The Mayan Prophecy - Beyond 2012

Norman Sillett—12/2010 (updated 06/2015)
Bringing together a lot of information on 2012 along with personal insights and spiritual guidance, Norman Sillett presents a fascinating overview on what we might expect over the next few years.

STATEMENTS IN THE PRESS during previous years said that a Mayan prophecy forecasted an end to the world on 21 December 2012. The Maya had never said such a thing and in fact said nothing about the prophecy at all until July 2009. These fictitious statements were based on the fact that their long count calendar ended on that date. The same day that there was be an alignment of the earth and the sun with the centre of the galaxy, the first time that a galactic alignment had ever occurred on earth.

To date I have seen no single document that includes supportive or historical evidence as to why this and associated events are taking place at this time. What follows may not be 100% accurate, but is as near as I am able to make it from the mass of information available in books and web sites, plus some direct from the spirit elders, who went to great lengths during 2004/5 to prove that I can have absolute faith in them.

It was during the spring of 2011 that I began receiving messages direct from spirit. Prior to that all messages came through mediums and I had became wary of those because if the subject matter is not understood by the medium, the wrong interpretation of the message can be passed on. In consequence, I only quote them here when each has been repeated at least once and it fits in with information received from other sources.

Don Alejando Cirilo Perez Oxlaj is the leader of the Mayan Council of Elders and the Guatemalan Minister for Culture. In April 2008 during a meeting of 440 elders from many of the indigenous tribes around the world, he was voted to become their spokesman. All of these tribes have known about the prophecy for many thousands of years and wanted a trusted member to represent them as the time for change approaches. A second meeting in April 2009 gave approval for the prophecy to be made public.

The Maya originated on Lemuria, an ancient continent long ago submerged beneath the sea. When this happened they moved into South America and later to Atlantis, which was situated in the North Atlantic from south of Bermuda to the Bahamas. It can be seen on ancient maps and evidence of its existence has been found off the Bimini Islands. There is also a report of a huge pulsating man made crystal on the sea bed at the centre of the Bermuda Triangle, which was once part of the island. On Atlantis the Maya were known as the Outer Brotherhood and another group the Naakal, also from Lemuria were know as the Inner Brotherhood. Both were priests and astronomers.

In the centre of our galaxy The Milky Way is a black hole rotating at very high speed. As matter is drawn in, the energy from it is thrown out in a thin disc similar to Saturn’s rings. Invisible to the naked eye, this energy contains light particles and is known as the Photon Belt. These particles were first detected in 1960, suggesting that we had just started moving into the photon belt. The earth wobbles on its axis causing what is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. If a line is drawn from the South Pole up through the centre of the earth and out into the heavens via the North Pole, it describes an ellipse passing through the twelve constellations with the names of the signs of the zodiac. Each circuit takes 25,920 years and we are in each sign for 2,160 years. Our solar system travels a path in the form of a sine wave, believed by some to be due to the earth’s wobble. The sine wave is centred about the photon belt, thus meaning that we pass through it twice in every circuit during the opposite signs of Leo and Aquarius. The Maya tell us that at the very beginning of each sign, there is a pole shift and there is scientific evidence to substantiate this. Some refer to this as an axis shift, which is not correct. The earth’s crust is held in position on the magma beneath by its magnetic field, which has been slowly decreasing for the last 2000 years and the rate of fall is increasing. At some time soon it will suddenly fall to zero and remain there for a short time. When this happens, the crust is free to float to a new position. Scientists have calculated that the North Pole will move 17 degrees eastwards into northern Russia. The Maya tell us that this will take place during three days of total darkness, when they say we will be passing through a void. There will also be a magnetic pole reversal, known by scientists as a Geomagnetic Flip. Reversals have averaged once every 230,000 years over the last 10 million years, but the last one was 777,600 years ago.

Note: There is another explanation of the photon belt on the internet. The one I have detailed above makes logical sense while the other, in my opinion does not. It states that our solar system orbits Alcyone which is in the Pleiades group of stars in the constellation of Taurus and that the photon belt is a ring of energy around the Pleiades at right angles to our sun's orbit. Since Taurus is one of the twelve constellations in the precession of the equinoxes, I fail to see how we can both orbit it and remain in a constant position relative to all twelve.

Energy from the photon belt affects the sun, resulting in an increase in solar radiation and solar flares and explains why it now appears brighter than a few years ago. This is the main reason for climate change on earth and why it is also happening on the planets. The earth's magnetic field is made up of several different frequency layers. One layer which had been constant at 7.83 hz until around 1960 had risen to 13.5 hz in April 2009 and 27 hz in June 2015. It continues to rise at an accelerating rate and other higher frequencies have become unstable. The magnetic field keeps the ozone layer in place and holes in the layer are due to a corresponding decrease and reversal of the magnetic field in those areas. Carbon emissions are not responsible for either climate change or the hole in the ozone layer. The additional emissions produced are being absorbed into the sea making it more acid and in the long-term alien to continuing life support. Changes to the earth's climate and magnetic field are the reason for increases in extreme weather and seismic activity.

Note: A recent report from NASA tells us that after the update of the Hubble Telescope making it more sensitive, they were having to shut it down when passing beneath the hole in ozone layer over Argentina and the South Atlantic due to interference from charged particles from the sun or outer space. They found this to be because the earth's magnetic field has reduced and reversed in that area allowing Hubble to fly outside its protection. They also found two similar areas in the southern hemisphere and one in the northern hemisphere. They say that these areas are increasing in size and that there will be a total reversal of the magnetic field in the near future.

The human body contains 453 energy centres or charkas, 13 of which are aligned down the spine from the crown at the top of the head to the root, which is just in front of the anus. The flow of energy between the charkas is known as the kundalini. In his book ‘Serpent of Light beyond 2012’, Drunvalo Melchizedek tells us that the earth has an identical kundalini known as The Serpent of Light, which connects the centre to the surface, telling us that the surface position changes once every 12,960 years, also at the beginning of Leo and Aquarius. The Serpent of Light moved to Atlantis approximately 26,000 year ago and to what is now Tibet 12,960 years later. The ancients knew of the coming move and exactly where it would go many years prior to the event. The Naakal left Atlantis and moved into the high Himalayas several years in advance and built a pure white stone pyramid on the site. There they waited until the Serpent of Light arrived and came to rest beneath the pyramid, which is still there in pristine condition, several days trek from the nearest road and above the snow line for all except three weeks each year.

In April 1959, the Serpent of Light moved from under the pyramid at the same time that the Dalai Lama began his exile in India. It travelled the world until February 2002, when it reached its new position high in the Andes in Chile, where a group of tribal elders had been waiting almost forty years. Prior to its arrival a beautiful young Peruvian lady was established as the world’s new spiritual leader during a ceremony on the island of Kauai, heralding in the lead of female energy for the next 12,960 years.

It is interesting that the increase in light particles and change to the 7.83hz frequency were both detected in 1960, suggesting that entry into the photon belt was the signal for the Serpent of Light to move on.

The Maya left Atlantis just before it submerged at around 11,00 BC and travelled to the Yucatan, in Mexico. From there they spread south into what is now Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, one group going north into Arizona where they became the Hopi. When the Conquistadors invaded in the 1520’s, the Maya fled into the jungle and have said that bishop De Landa destroyed all their records. The Vatican however, claims that some were retained and transported to Rome.

Note: All the preceding information about the origins of the Maya is taken from books by Drunvalo Melchizedec. However, Archangel Metatron tells us that the Maya did not come into being until 2000 BC in the Yucatan and that their calendar and knowledge of the prophecy came from the Pleiadeans 18,000 years earlier, when they were providing technical assistance on Atlantis. This information and details of Atlantis and its peoples as told by Metatron can be seen on line in the Earth Keeper Chronicles. This message from Metatron simply means that the Maya were known be some other name until 2000 BC.

During the late 1940’s a large piece of rock covered in carved symbols was found lying flat in the jungle in the Yucatan. Rubbings were taken from the symbols before it was transported to Coba and erected vertically. When it dried out, the face containing the carvings fell off and was destroyed. Later, unbeknown to each other, two men obtained copies of the rubbings and deciphered them. Carl Calleman a Swedish microbiologist and anthropologist wrote a book about them and American artist Ian Lungold produced a plan. Both came up with the same explanation, that the symbols describe the evolution of consciousness from the big bang until 28 October 2011. Evolution has been accelerating faster and faster over last two centuries as everyone is aware and according to them, reached its peak on that date.

Carl Calleman has more recently said that the Mayan calendar ends on 28 October 2011, however, I have received a message from spirit saying that both he and Ian Lungold were only partly correct. I was told that the symbols were carved by the Pleiadeans and that they describe the evolution of consciousness on earth from its creation 4.5 billion years ago until 21 December 2012.

Both the Maya and the Hopi call the period that we are in ‘the end of time’ and say that it will last approximately eight years. The Hopi said that it would begin with a blue star and the Maya that it would begin on 27 October 2007. On that very day, Holmes Comet exploded into a blue ball, clearly visible with the naked eye. The prophecy says that mother earth will move to a higher frequency of consciousness at some point during this period, but that they do not know exactly when this will take place.

The earth has what is known as a Unity Consciousness Grid, which most of us know as ley lines. Due to man’s activities over the centuries, the grid became distorted and needed correction before the earth could move into the higher frequency of consciousness. From the mid 1980’s onwards, numbers of people were asked by spirit to collect crystals and place each at specific points around the world. Following this, medicine wheel ceremonies were carried out at sacred sites, the final one being on the island of Moorea in February 2008, bringing the Unity Consciousness Grid back to perfection in readiness for the change. Moorea is at the south pole of the Unity Consciousness Grid, its north pole being at the great pyramid of El Giza in Egypt.

The correction of the Unity Consciousness Grid caused some of the ley lines to reposition, resulting in the beaching of whales and dolphins, who use them for navigation.

Human beings vibrate at around 8hz, each at a slightly different frequency. The more sensitive of us have been aware of the earth’s increasing frequency for several years as it has affected our health, causing abnormal mood swings, woolly headedness, painful muscles and joints, allergies and various other symptoms. This is part of the process of ascension and is the effect of the higher frequency on our bodies as we move forward. Drunvalo tells us that as we change our DNA will upgrade and that we will gain two additional chromosomes. This has already happened to some of us. A meditation that can help alleviate these health problems and help us move forward can be found on of Ascension.

Since the mid 1970’s, four different groups of advanced children have begun to appear. Some born with AIDS were later found to be clear of the disease and their DNA had changed. Laboratory tests showed them to now be immune to all disease. Another group are super psychic, while another are exceptionally intelligent with IQ’s averaging 130 and a changed DNA and another are very loving of all mankind and nature. Numbers in these groups is steadily increasing and together with some from the older generations will become the foundation of the next level of consciousness and the new society into which we are moving. This is what the Bible refers to as The Rapture.

Our DNA consists of 64 codons, only 20 of them being switched on. Tests on the children who’s DNA has changed revealed that a further 4 codons have switched on. We currently have 44 chromosomes, (42 + x and y). Drunvalo says that we will gain a further 2 chromosomes (44 + x and y) and that this and the DNA changes are necessary for us to live in the higher level of vibration in the fifth dimension.

  1. Drunvalo actually says that we will move into the fourth dimension, but the higher beings tell us that it will be the fifth. See later paragraphs.
  2. A physicist friend tells me that the DNA of some of those that have changed has been found to have a double helix.
  3. Archangel Metatron told us during February 2009 that although the turning point will be 21 December 2012, vibration frequency would not reach 50% until March 2013 and 100% in September 2014. I have more recently been told that this would only have been correct if the shift had taken place in December 2012 and that the frequency will continue to rise until the shift into the fifth dimension actually takes place.
  4. The symptoms described above as being related to ascension are now known to be caused by our changing DNA. They will cease when the change is complete and can take anything from two years to eight years.

The Maya, Drunvalo and messages from the higher beings are all telling us that there will soon be a dimensional shift and that we will move into a higher level of consciousness. In his book 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' Volume 2, Drunvalo tells us that when the shift begins we will start seeing strange colours and shapes and that this will last about six hours prior to moving into the void between dimensions, ie the period of darkness. The Maya, Drunvalo and Aluna Joy, who channels the star elders, all tell us that it is natural and that there is nothing to fear. Aluna and the higher beings also tell us that it if we wish to go with the change, we must lose all karma. Drunvalo says that at the end of the void, we will move into brilliant light that will be painful on the eyes for a period and that everything in the new dimension will be strange to us and that we will need to learn all over again. I have also been told that the sky will be red for a considerable time as a result of the seismic activity.

During September 2010 I was told through a medium in deep trance that I will move into another dimension and that I will be getting more helpers. I have since learned that I am one of twelve around the world and that one my new helpers is St Francis of Assisi, who has introduced himself and whom I am to channel after the shift has taken place. I am then required to tour the UK and Ireland, explaining what has happened and with the help of St Francis and others, provide guidance on the way ahead.

Ralph Steadman the author of 'A New Understanding Of Life' tells us that he was contacted by a group of beings in the sixth dimension and asked to write a book that they would dictate. This took place over the following two years and the book was published in 2010. It tells us that our situation is unique because when galactic alignments have been due on other planets in the universe, the inhabitants, being far in advance of us technologically, have vacated and taken up residence elsewhere. It explains how prior to the big bang, there was nothing but minute particles of energy and how the universe was formed and evolved. It provides an assessment of what is about to happen based on their knowledge of events on other planets in our situation, saying that there will soon be a magnetic pole reversal and a pole shift and that the earth and some of us will move directly into the fifth dimension. It goes on to give a preview of life there, based on their own past experience.

Note: Everything in the universe is electro-magnetic and vibrates over a vast range of frequencies. We are only able to sense within a fixed frequency range, which is known as a dimension. The earth and everything on it is in the third dimension. When we die, our souls go into the fourth dimension where we are given the illusion of a body and everything is done by thought. After returning to earth hundreds of times we eventually reach the top of the spiritual ladder and move up to the fifth dimension where we continue in spirit form. We no longer return to earth but carry on learning until we move up to the sixth dimension where we are able to travel the universe to experience and learn its wonders. I have no proof that we move higher than the seventh dimension, but Archangel Metatron tells us that there are fifteen dimensions.

The book explains that those of us who move directly into the fifth dimension will have completely different lifestyles and live in a very different environment. It tells us that during the shift, the earth will cleanse itself of all pollution, that all man made materials will return to their elemental forms and that from then on there will only be natural materials available for our use. That we will all be at the same spiritual level and that there will be no more illness or disease. That there is no death and that when we become aware that it is time to move on, we simply say goodbye to our family and friends and disappear from their presence to join those already in spirit form. Further information from the book is included in The New Age Of Man.

The mention of no illness or disease reminds us of the children who’s DNA has changed and suggests that the rest of us must change either prior to, or during the shift.

One of my new helpers, who is in the fifth dimension, has told me that there will be no sun, day and night, seasons or weather. That the light and temperature will remain constant and that mother earth will be resplendent and supply all our needs. That the elderly will have no need for nourishment, but that it will be necessary for the younger generations, especially children and those wishing to have them.

  1. Without the sun, nights or seasons, there is nothing on which to base time, reminding us that we are at the 'the end of time', as stated in the prophecy.
  2. Those already in the fifth dimension will remain remote from us until we individually decide to move on.
  3. No living group has ascended into the fifth dimension before and since the above information is an assessment by higher beings based on their knowledge of the universe and experience in other dimensions, it is possible that small parts of it may found incorrect.
  4. The exact date of the shift is uncertain.

This whole scenario sounds very far fetched, but scientific evidence proves that a major change is taking place. If we believe what the Maya, Drunvalo, Aluna and the higher beings are telling us, we are about to move into a higher dimension where we will live in peace and at oneness with the earth, where we will be happier than ever before.

I have tried to include as much information as possible without making this unduly long and hope that it provides the reader with an idea of what is happening at this time, together with a forecast of future events. Having been told by spirit to pass on this information and of my future role, I have no doubts about its authenticity.

With love and blessings,


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