Prophecy Update

Norman Sillett—01/2013 (updated 06/2015)
An update from Norman Sillett, a remarkable English healer who has spent many years opening up and tuning into the new energies that are coming into this planet at this time, and uncovering the real history and destiny of mankind.

THIS FOLLOWS my earlier articles, The Mayan Prophecy – Beyond 2012 and The New Age of Man, in order to provide an update and further information on what we can expect during the next few years. It comes direct from my helpers in spirit who tell me that they have been asked to pass on this information from a higher source.

The galactic alignment took place as predicted on 21 December 2012 at 11.12 am GMT.

The rising level of vibration will continue to accelerate. The effect of this on the earth's magnetic field will cause it to reverse in December 2016 and the pole and dimensional shifts will be follow shortly afterwards.

This rising level of vibration has affected all of you over the last few decades, both modifying and intensifying your thought patterns. This has resulted in the financial and social problems as greed for money and power take precedent over the regard for others wellbeing. The spiritual are becoming more so and are gathering in numbers. These tendencies will increase at an accelerating rate in line with the increasing vibration and will continue to do so until the shifts take place.

At that time there will be a mass exodus by all those who have not reached an effective spiritual level. Those that have reached that level will, together with the earth, ascend into the fifth dimension to form the basis of a new society.

This last paragraph agrees with the forecast given in the book, 'A New Understanding Of Life'. There it tells us that before returning to earth on this occasion, every one of us was told about the unfolding events and was given the option of leaving at this time or staying on to form the new society. Saying that the vast majority decided to leave.

The date and time of the galactic alignment agrees with that quoted in the Daily Telegraph on the following day.

Several highly spiritual people around the world have provided different possible scenarios of future events. Suggesting that if we collectively pool our energies into foreseeing an end to the present day excesses and to a peaceful coexistence, then on the hundred monkeys principle, this will modify the outcome by changing the whole of consciousness.

Perhaps the gap between events will provide sufficient additional time for this to take place. We can but wait and see.

With love and blessings,


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