Resurrection of the Light Body

Geoff Freed — February 2005
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

DURING MY STAY at a Tibetan Monastic Centre over Christmas 1967, I received pages of spontaneous writing, which took most of the night of frantic scribbling to complete.

The précis of these writings was that from 1967 an evolutionary push by Cosmic Energies with frequencies would precipitate a gradual leap in consciousness and consequential changes in the human body and Earth related phenomena. The energies would be stepped up incrementally until 1999 when a planetary "sky sign", which I feel was the Grand Cross in July of that year, would unlock the huge, powerful energies. This process would then climax in 2012.

There were and are many predictions that I have made of the years (many of which have come about as will be couched for by my workshop members over the last 36 years) such as Earth changes, political events, new planets, astrological line ups, new insights into healing technologies, the battle between the receding Piscean and incoming Aquarian energies, the end of at least five Cosmic Cycles and so on.

The main theme was something termed impact of a set of symptoms which would assail the human make up, some of which are cell disgorging, viral type effects, huge heat flushes, a displacement of memory, dark nights of the soul, phoenix type displays, increased synchronicity, and the gradual changes to cellular structure, namely the DNA and RHA. This process is alchemic and the human body the crucible of the transformation, eventually culminating in the "AQUARIAN REGENERATED RESURRECTED LIGHT BODY".

Human beings would in the early stages look much as they do now, however, they would appear "lighter", more telepathic, have elevated consciousness which would enable the transformation from psychic powers to spiritual intuitive awareness, the astral and emotional aural sheathes would be burnt away by the first of new energies, a kind of detoxing in the etheric realms. The memory would be rearranged so that the thinking logic process would be altered in such a way so that "I know that I don't know but when I need to Know I will Know". The mind would be clear and in a kind of alert unbiased attention. Those people who see auras would perceive the energetic energies around and in space.

I have been doing lectures and workshops on the above since 1970 and in the early days people scoffed. However, from recent responses, especially from September 2004, it would seem that an acknowledgement of the times vindicates the 1967 writings. During the workshops on Impact some details of the changes and predictions are examined as well as ways to facilitate these powerful Aquarian energies. There seems to be only an alleviation of the transforming "symptoms"… most of the time we have to "ride them out". It would seem that groups souls are going through parallel experiences, and some groups go "on" as other rest, a kind of relay system. Some go through a huge purging, dramatic and almost dying, others have a gentle simmer while some sail through (this is probably due to pre-life agreements and karma).

In my next ramblings I will attempt to relate these changes to our political, economic, and social realities. For example, I shall be covering sexual energies, the world population, and the political, cultural and social attitudes needed to be able to assist our beloved Mother Earth through Her transformation, which is after all our own as well as we share our lives with Her and the Cosmos.

Until then, keep well, take care and lots of Love.

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