The Year of Experiences

Geoff Freed — June 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

IT IS A YEAR since one of the most eventful aspects of my spiritual "life" came to manifestation in the experiential realms. Following are the highlights of this uncanny period. The dates of the planetary alignments and portents did not come to be known until I was told about them after they had occurred. It was then I realized that these experiences bore an alignment to the events. It was at this time that so many telephone calls and faxes came in from peoples who had similar or identical experiences.

The first of these experiences occurred around June till August 2004 with a huge physical detoxing (I do detox with juicing, chi machine, rebounding, diet, tai chi, qui gong, meditation and so on). This was in the form of nausea, dizziness and diarrhoea. In the process I lost two stone in weight, and no health professionals could fine any evidence for viral or bacterial infection.

Around this time, Venus crossed the disc of the sun and the precursors of the pentagrams with Saturn and Mars being closest to the Earth in 5000 years. In hindsight, I was probably feeling the aftershocks from the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 going through to 2004. There was another Harmonic Event way back in August 1987 in which, as I prophesized in my '67 writings, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, culminating in the Huge Star of David Alignment in November 2004. Other portents included the Grand Planetary Cross alignment in 1999, recent huge solar flares and rare eclipses and comets. The stage was set for the big act to follow: the alignment of planets into a pentagon or pentagram

Little did I realize I was fulfilling my '67 writings. Some may believe that I am doing this subconsciously or that they are just the product of a fertile imagination, or that I was picking up and tuning into the collective unconscious or perhaps causing a "hundredth monkey effect or morphogenic field-type phenomena. I can only state that it is my truth and I can discern the 'pick up' from information that is vicariously picked up.

During the middle of September 2004, I began to feel as through part of me was dying, and I even came to believe that this might be the real death of myself. I felt my life had been played out and it was time to leave the planet, and a kind of deep depression set in — very intense and dark. I've never been depressed like this before, as has been corroborated by others who went through similar experiences. What was going on? I felt this darkness, and all I could conclude was that I was feeling the energies of some sort and part of the change.

Then came a transforming experience, in a lucid dream. I found myself on my back under a pool of very still water. It was calm and serene. A hand appeared through the water holding a tuning fork which produced a note which caused ripples in the water. An androgynous being appeared and said, "This is the new note and frequency of Aquarius and you were born for this age." In that moment and for many days later, I was relieved, for this being also had answer for me regarding relationships, sexuality, money and the like — I am heterosexual but have always felt quite androgynous. Later, I discovered this experience occurred at the first of the pentagrams (scroll down or access other websites on pentagrams).

A huge mini death came about the middle of October 2004 through to the second week of November. This culminated in a massive experience: I found myself sitting outside a very old Pickwickian or Sherlock Holmes type shop in that period, with old glass bubble windows and faded wooden brown frames. The street was cobbled and dimly lit, and I was cold, hungry, unloved and out of sorts. Then I saw a sign that read 'To the Chapels'. So I followed it into the shop and down some rickety open backed stairs, with a loose and wobbly handrail, into the basement. The room smelt of faeces, urine, stale food, rat and mouse droppings and cobwebs, and the cold seeped into my tired and aching bones. I looked up at the wall under the stairs where I crouched and huddled, and there was a faded sign which read, 'This is the Chapel of St. John of the Cross.' I wondered who he was. Then the floor began to revolve like a helter-skelter, a vortex, and I was propelled down a spiral. At the bottom of this spiral, I saw myself lying in my bed and as I looked at my body, there was a pear-shaped luminous beautiful crystal which followed the contours of my solar plexus abdominal groin areas. I then heard these words: "This is the diamond lotus crystal of the Buddha."

Afterwards, I felt well and elated — clear — for many days. Then followed many phone calls from people in distress: some very well known healers, counsellors, workshop presenters, all going through the darkness.

Curiosity as to whom St. John of the Cross was took over, and I rang a dear friend who is a deaconess to ask her about it and she informed me that St. John had written a book named 'The Dark Night of the Soul', and suggested I purchase it. She told me the staggering fact that he had written it some 570 years ago, at a time when the first recorded view and knowledge of the pentagrams were documented. I obtained the book and found it to be very relevant to my experiences of the mini deaths, and I recommended it to other who also found it to be useful.

Last November until mid December 2004, I tried to get out of bed. I couldn't. Everything went dark and the room spun round (friend who have experienced vertigo told me it was that). I fell back several times and gradually got up. I then heard news on the Tsunami later on and knew I had picked that up intuitively (I have been able to pick up full and New Moon and Earth changes before the event since childhood). I was rocking and unbalanced for several months after that. Huge numbers of people contacted me also feeling dizzy and unfocused in a similar manner. To some extent, this felling is still with me now, and just in the last few days a repeat of the mini deaths in a very mild form has occurred, although this is probably due to the massive inputs of energies with the approach of the Summer equinox on June 21 st, and the three high festivals that are explained by the theosophical and Lucis Trust Societies. The phenomenal amount of fold from around the globe who phoned and faxed me saying that they, like me, picked up the 80 or so after shocks, the two small tsunamis and the four further earthquakes in that area, and we swayed with the Earth. People who never felt they were sensitive to those movements found that they were. Scrolling down there are some references to the earth changes. Even now the scientists are finding the massive changes to the tsunami area and the 'rocking wavering earth', since we are all interconnected in the web of life, like the animals, we can pick up the precursors and premonitions which are the same difference in levels of sensitivity.

Dear friends then connected me to websites of a similar ilk which I have mentioned in earlier postings, websites which are putting out some great information. I would like to thank many people for sharing and physically helping me to do mundane things when my balance had gone. Incidentally, many people not of this thinking, I would say epidemically especially in my area, parts of North Germany, Denmark, Australia and the USA had huge 'dizzy' people incidents. Some people are convinced it is HAARP (log on), others feel it is the new TETRA security forces frequency channels piped through masts, some are saying it is climatic, whilst some say it can be medically explained, or it is food additives, or it is stress from fear about the world condition. And of course it could be a combination of these. My gut feeling and dowsing have confirmed to me that it is the incoming powerful frequencies. I feel it is more of a zero quantum movement of a Cosmic nature, as the universe expands and our understanding of it changes, our beliefs no longer fit the new discoveries (see August 2005 section — So Who Are We), and also the film and book, "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

To end this saga, I would add a special note on a particular symptom and its relevance to the '67 writings. The Medulla Oblongata (plural Medulla Obiongatas or Medullae Oblongatae) — said to be the nervious tissue at the bottom of base of the brain that controls respiration, circulation and other bodily functions. The point of reference is the neck at the base of the skull and indentation. This point in Yogic terms is known as the 'Mouth of God', the yamen, yuzhen centres of Do In and Qi Gong. Many, many people have stated their stiff necks and particularly left ear, shoulder-neck syndrome. I've heard osteopaths, chiropractors and other therapists talk about this strange apparent mass world-wide phenomena. There are many explanations given (one of them was that right-hand car drivers get the cold current of their air vents on them, drafts and the like; however, my research showed it happened to left-hand car drivers too).

In the '67 notes it stated that the spine would atler its angel of entry to the pelvis and that there would be a pelvis tilt which would cause the configuration of the neck, low back hip, knee, and arch of the foot to alter. There are accounts of Yogis and other adepts who feed through the Medulla area on pranic energies. This is the point where the brain is getting 'rewired' and the synaptic alignments realigned. The huge solar flares contain information (there are references of this kind done by various scientists) and their magnetic impulses come through the eyes (and elsewhere), hit the optic nerves, are then sent to the thalamus where it then proceeds to the pineal and pituitary glands, then to the nervous hormone system and so on. And the cellular DNA/RNA then gets fed new neuropeptides and from the subatomic level the MESSAGE of the underlying Cosmic Intelligence co-ordinates and synchronises the whole organism. This is why the eyes are 'getting it' and the brain fuzzy and the balance affected. (See UFO last month and the spine of alien as in Lloyd Pye website.)

The Earth going through her transformation (see crop circles) is affecting the base energy point and coccyx area. Of course, we also sit more, get less exercise, wear different shoes which also affect our posture. These energies at the lower level can affect the colon, solar plexus, groin, genital configuration, and as the Schumann resonance, ionosphere, tectonic plate configuration can affect the kidney areas. All these are being realigned and so some discomfort may be felt. Please check out with your health care professional as you may have a medical complaint. Make sure you are hydrated; these energies have a huge detox effect, purging and burning. You can try meditation in a moving form in order to help rebalance, a rebounder, the Chi Machine, Tai Chi and/or Yoga. Rest well and enjoy deep breathing in Nature. Resting will allow the body to absorb the new frequencies and the fatigue experienced by many is the mind/body interface being adjusted and the awareness to acclimatise itself to a new vista — another spiral in the history of the Cosmos.

So until July, which is on charkas and is a bit controversial, hope to see many of you at Glastonbury for the Crop Circle Conference. Keep well, lots of Love, Take Care.

I Celebrate the beautiful Expression of Life that YOU ARE, I Celebrate the beautiful Expression of Life Everything is, I Celebrate the beautiful Expression of Life I Am.

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