Who Are We?

Geoff Freed — September 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE the indescribable, the indefinable, the eternal infinite in a finite world of the known? The Zen Buddhist saying 'the finger pointing to the moon is not the moon, to experience the moon is the experience of the moon'. How do you describe the experience of eating fruit cake, the taste, the nuance, only by eating it. Do we know that someone else's experience is the same as ours?

In the realm of sub atomic particles, the quantum realm, the seemingly chaotic randomness, yet two particles can appear simultaneously at different locations, seeming order at the so called solid form level and yet apparently chaotic at the sub atomic level, a wave in appearance and then sometimes a particle, when measured it changes the location and other propensities. Postulating on this could it be that the sub atomic realms are the under the influence of consciousness (early experiments seem to bear this out, see Tao of Physics by Fritzoff Capra) and that Cosmic Consciousness (God or whatever name you are comfortable with, the Creative force and so on) arranges the natural Cosmos and our planet and life forms, and is an ever evolving process, slow to our limited life time. Many scientists are now suggesting albeit tentatively that there 'maybe' an intelligence involved in creation. What an insult to be believe we are an accident. Some experts state that chaos has a self ordering process, well in duality it takes light to dark, male to female and so on, it seems chaos has its counter part as order. The midpoint between the duality's is the point of emergence and is the zero energy field that generates the dual aspects, in Qi Gong it is stated that from Wu (emptiness) comes Yin and Yang. In the realms of consciousness, in deep meditation there is a feeling of quietness a cessation of thought, one is alone in total peace and a feeling of expansion with sense of a joining, merging to a vast mind. This experience of the one who is the witness the observer, is this who we really are? Is your nameless, our nameless observer one and the same, we are one? In this experience there is a no named being, we are indeed being without doing. Perhaps what the world needs most now at this critical change over period is those who can do from their being, not do from their doing.

Many of us are so busy in our lives, not spending time in quietness or in nature. We try to get fit by gyms, supplements, travelling to holiday venues, workshops, books on various theories and yet missing the contact with the Creators Life Force, that nourishment which emanates from deep within ourselves. In this deep contact in the quietness of ourselves we can sometimes feel / hear the still small voice within and there lies the wisdom and intuitive knowledge we need to restore the noisy chaotic mad outside world of modern advanced civilised so called age to the simple harmony of being, The state of being is a dynamic which dances, sings, lives in harmony with the natural order of the Cosmic Pattern.

360 Billion (some experts say more or less) galaxies with a mixture of billions of stars and planets, our galaxy and relatively small one (takes seven trillion years to cross ours (don't leave your lights on you'll have a huge electric bill when you return) all created by an accident some 13 billion oops or was it 15 billion years ago. Can we contain this in a formulae, a theory of everything? A mind is a small or large as the beliefs and logic held or contained in it. We can see in these sub realms where we try to measure we lose location and where we try to locate we lose measurement, where it might appear solid it can appear wave like, is anything solid anyway? This appears to be a paradox, and in Zen we know the koan (a seemingly unintelligible, illogical saying that when contemplated intensely for a time, can lead one to a intuitive 'understanding'), I was given one by my Sensei (Teacher, actually a Zen Roshi) and when it 'flashed' like a deep AH HA it awakened another 'area' of consciousness within me. I rushed to my sensei and tried in vain to describe the indescribable, he laughed for a long time then said 'You should see your face, now your troubles really begin, you have some tea, he then explained that I would not see the ' world as others see', it would not make sense, this would not mean I would be enlightened, without pain or illness, but it would mean I would see the senseless craving for material things, the rape of nature, the cruelty of war, the lusts and vices of avarice and greed, that the world was a passing dream and so on. Perhaps many see this intellectually (some conspiracy people see this) however this experience allows one to live without the anger and frustration that intellectually understanding on its can engender. It can lead to religious cultural battles, intellectual dichotomies and so on. So maybe who we really are is the realm beyond duality and paradox.

The Quantum fluctuations blip in and out of seemingly nowhere, appearing and disappearing in a random chaotic fashion, so it would seem to an observer, and yet maybe it has a 'plan' a blueprint and intelligence that we as yet do not comprehend. The natural universe has its emanation from this 'nowhere' point and It Creates this in Order to Experience Itself, we / us, the one unnamed collective witness is the flip side of the emptiness of the womb of creation, and the Zen saying that the Universe was created out of the spirit of eternal loneliness would seem apt. A religious view could hint at 'God Created us to share in His Creation and to delight us with His delight'. Perhaps we have overlaid the Comic Blueprint and made our own separate Blueprints that are out of harmony and have distorted the Cosmic Order. This interpretation of the Cosmic Blueprint by our own understanding has led to a separatist and divisive society, we can witness how different interpretations of religious holy books have led to the horrors of wars gone and are now. So who are we? Are we merely puppets that follow the sects, parties, extremists, fence sitters, conspiracy buffs, political gurus, new age proponents or are we something beyond and not caught up in isms ? Would we become wild, untamed, a vegetable, a gratifist, a hedonistic unlawful marauder? Is there a consciousness beyond and behind all Creation that we can reach when we lay aside the above? If there is then would this not be the Quiet Empty, yet joyfully peaceful inner bliss, dynamic creative and yet in step, in tandem with Cosmic Being? I know I exist by my conscious awareness and observation of myself. I celebrate the beautiful expression of Life you are, I celebrate the beautiful expression of Life I am, I celebrate the beautiful expression of Life Creation is. Do we feel the precious surge of Life energy, the joy, the connection? Those who do not are angry, ego power seekers, for when the connection with Life is apparent then we become natives of earth, human beings, we have no religion other than goodwill, care, respect, we have no political affiliation, we are custodians of the earth, we love and delight in Nature, we uphold and respect our neighbour because they are as we are. The most radical of thinkers are still trapped in the net of conditioning, in the limited realm of ideas and concepts merely juxtaposing the chess pieces of intellectual thought and conjecture, often delighting in their eloquence and arrogant and feel they are a cut above the native mind. These are the think tanks of academic gobbledy gook. Conspiracy addicts are often alone, isolated and sometimes are as angry and aggressive as those they accuse of the perpetration of the conspiracy, they disempower themselves, create their own lack of self worth or become envious of those they campaign against, so are we more than the above?

At the cellular level we all share the air molecules we breath pass around the earth and there is a calculation which works out the time it take for people in China to breath in the molecules that the western countries have used and passed on (see Deepak Chopra's books on our commonalty) and vice versa around the globe. There is a gradual awakening among governments and huge awakening among peoples of the world of our coexistence, our commonalty, our shared humanity, this is now known intellectually by many, we now know that we are killing the planet with our greedy lust for power, wasteful energy usage, yes it has to go beyond the known intellect, it has to be a deep felt (not angry or indignant, nor intellectual logical factual diatribe) it has to be the deep recognition and experience of the joining of the minds of individuals who have felt the 'touch' of the divine, not a religious doctrine or political gambit.

Tesla, Shauberger,Benveniste, Riess suffered scientific much opprobrium from orthodox science as did countless others and in other fields, yet these people have solutions as does complimentary medicine (not a gimmick form) to save our world. Yet power, lust for success. Ego arrogance stifles the natural law, blinds the experts, blinkers their view (see experts challenged in court) political cover ups to save face, yet there is a restlessness, a pushing from a deep level, the Aquarian (for the want of a better word) a infrastructure push as evolution pushes us to a new era, not back to the plough and yet back to the plough, a plough that is technologically able to live a dance with nature to the tango, the foxtrot, the waltz of life, the wu lei the dancing particles (term in Chinese for subatomics) and as the quote from 'What the Bleep' a feeling that our brains are being rewired. So who are we? We are a fragment of Cosmic Consciousness, we need to feel this, we need to hear it from our being, not hear it from our doing. It is time for an intellectual revolution, not a bloody one, to give credit to those that feel we need a world that works for everyone everywhere. Isn't that what nature does anyway?

Until next time keep well and lots of love, take care, Geoff.

Addendum :- The weather patterns have been erratic and here are some facts that may be of interest. The electromagnetic, weather and allergic reactions can be similar to the Aquarian frequencies and upgraded Sun frequencies. Many people are weather sensitive (See Schienle 1998 review in Journal of Scientific Exploration in atmospherics in humans), this can cause sudden onsets of headaches,sleepiness, indigestion, phantom limb pain, asthma, sleep disorders, fatigue, confusion. These happen often PRIOR to weather changes. We need about 1800 or so lightening events per day (this does happen globally) to create the Schumann resonance and so on (a bone of contention with some experts), however, these events can swerve off in various directions which can leave a puzzled weather sensitive person wondering why they experienced as above and some emotional and behavioural changes such as increase in crime rates, suicides, memory loss, lack of concentration, prolonged reaction times, car and industrial accidents.

Many people are developing sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (See Smith and Best1989, Choy 1987 Monro Electrical Sensitivities in allergy patients - Clinical Ecology. Many persons are allergic or hypersensitive or develop hypersensitivity to frequencies of 50 to 60 Hz electromagnetic fields, some of these are sensitive transformers, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens and other appliances (mobile phones and masts, computers, lump this together this together with perfumes, car exhausts, chemicals, food additives, some carpets and so on. When the regulatory mechanism of the body is assaulted by the first exposure it sets off a trigger mechanism which recognisee the 'signal' and sets off the reaction, which an upset regulatory or off balance to the system, and more insidious can make one more sensitive to other unnatural frequencies and substances, in truth all things are composed in essence of frequencies, vibrations. Unfortunately few doctors or physicians recognise or can diagnose or treat these symptoms. There are ways of shielding and protection, and as one become more natural its down side is we become sensitive to the unnatural. Another reason why we need a revolution in science and institutions that promote unnatural products and frequencies. The News papers are having a go at unnatural frequencies and support change and at the same time knocking natural therapies and solutions, they want hunt with the hounds and run with the foxes. (See back article on the double and confusing standards). Thanks for reading and supporting. GEOFF.

PS. Smith and Best and Choy 1987 and 1989 with colleagues developed a way of combating these harmful frequencies. A signal generator was 'played' or activated near the patient this triggered the reaction, obviously several frequencies were attempted in to ascertain the trigger vibration and then other frequencies were tried in order to neutralise the harmful one, then a vial, or bottle of water were potentized (a type of homeopathic procedure) and by holding the bottle in the hand it abated the reaction. It would seem chemical and electrical allergies can be helped in this manner. (see Smith and Best 1989 Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment. J M Dent London. Further studies can be perused by Wever 1968 on externally driven biological clocks, and ELF micropulsations reaction time from approaching thunder storms by Reiter 1953, Moore-Ede 1992 (A review of this work can be found by Konig 1974 in Behavioural changes in human subjects associated with ELF fields, also Persinger ELF and VLF electromagnetic field effects. Plenum Press, New York, also see Moore-Ede.

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