hologram. We are then the individual in the audience who enjoys the performance in a serene and non grasping manner.

Two anecdotes. An American spy ship was caught by the North Korean. The Officer and Crew of the Pueblo were exposed to brain washing. Most of the officers capitulated within a few weeks, and on return home some were never brought back to their original selves. They continued to believe their new beliefs. Some never recovered their sanity. Some were alright. Those that were back to normal so as to speak, were those that were easy going and relatively free in themselves, those that could not adjust were either instituted or became rebels. The crew who 'were less' educated in relative terms to the officers 'appeared to give in almost straight away, however on return to home, they laughed and said' well we got drink, smokes, food and the good life, so what the hell' they all were fine and went about life as before.

The second of the anecdotes. The early pilgrim Fathers that left England for the Americas encountered native Americans. When the Fathers observed the natives dancing around the totem pole they said 'You must not worship a lump of wood, you must worship the living God whose son came to Earth as Jesus'. The natives were found next day dancing around the totem pole chanting Jesus, Jesus. The Chief was asked why are you dancing around the pole chanting Jesus, Jesus'? The Chief replied' You don't think we are so stupid as to think that the great spirit of Creation is a pole, like your cross it is a symbol of God's presence'. Again the simple direct dance of celebration, not sin, guilt and punishment. May I add a third anecdote, it has just come to me. I was in Cape Breton, the year 2000 a beautiful part of Canada, the local native people were called the Mik Ma, their tradition is that a chief is for Life. Ron was the Chief and the local Government insist that a new Chief must be elected every two years. So when the big man from Halifax comes down to oversee the election, the red carpet is put down, the new chief shakes hands with the 'man' the local press take pictures, and the man goes away, and Ron returns again to take charge.' Ron has a shop which sells all sorts of things for fishing and hunting (they only take what they need) I asked 'is it possible to meet Ron and when does he open?' The reply was 'He opens when he is there'. Nearly every non native finds him not open, the Mik Ma always find him open. One Mik Ma said to me 'You have to feel when he is open not go by time and thinking.'

Our World needs love, not a slushy sentimental, emotional indulgence. True love cannot be taught, it can be encouraged by example. The world has to become quieter, slower,plant lots of trees, build beautiful safe parks, remove ugliness from TV, books, buildings, give our youth honest role models, share wealth, eliminate violent videos and children's destructive cartoons with horrendous special effects. We should try and listen to what our Earth Mother is telling us, above learn to listen. Listen to ourselves. In the words of the Natives. When we come and join you in your prayer we sit quietly and listen and feel the great spirit.

I do hope that my sharings are not too pushy. They merely reflect what I have experienced and feel. It is not meant come from self-righteousness, it is what I am striving for and learning. It is a sharing and hopefully taken in that spirit. Sorry the articles are late, I got them to Michael at the wrong date.

Until next time, take care and lots of fun and love, best wishes. GEOFF.

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It would seem that the native mind of crew and Mik Ma have a childish but wise through life approach. Psychological tests have shown that people who deal in logic and concepts are in their heads and not in contact with their 'guts' can more easily become brain washed, of course a young innocent mind can be conditioned very easily, and babies feel, so us adults have a responsibility to feel wholesome feelings, to shower goodwill on older kids, to smile and yet to be wise to the ways of the world that can imprison us in hate and malice. Krishnamurti states 'can we tend our children like flowers, to guide them and allow their inherent beauty and creativeness to shine through'. I had the great honour of two one hour sessions alone with Krishnamurti, one was a spontaneous meeting in Alresford in a small country lane.

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