Why Now?

Geoff Freed — Geoff Freed - March 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

WHY NOW? This is a question frequently asked. This complex subject has fascinating aspects. The turn or spiral of evolution has arrived and powerful energies are impacting on the Earth and its life forms. To quote The Daily Telegraph Editor in July 1995, "American and Japanese scientists have found that normally measured [cosmic] rays are in millions of electron volts, but over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts — something out there, no one knows what, is hurling high energy particles around the universe, in this case, the most energetic ever observed by scientists. Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed, conventional theory says such particles should not exist." This seems to back up the 1967 transmission. A visit to several astrological web sites including those of Jonathan Cainer and Eric Francis confirm the previous views.

Following on from February, the theme continues: many are aware of the dwindling sperm count among many men. Some say it is nature's way to check over-population; others feel it cause by environmental pollutants such as pesticides, or too much heat around the scrotum, like laptops, or sitting long hours in artificial fabric underwear, or the effect of deodorants, additives in washing powder and oestrogen leaching from plastics. There is a trend for people to live singly: celibacy, even in partnered couples, is becoming more prevalent. Be that as it may, populations are still increasing and resources are being stretched.

Looking far ahead, the Aquarian evolutionary energies will produce a "new human being", an androgynous being that will retain their individual female and male procreative organs. The sexual energies, like the logic, memory, astral and emotional sheaves, will be "moved and refined" (see previous pages) and relocated with a higher definition, enabling the procreative process to take place less by lust, emotional relief, instinct and so on, and more by the linking to and union with Divine Will or the Spiritual Intuitive Energy. Couples, indeed group souls, are starting to tune into the "place" where pre-life agreements are contracted. Children will be birthed facilitated by the Great Source of Life, the Divine Will. Many women are having difficulty becoming pregnant and men are less fertile.

The energy of the Aquarian Age now fast approaching and impacting, and people are feeling and reacting to them in a myriad of ways — I do not want to dwell on the physical experiences which I have outlined in a previous posting, but more can be found on web sites such as Truthout, What's up on planet Earth?) In my 1967 transmission it stated that about 10,000 people had received a similar transmission and that each one or group would have a piece of the puzzle. Many more would then follow, especially with the rise of electronic communication. Each group or individual would not vie for gain in ego forms — such as popularity, or being the sole source and authority — but in true Aquarian ethos they would promote a spirit of sharing with a complimentary element which would appeal to the vibratory frequencies of the readers.

The new ways will cause some confusion like withdrawal symptoms. Then a period of purging, adjustment which precipitates feelings of stress and despondency, may follow. This does not apply to everyone (see previous postings on pre-life agreements): many of us are going through this now in order to help those who follow; there are some tough times ahead. The Aquarians will be sensitive to the Cosmic Plan, and as the purging, cleansing "fires" do their job, a proportion of the clearing will make a "space" for the "plan" to be received. The more cleared the more received. Among the animal kingdom, there is a facility that can allow a pregnancy to be kept on "hold" should there not be enough food or climate change. The foetus is held at any particular pointing gestation relating to the resources available. Similarly, this will happen to the advancing Aquarians, the difference being that pregnancy will not take place at all. However, the similarity in both is in accord with Nature, which is the physical form of the Divine Will at that level. This then is a solution other than pollution, war, disaster and disease to the world over population. The fully evolved Aquarian will be evident in 150 years from now, and yet, there have been arriving now and for 12 years past an early "prototype" Aquarian, evolving gradually. (The symptoms mentioned above are the transformation into the prototype being as.)

The shift in auric sheaths will produce a Divine Link. Culturally it will be accepted that we all pay homage and worship the One Creatory Source, God Almighty, The Great Source of Life. And although we may pray, reflect, ruminate, contemplate or meditate in different ways, like the spokes of a wheel that recognize the hub as the Divine Source we will understand that we are all at the same point on the spokes to anyone else, and that "One Life is common to us all". Politically, we will shift from jealous, possessive, greedy introvertism to "A World That Works for Everyone Everywhere". Technologically, new and natural energies will be discovered which, although hi tech, are in tune with nature. And as our greed subsides along with our boredom and the need for entertainment and distraction, we will need less gadgets and demand less energy resources. We will be more relaxed, the need for drugs will subside, craziness and madness will abate, and the inner peace of deep meditation will flow which is the hallmark of the Aquarian populace. Medically, illness will eventually become extinct, although, in the interim period, new instruments will and have already arrived that can alleviate the present malaise. As the old Piscean reluctance recedes, gradually what is termed complimentary medicine will ensue.

At this time, strange polarities are apparent: for example, the European Commission and similar bodies in other countries are banning the use of herbal and natural supplements. Paradoxically, at the same time, universities and non-governmental bodies have proved the advantage of alternatives to chemical drugs. Another example is that the UK it has been approved to introduce fluoride into our drinking water, whereas other countries which have researched this issue have found this element to be one of the deadliest poisons on the planet. At the same time, the UK is encouraging some complimentary holistic therapies into hospitals, and there are trials being done to introduce some revolutionary magnetic diagnostic and healing instruments into general practice. Even the Royal Family extol the virtues of homeopathy while some of the "experts" decry this stance. Others feel it is worthy. So this is the overlapping energies between the old and the new.

The old 2500 year dominance of the receding Piscean age, with its emphasis on the strong leader or group now seen as fundamentalism, is giving way to the intuitive and compassion-led Aquarian energy. In the meantime, the two are present at the same time, setting up a strong polarisation. However, the choice of which energy is life-affirming is clear, and as we have free will, until the intuition is fully active, we can make our choices. (May I make it clear that birth sign Pisceans are not in the same category as above; the age of Pisces is not the same as a Piscean born person, no offence intended or indeed implied. The same applies to Aquarians as well.)

A word about confusion: the media have this "trick" of subtle deception, which is sometimes not so subtle. MRSA, a super bug resistant to antibiotics (probably caused by over prescription of antibiotics which destroy gut flora, and by food that is "sticking" to the intestines and is a breeding ground for bacteria) can be cured, according to Australian research, by the application of colloidal silver, tea tree and garlic in a certain procedure. The media, as they did with the promising herbal replacement for dangerous HRT treatment, hailed this as a money saving, life saving blessing. The next day, however, it was rubbished by another set of experts, and then upheld by another set of experts as the best natural remedies. How does one make choices with such conflicting expert opinion?

It can only be done by carefully researching the internet and by increasingly using home remedies. The statistics in the UK show some 40,000 people die of misdiagnosis, hospital bugs, surgical malpractice, side effects of drugs and so on, and yet one, yes one mistake by a complimentary practitioner brings howls of condemnation and angry baying by the establishment. These are the battles ahead and as the new paradigm flows in the old will lose its power. Remember that a wounded creature fights harder to survive, and the fear of losing power and prestige is causing a strong resistance to change, and the illusory safety of the known.

Next rambling will look at the psychology and what is the cause of this fear and the next steps we may have to take, plus the impending landing of ETs. Until then, take care and lots of Love.

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