A Question of Ascension

Norman Sillett—07/2014
Visionary Norman Sillett shares some of his insights into the ascension process and dimensional existences. Sillett reveals that DNA updates are not immediate but gradual, taking between two and seven years to complete. Only then can we enter the three day ascension phase.

MY FIRST RECOLLECTION OF ASCENSION is about seventy five years ago at Easter in Sunday School when being told about the ascension of Jesus into heaven. This provides two questions: what is ascension, and what is heaven?

To deal with heaven first: it is now recognised by both science and the psychic fraternity that there are a number of dimensions and that everything in the universe exists within those dimensions. Everything in the universe vibrates over a vast range of frequencies, a dimension being the frequency range that an individual is capable of sensing, anything outside that range being said to be in another dimension. We do not know the total number of dimensions, but Archangel Metatron says they are in the fifteenth.

We and everything that we can sense is in the third dimension. When we die we go into the fourth dimension, but then after, returning to earth many hundreds of times we eventually reach a point at which we have learnt enough and have become a sufficiently good person to move up to the fifth. Much later we move into the sixth dimension where we are able to travel the universe and learn all of its wonders. We have no information about what, if anything, awaits us in the higher dimensions.

We know from what we are told by those in the fourth dimension that life there is similar to here, albeit very much better, and that everything is done by thought. That those who die young continue to grow to maturity. I have a little experience of this: my sister who died when three years old contacted me and explained this and how she had watched me throughout my life, giving me details that no one else could have known. Also a few years ago, I was given a brief visit there, during which I saw my late first wife and the two dogs that my second wife and I had the pleasure of looking after more recently. To my surprise they were all together and in a house identical to that where my wife had spent her happiest years. They were not aware of my presence. We are told that everything within that dimension is actually an illusion given to us to enable us to overcome the shock of death.

My own helpers in the fifth dimension tell me that they are in spirit form only, and that they are unable to see or hear anyone else within that or any other dimension. They can, however, sense the presence of those in their own dimension, and converse by thought. They are our guides and helpers, and they can sense us, influence our thoughts and converse with those of us who are able to hear them telepathically. When we see them, we are seeing an image of how they looked when last here, presumably projected to us by themselves.

So, where is heaven? To me, heaven sounds as if it is where we experience a wonderful physical (albeit illusionary) lifestyle. That being in the fourth dimension. However, Jesus is said to have ascended into heaven, since he has not returned and I am told that he will not do so, it can be assumed that he went into the fifth dimension. I am afraid that I must therefore leave it to the readers to make up their own minds as to which they consider to be heaven.

Ascension is perhaps a little more clear cut, although there are a number of ideas both in books and on the internet as to whether some of us have already achieved it and how many waves there are. I am afraid that I totally disagree with all of these.

We are told by those in the sixth dimension that some of us together with the earth will move into the fifth dimension relatively soon, while retaining our physical bodies. That prior to this, those of us who will do so will have our DNA upgraded in preparation so that we can physically handle the much higher level of vibration there. That during the transition our physical bodies will change from their present carbon base into crystalline based light bodies. In my opinion this is ascension and there is no way in which anyone can have changed in advance, in waves or otherwise.

Much has been written about the health issues caused by ascension, including references to it by myself. Since ascension has not yet taken place it is clear that these symptoms can only be the effect of the changing DNA on our bodies. My helpers confirm this and tell me that the process takes anything from two to seven years depending upon the genetic makeup of each individual and that any faster would result in the death of the individual due the body being unable to withstand the trauma of a faster upgrade.

Anyone trained in Theta Healing will no doubt question this as they will have been told of the possibility to instantly upgrade their DNA. I also did the training and agreed to my DNA being upgraded. This was carried out and the upgrade witnessed by the trainer. However, I soon became doubtful if it had in fact taken place. My subconscious was telling that it had while my body was telling me that it had not, this continued for about three years until one day my subconscious at last agreed with my body. It was then that I asked my helpers about it and received the above reply. My body was feeling the symptoms of a gradual upgrade that had begun at some time prior to the training course. It would appear that the subconscious will accept what it is told by the healer and he witnesses what he expects to see. Mind boggling stuff. This in no way criticises Theta Healing as I have both witnessed its effect and received the benefit of it.

There is so very much in life that we do not understand or know anything about. I am finding that the more I learn the more I realise how little I know.

One final thought. We will soon be in a position where we will be able to create heaven on earth. Mankind has made a complete mess of it up to date, so let's not pass up this perhaps last and only opportunity to achieve what was intended and what we all long for.

With love and blessings,


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