The New Age of Man

Norman Sillett—10/2012 (updated 06/2015)
A message of hope from Norman Sillett, a remarkable English healer who has spent many years opening up and tuning into the new energies that are coming into this planet at this time, and uncovering the real history and destiny of mankind.

MAY I BEGIN by providing a few more details of how I have become involved with the great change that is taking place.

In 1953 I had a minor accident resulting in severe bruising and was taken to see Doris Collins who did all her healing in trance. Doris pinpointed every bruise hidden under my clothing and was my introduction to the real world that we live in. In 1992, I became telepathic, although it was several months before I realised what was happening. In 2000 I began receiving visions and the following year learned that I was born a healer, that I would become a psychic surgeon and that the doctor whom I would channel is named Lionel.

In 2004 I learned that I have a guardian who was a Masai medicine man / shaman. He told me to make a shamanic tool described as a shaft with a turquoise leather bound handle and tassels made from the same material. He said that I would know when and how to use it. It has since proved useful. Lionel, an osteopath arrived in 2005. His patients carry out their own manipulations without feeling any pain. In the same year, I began receiving information about the change that is taking place.

In January 2010 a psychic friend sent a message saying that a lady in spirit had told her to inform me that I was to give talks to groups of people. This resulted in my earlier article titled 'The Mayan Prophecy – Beyond 2012'. I then contacted over 200 spiritualist churches in the UK telling them about the article. A month later, I received an email from Ralph Steadman saying that a medium had given him my address and suggested that he tell me about the book that he had written, 'A New Understanding of Life'. The book was published at the same time as my article appeared in Energygrid Magazine.

During September 2010 I was told by a medium in trance that I would be getting three more helpers. In May 2011, two of them began contacting me direct and told me that 2000 years ago my name had been Philip and that I was a farmer who became one of the twelve disciples. That all twelve had returned to earth at this time in order to provide guidance on the way ahead after the great change has taken place and that I am responsible for covering the UK and Ireland. Now I understood the previous message about talking to groups of people. The third new helper is St Francis of Assisi whom I will channel after the change. Later I was shown a pair of walking boots and told to prepare a travelling kit.

Many books and articles have been written about the changes taking place, most of which appear to be individual's opinions based on other's writings, or channellings which have been expressed in the authors own words. The book that stands out above all others and is probably the most important ever written is 'A New Understanding Of Life'. The author Ralph Steadman was contacted by a group of higher beings in the sixth dimension and told that he was to write a book that they would dictate. This took place over the following two years and their words are recorded exactly as received. The group of beings had come together in order to explain to us what is taking place and what to expect, although this is an assessment based on their vast knowledge of what has happened on other planets in the universe in similar circumstances, they believe it to be reasonably accurate Most important of all, they explain the whole of creation, which they guarantee to be correct, including the origin of mankind.

It is explains that before the universe was formed there was nothing except for infinitesimally small particles of intelligent electro magnetic energy. How over eons of time many of these particles became restless and began crowding together until eventually the mass became so dense and so hot that a massive explosion resulted. How each of these particles, in groups began to experience life in different forms as stars, planets, gases, rocks, minerals and so on and as each of those materials broke down and decomposed, the particles moved on to achieve other experiences in plants, colours, etc and eventually animals.

According to our scientists, the big bang was around 14.6 billion years ago and the earth and solar system was formed around 4.6 billion years ago. During this interim period, life forms, mostly non-physical had appeared on millions of planets in the universe. The physical life forms included what we know today as aliens or ET's. However the ET's tell us that the universe was formed around 4 quadrillion years ago and that our scientists are inaccurate because they do not have the technology to see the farthest away stars or to carbon date correctly. They also tell us that the earth and the asteroid belt was formed after the explosion of a planet in between Jupiter and Mars and that this is what our scientists refer to as the big bang. By this time the ET's had developed scientifically far beyond what mankind has achieved to date and when the earth appeared they took great interest, especially in the mineral deposits.

These scientists had already decided that a far superior spiritual and emotional animal was called for and using genetic engineering, they set about producing it. After millions of years of failure, they gave up, having realised that they must start again from scratch. It was millions of years after that they finally achieved their goal, now known as mankind. To achieve this, they had to produce four separate 'bodies', spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and meld them into a single body. At first they found this impossible, because just as our doctors found that organ transplants were rejected without the lifetime use of drugs, these four bodies would not link. The scientists resolved this by introducing an interface between each, the result being that each of us consists of seven different bodies in one. Five different versions of humans were engineered, each being transported to a different planet in the area of Sirius. About 400,000 years ago, some from each of these planets began being brought to earth, thus accounting for the different races and languages. Since then these races have intermingled resulting in a mish-mash of peoples and languages that we have today.

When we die, it is only our physical body and it's interface that decomposes, the remainder living on until the universe finally returns to the particles from which it was formed, possibly to begin again at some time in the far distant future.

Later because the ET's continued to visit earth and they appeared from the sky, man began to believe them to be gods, worshipped them and offered them gifts and sacrifices to (or so they thought) pacify them. This was how religion came into being and later became a means of control. Many different religions have appeared, most believing that only they know the truth. They have been a major reason for wars, resulting in the killing of millions of innocent people.

Jesus tried to prevent this by preaching peace, however when asked who god is, he did not know how to explain it to his mostly illiterate disciples and so replied, 'God is my father.' This led to him being eulogised and the many stories that were later written about him. In fact he was conceived naturally and learnt much the same way as we have through messages from spirit, either directly or indirectly. Those who crucified him later removed his body from the tomb to prevent it becoming a shrine. Later sightings of him were of his spirit.

Note: Spirit refers to those who are in between lives on earth or have moved up into the fourth dimension. Higher beings refers to those who have completed their many lives on earth and have moved up into higher dimensions. The angels and archangels are pure energy and have never experienced a physical life. The supreme intelligence is the particles from which everything is created.

Man has become greedy for money, power and possessions and to achieve this has polluted and mutilated mother earth by his actions to a point where she is dying beneath us. Thankfully, a natural event is about to take place enabling her to cleanse herself and grant us a new beginning. We must never fall back into our old ways. We cannot overcome nature. She will always win, if necessary at our expense.

We must remember that everything else in the universe is made up of the same identical particles as ourselves. It therefore stands to reason that we should treat everyone and everything with the same love and respect. It is the only way in which we can achieve the harmony and utopian society that was intended.

Some of you will be aware that the number of UFO's in our skies has increased during recent years. This is because they are aware of what is taking place and are watching in the anticipation of being able to help and advise us. They are all friendly and want to help. There is no need to be afraid when they appear, just welcome them and remember that although far in advance of us technologically, they too are made from the same particles. We are all equal.

Quite soon, the long forecast changes will have completed. The new start will not be easy, we will have so very much new to learn and old crafts to relearn. The future is bright only if we all work together to achieve it. One of our greatest problems, greed, arose through the introduction of money. If we avoid both it and religion and work only to help one another, we have not only a winning chance, but the makings of a wonderful future.

With love and blessings,


Copyright © 2012 Norman Sillett