Crop Circles and Phenomena

Geoff Freed — August 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

GLASTONBURY JULY 23rd and weekend was the Crop Circle Symposium organised by Andy Thomas. I was one of the several guest speakers. The event was well attended and in the one hour slot allotted to me I approached the crop circle subject in the following synopsis, as requested by several people.

Many people are confused or in anguish as to who made the beautiful patters of the crop circles. Was it ET? Were they made by military lasers or some sonic device? Did people make them in the night and are they an Earth-Being Planetary phenomena? I know forensic experts who have found no intervention by human or devices that they could detect. That established there were many experts at the symposium that knew far more technical details than I did and they are readily accessible on websites.

The synopsis is as follows: I came to Glastonbury on the 21 st July 2005 which was a full moon day on which an attempted terrorist tube and bus incident took place in London (the first on the 777 day in July and I was alerted to a possible 26 July incident which was the Lion Gate when Sirius alights with the Sun in a certain way which the Mayans and Egyptians held ceremonies to commemorate this, lasts until the end of August 05 and also Mars is large and near in the sky until 27 th August 05 first seen 60000 years ago). The coincidences of attacks on high energy days is remarkable and demonstrates how energy can be used for the good and for the destructive and is concomitant and commensurate to the belief system held by nations and individuals. This led into the fact all is energy and frequencies generated by the thoughts of people and what was needed in the world today was beauty, compassion and true love.

I then went on to say this was not a technical talk as other speakers will be following with show slides and so on. I then said that I would like to demonstrate that the water bottle I held up was from Dr. Emoto (see his website) and that by playing beautiful music, writing loving works, showing photographs of nature of water it changed the Crystal forms to harmonious forms, prayers and so on had the same influence. The opposite happened when harsh sounds, words or pictures were shown to water — the crystal were ugly and distorted. It was then suggested that we went into a visualisation exercise in which we chose our favourite crop pattern, leave trying to analyse what the pictograms were, the technical details, and whether they were made by as above? Relax let go and put beautiful feelings and thoughts into the formation, then lay down in the middle or chosen place and let the pattern bring the joy and peace of its energy to us. I suggested we came back to a grounded state and with a smile on our faces and that we looked around at the sunshine of faces, felt the warmth and human contact this generates.

Then the input was about energy in a simple way, something changes the water, something changes when we think and feel beauty, harmony, creativity, peace from an anxious state, from panic, fear, when we reach this consciousness of inner harmony. The energy is encapsulated in a symbol, which can be a crop pattern, a drawing, music and the like. The symbol is like a seed, an acorn, it has the potential and blueprint of the whole and unfolds in space time from infinity. Then I mentioned that around the Earth many healing springs were presenting themselves, one was in South America the Tlacote water (see website) and in Poland, Germany as well, another phenomena were large bore holds (I know only of the Swiss ones but there are others elsewhere), I felt the Earth, the Cosmos was reaching out to us and that we are in the midst of huge change and that we are transformers, and I mentioned the film and book, 'What the Bleep Do We Know' in which it stated that our brains are being rewired from Dr. Joseph Dispenza, and in my opinion we have the opportunity to recreate ourselves the crop pattern and the world.

In conclusion I suggested an imagery from the book by Pierre Pradervant 'The Gentle Art of Blessing', in the light of the attacks in London and elsewhere, that we imagine the terrorists standing before us and they have come to bless us, and we let the blessings in, we then bless them, I felt a resistance to this idea explained that the work of Rupert Sheldrake demonstrated the hundredth money phenomena or critical mass theory and that fields of thought resonant energy or frequencies could cover the globe or be localised (I've found pervading energies in families, sort of a dynamic energy field, subtle yet powerful in my psychotherapy and counselling work, also see later article on pre-life contact and agreements). We have a choice… do we want to join the hate of terrorists by hating them? Or do we feel the power of blessings are greater and so transform the negative hate field?

(There are some who feel we energise the hate, evil, malice, and so forth by sending energy to a situation, this to me would mean we have no power anywhere that is transformative, and so the battle between dark is forever and we stand always in conflict or battle, to ignore the issue is to be a fence sitter, sometimes people who sit on the fence call it unconditional love, in a dual world we have choice, in deep meditation transformation takes place, even there we become CO-creators. To say that sending love, light to places of turmoil is saying distant healing is wrong and indeed healing is damaging too, in a way those who feel that light sending is harmful are negative and maybe in denial. How about Jesus was he a light give or fence sitter?)

This more or less concluded the talk.

A few points of interest on page 96 in volume 2 of Masaru Emoto's book Messages from Water. Water exposed to a photograph of a crop circle and then photographed showed a crystal similar to a UFO, well what do you make of that? And from an article David Long a British Geological Survey Marine Geologist, New Seismic data reveals that the Indian Ocean Tsunami cause the ground all over the world to move 1.016 cm, and that the ground trembled for weeks after the original quake and oscillated like a bell every 17 minutes. The estimated magnitude of 9.1 to 9.3 of the Sumatra-Andaman quake was the most powerful for over 40 years and the amount of energy released was equivalent to a 100-gigaton bomb, the amount of water displaced form the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea cause sea levels to rise by 0.01cm. A typical quake lasts around 30 seconds, the Indian Ocean even shook the sea floor for a record breaking 10 minutes along the longest fault rupture ever seen around 720 to 780 miles. That is a huge length to go at one time; they tend to go in shorter sections. That part of the world is 'safer' — that pent-up energy in the northern Edge of Sumatra has now been released. There are however now concerns over the next section — the Southern part of Indonesia is still facing stresses. There were 80 after-shocks, four smaller Tsunami, and three minor earthquakes as follow ups over the last 8 months. This has an effect on the Schumann Resonance, the climate, and people who are sensitive to moon, planetary, earth and Aquarian energies, the earth has speeded up a small fraction as mentioned a few pages back along with centripetal and centrifugal forces. As we go through our inner and outer (one a more subtle form of the other) we parallel the Earth's cleansing, a turmoil, a detox, as the Earth so we are. We are one; we are all the same at a deep level; there is a consecutiveness (my next article on 'who are we?' will go deeper into this).

Until then take care and lots of love and best wishes.

p.S. The area around the Tsunami has to be recalibrated as some of the islands moved 200 meters and some marine fish and mammals found their echo location and internal radar affected. I am still getting report so people picking up the energies and 'rewiring' their brain as it were and peculiar bodily sensations such as eye focusing, inner ear balance, and other realignments occurring. Should these sensations be acute people check up with your health professional as not all symptoms may be down to the DNA changes and detox energies cause by the incoming new evolutionary energies.

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