The Psychology of Fear

Geoff Freed — April 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THIS MONTH we look into the psychology of fear. I am basing this information on my 1967 writings along with a mixture of lectures, seminars and workshops — in total 1300 over 39 years and seeing some 3000 patients, mostly in a voluntary capacity. There is enough material regarding these experiences to fill many hundreds of pages. We seem to be living in a climate of negativity and fear engendered by this stage of evolution, by politico-religious environment, by the media, and by multinational hype and greed.

When we enter into a pre-life agreement contract, generally it is to clear up unfinished business, which is another term for karma. It can seem sometimes that we have been drawn here without choice, magnetically or gravitationally as it were. In our chosen (or seemingly non-chosen) incarnation we are often lured and seduced by the cultural, religious, family indoctrination and brainwashing programme, and so we forget the real business that life designated for us, which is to clear the slate and return to enlightenment. In other words, we suffer the delusion of a loss of awareness and choice. It is awareness that is the key to change. We need to become aware of the impulse of the auto programme, the rote, and making the individual and the group auto men and women, robotic and soporific. Conditioning is the opiate of humanity. When the false pulse is recognized, we have the chance to claim our freedom and be who we truly are.

It is clear, as the media is so instant — in your face so as to speak — that world politics, ideologies are dramatically being worked out. Each facet of these above are fighting for the centre spot on stage, and no end of deplorable corrupt means will be employed to bring world domination. The world is being dominated by fear. Fear of natural disasters, fear of suicide bombings, super bugs, climate change, muggings, old age, food poisoning and so on. Tight governmental bodies are seemingly set up for our benefit whilst eroding freedom, and terrorism and other fears are enlisted to imprison us and engender hate, loss of self worth and feelings of powerlessness. This can turn us into control freaks as we reflect the climate of the world.

We can become fearful of moving out of the safety net of our prison programme, away from our tablets (see doctors over prescribing), remedies, hundreds of advice websites that each offer the panacea to Life. We build up personal and nation-wide defence systems with a tightening grip on life. We peep over the wall of defences and so who we are in reality is lost and the programmed self comes to the fore. The market place offers a way out of this pain by allowing us to lose ourselves, offering us alcohol, drugs, videos, CDs, DVDs and thrill-packed distraction. As a result, we build up a reliance on the outside world in order to numb the pain of fear, boredom, loneliness and isolation. This then drives our energy consumption, the noise in the world, the glamour, and the desire for an ever-bigger thrill as the old become worn out. In the process we further lose any sense of self, we can no longer find our essential quite inner centre.

The outside world perishes with the passage of time, whilst our adherence to this reality breeds fear. Meanwhile, the inner realm of sharp clear-mindedness harbours inner peace and intuitive knowing. We lose ourselves to the screenplay, the illusion of reality. We need to remind ourselves we are the viewer, the observer of Life, the silent witness within, and that the screen, the film, is a distraction, and becoming quiet we can still enjoy the movie, knowing it is a movie, an illusion of graphics, special effects, and a magicians performance, apparently real in reality a trick, a sleigh of hand. The various administrations, the marketing and advertising media feed on our insecurity and try to fill the gap of the missing self.

Fear is the super glue of the ego. Some programmes seem large, giving the sense of freedom, yet in the end they only slightly more pliable or elastic than the constrained ones. We may then try a discipline to break the stranglehold of the "prison of conditioning", only to find in the long run, after the honeymoon is over, that the technique, the discipline, becomes just another "enveloping stifling boring routine" and stagnation and disillusionment ensues. Guilt, jealously, anger through early years of conditioning, and the later subjection to tyranny, all produce a lack of self worth, a feeling that we are unworthy to be loved or give love. Sometimes what we call love is just an emotive response.

We may blame ourselves for breaking the early code of total obedience. I am not suggesting that we become mindless impulsive thugs --- many of us were brought up culturally in some religion, mind set, political environmental ethos --- we were loved by law and not by love. Some of us were told that God will punish us if we break the code: when I asked when young "if God is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, if God is one of those, why doesn't He destroy the others?" the answer was "He is giving us time to change our minds to one of the above of your sect of family's choice". Then I heard about religious wars and asked whose side was God on, especially as the two sides were often the same religion, and politics too.

The Universe is exact: nature keeps to its ecological cycles, rhythms, interrelationships and symbiosis. Its intelligence gives away everything free of charge. Ethnic indigenous people know that the forest, the land the animals provide, is not theirs. So why do we rape the land, charge tax, use force, dominate all species, all in the name of progress?

What then can break this grip, this fear, this cancer of materialism, this commercial hoarding? I feel it needs a deep eruption, a volcanic deep seated upset, a tsunami in consciousness. As the energy of change state in previous pages powers in, we will see this new turn of the spiral break the deadlock of the past 2500 years; that vice-like grip of a mindset loosen. We are in the Armageddon, a world holocaust where everything that is filthy, vile, corrupt, rancid, sordid and devastating is coming up to the surface to be purged. This is a fast detox, a cleansing; the boil has burst, the abscess is weeping, the last out workings of darkness and hidden agendas are being expunged.

The wounded healer, Chiron is now in Aquarius (see Eric Francis' A Bridge to the Core) and we are in a healing crisis right now. The Aquarian energies are taking us to the Inner Realms of our Soul and we are purging the dross of the psychical levels of the past. We have to play our part in accordance with our deep inner guidance which whispers in the stillness of our being.

In conclusion, the attitude of blame must be looked at in earnest. We make ourselves victim if we blame. We give another power over us in the following manner: "I blame so and so, they make me feel this or that". We shelve our responsibility as long as we hold that blame in place; we give the blame factor the energy to give the person, situation etc. the power over us, the power to define how we feel. We might switch blame from them to ourselves: I will blame myself, it must be something I am doing, or am, and it's my fault. But then we become a victim to ourselves, we self sabotage, we become guilt ridden and vindictive.

How about I am a child of Life? Life gives to all Life, what we make of it is our choice. We can change. We all have access to food, water, and if greed is abandoned, maybe the differences in politics, religions, and the divisive elements of different cultures can be dissolved. Life's supply would be inclusive. Nature gives all freely, and if we respect and cultivate nature, we will find ourselves in a world that works for everyone everywhere. We find out who we truly are, which is of paramount importance for when we leave this earth plane.

Fear is based in the past projected into the future, whether it is past-life subtle innuendo or our full-blown present incarnate experience. Fear is yesterday's videos, films and makeovers shown over and over again. We should release the past in order to free the future so that we can experience the real now, not a now conditioned by an overlay of the past.

Next time I will write a short account (would take hundreds of pages) on ET's and UFOs, and I will include a touch of conspiracy. I will be covering the emergence of our connection with ET's and their random appearances that are building up to open contact. Until then lots of love and take care.

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