Geoff Freed — July 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

ONE OF THE CONTROVERSIAL subjects in the self growth/spiritual spheres is Chakras.

There are so many different perspectives on Chakras: some see them on the front of the body in the etheric field hovering over the endocrinal glands and feeding them with vital energy. Another view is that the Chi — Life Force or subtle energy — is in a loop starting with the point between the genitals and anus, then going up the spine to the crown point, and then down the forehead to the nose before returning to the original point. In this view the front of the body contains energy fields named Dantien's (from Qi Gong) without a precise point of origination (although in some oriental Arts it is stated that the Hara is the point of origination — three inches below the navel and slightly lower for women). In my view it is a field of designated energy contained within a greater field and so on. In other systems, there are different energy channels. Others hold that Chakras are diabolo-type energy cones centred in the body that protrude out from the back and front of the body. Many believe that these Chakras are in the spine. Then there is the huge subject of auric sheaths, colours, their interpretation and so forth.

The number of Chakra range from seven, nine and twelve. My view is that each atom is a spinning vortex of energy, and in the etheric, each acupuncture point and each of our sixty billion cells are charkas. This quote from a leading source may emphasise the idea: "Ingrained and controlled cultural perceptions have led the way to a concrete view of the material world, rather than the more accurate vista that depicts an enormous energy field composed of tiny particles in motion." In fact, cosmic spiral galaxies may be large charkas, and here we may glimpse the holographic universe.

Colours of the Aura are generally accepted as per the spectrum, although there are differing views. Take a prism, shine white light through it, and we see it split into a rainbow. The apex is violet and the base red. The apex is the head and the base the sacrum. My view is that above the head similar to a magnifying glass is the halo, and the ultra-violet etheric charka. And between the thighs is the infra-red Earth Field, both of which are collecting fields that complete the circuit through the Earth Core to Space and return. I feel that there are nine subtle body charkas that become more gross in the form of glands, then even more subtle the acupuncture points, the cells, the atoms, sub atomic particles all emanating from the zero potential, the void or the mind of God.

Furthermore, I feel the auric colours are a cocktail or a kaleidoscope, modified by the events of the day, planetary influences, past lives, cultural, religious, political programming, conditioning and brain washing, environmental Earth influences such as the Schumann Resonance's, weather sensitivity, genetics and so on, the emphasis being that all vibrations, every frequency contains information. The Universe is an internet, an information disseminator, as a famous scientist once said, "The more I study the Universe I feel it is a thought-form Universe, that thoughts hold together form in an intelligent co-operative manner."

Research has shown that the passing of the planets or procession of the planets in their daily orbit influence the glands, interacting with the trace minerals by the process of ionisation, hence a possible control of hormones, glandular excretions by planetary influences and magnetic effects (there is lots of research on this) and so we see the colours are mixed, the primary chakra, say Green for Venus then a stream of connections, heart chakra, not of music F, Thymus gland, lower creative, and so forth. Others give different lists, and indeed there may be as many as several hundred for each chakra. Take your pick should you want to get that involved. My feelings are that a cultivation of deep inner peace, not a soporific deadening stultifying process that can be cultivated by repetitive rote, but a sharp awareness without bias which enables clear intuition not to be confused with a quicksilver intellect (fools intuition like fools gold) then one will know, not by words but by a deep, deep inner feel. A first rate diet enriched with trace and full spectrum minerals along with exercise to suite the individual's unique requirements and a simple life will evolve us to become compatible and compliant for the incoming Aquarian energies.

In life's process, the grand journey terminates in the body with a passing of awareness from the body to the finer energy states of 'bardo'. That is why we need to develop awareness so as not to be seduced by the gravity of programming. Some are so heavily indoctrinated that they are magnetically or gravitationally pulled or lured back. Perhaps a future article can be on pre-life contracts or agreements.

Perhaps the most contentious deliberation is to whether it is possible to balance charkas? Yes and no. I feel our charkas are 'set' at our pre-life agreement contract. Like the makers handbook we come in with "factory settings", default settings as it were, they then become modified by the total environmental cultural scenarios. I feel that Chakra's are like the sun, which is always shinning and there, it is only the clouds that obscure it, so chakra balancing to my mind is removing the clouds and so revealing or reinstating the energy which has been filtered by the clouds. The charak's are never affected, merely overlaid, they are part of the subtle body, and at death spin away with the essential self, and if blocked by 'stuff' or unfinished business they imprint or subtly influence the next incarnation. Once again awareness is the key to change Each incarnation is an opportunity for growth, each problem has the seed within it for resolve. Each life a learning curve.

Until next time, keep well, be aware of awareness, take care and lots of love. Next time perhaps pre-life agreements. Do email if you have any questions or a different view, and those who know me telephone for a chat, and those new acquaintances might like that number depending on serious dialogue and not 'force' the issue. There is an old saying, "everyone is entitled to their opinion, not every body will agree with it." Here is a forum for interaction and sharing. I will endeavour to answer questions or view in the online so that others may share in the debate.

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