Gnosis 1: Lughnasadh 1

Zeraph Jasius—08/2006
Zeraph Jasius outlines the foundation of gnosticism and gives us a taste of why it has obsessed some of the best Western minds for many centuries.

SUCH AN ENIGMATIC WORD gnosis – traditionally translated from the Greek as "knowledge". Look it up and you'll find the Sanskrit connection through gnaya, "a state of knowing", a state of mind and physical readiness, which you can achieve through learning, discipline and devotion to a cause. So this state must have been known about from the earliest days of our current raft of civilisations – let's say from the earliest evidence of the Sumerians – around 4500BC. If you could read, learn, inwardly digest, utilise and reproduce the knowledge in every text contained in the library of Alexandria, which was destroyed in around 391AD, you would probably achieve gnosis-gnaya, a state which would allow you to transcend this dimension and along with it, physical pain, emotional crises and mortality.

As we can't live in the third dimension ("3D"), that is, the plane we perceive whilst on earth, without these three key factors of experience – physical pain, emotional crises and mortality, we can safely assume that the point of gnosis is to get out of here, in order to fulfil our real potential as beings. Many centuries of attempts to get out of here have been recorded in both the so-called mythical and the historical documents relating to successful, semi-successful and unsuccessful attempts to transcend (that is, to get out of here) by both individuals and groups. The most important factor in getting out of 3D is to retain your consciousness whilst losing your physical body, but this is only the most basic level of "transcension": this is a word I've coined to describe various partial states of ascension. Partial states of ascension include conscious reincarnation into another physical 3D body and also conscious awakening after death to 5D without the 3D body (what some people call "going to heaven").

A full version of "transcension" is "ascension", a much more desirable state, in which your physical body is translated (the alchemical version is "transmuted") into a vehicle which can move into other dimensions and, if desired, can also move back into 3D at will, whilst still successfully transporting the consciousness that you left here with in the first place. We may have to assume that the third dimensional consciousness is vastly expanded in order to achieve this ultimate "class" move. The foundation for ascension is the belief in (and exercising of) not only the physical body vehicle, but also the other vehicles: etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It is often quoted that humans only use approximately 10% of their available brain activity by volume. My own view is that the rest of the human brain is probably connected with the activation of the other body vehicles as described above. Unfortunately not many of us get around to doing anything about this inate ability before it's too late, and we leave our present 3D life uneducated and helpless to reorganise our vehicle in 5D. Thus, unable to convert our etheric and mental vehicles to cope with 5D, we take the easy option and recycle ourselves into 3D, where we gratefully reincarnate in just about any available body. This is almost certainly in our own DNA family, usually a close relative and probably where we last lived. Ha, you will say, what if there are no babies being born in the family? When necessary, which is pretty often, the luxury of a full body has to be given up in favour of a shared body: any age will do. So you find multi-soul bodies are the most common version around in 3D: this is another driver behind serious mood swings and multi-personality schitzophrenia. Another option for a frantic disembodied soul is to relocate in the family pet or wild birds or even in plants growing in the same location you just left. The next time a same-specie body (such as human) becomes available, you just switch over into it. We all have experiences of this happening to loved-ones. Here's an example:

My tomcat had an interesting habit. He used to run up and down the stairs clawing the carpet, vaulting and somersaulting and generally freaking out over a particular herb that I used to drop there for him - quite an unusual herb, (not catnip, for instance). I have lots of other cats of both genders, and some that might be another gender as well! None of the other cats liked this herb, or the stairs, or somersaulting. Then my tomcat suddenly departed this life. He had developed a growth and there was nothing that could be done. He had a very bad time at the vets, which he hated. On his return from the vet, he was still alive but dopey and not at all happy. When he fully recovered consciousness he was both furious and in panic. He would have nothing to do with me. He ran off howling, totally distressed, and looking betrayed, and went into hiding outside to die. I found him next day and he had abandoned his physical vehicle. I felt the usual misery that you feel when someone close has left you and you could not help them or comfort them, or even ge the chance to say sorry or goodbye.

Two days later a big tomcat who lives not far away, who has never been in my house and who only knows of me distantly, was sniffing intently around the place where my own cat had departed this life. This new cat saw me, ran up to me yowling with pleasure and was really fussy, dancing around on his hind legs. He then rushed past me, got inside the house and immediately found the herb box, writhing with delight all over it, making sure I was taking in the full moment of the scene. Then through another door, round a dark corner and straight up the stairs as if he owned the place, and the antics continued, somersaulting and covering himself in the scent of the scattered herb, again waiting a few minutes to make sure I was comprehending the full import of all this drama. Then he lay down on my bed. He was purring profusely as he allowed himself to be picked up carried outside again.

Some visitation!

This is not a bad example of transcension, and of how souls will return to finish a conversation with you and "make things right". After the prime manifestation, they may remain for a while in the new host vehicle or they may dissipate into other species of animal, bird or plant until a favourable new body presents itself – in this case, it would be in the form of a new male kitten, preferably in the same genetic line and failing that, in the same location. Note that in the example above, a mature same-specie host, of the same gender and in the same location, provided an acceptable temporary alternative. If there is no other species available, a soul will house itself in crystals, rocks, soil, handy objects such as ornaments and furniture, or building materials, such as walls and floors.

We live in interesting times. Madame Blavatsky talked about "lifting the veil". David Bowie uses the phrase, "Where the traffic is thin…" The "watchers between the worlds" are currently otherwise engaged. They are distracted by intergalactic events of which other writers are making you aware. There are some 5D portals ajar. This era between 1967 and 2012 is a better time than most to practise ascension, or at the very least, transcension techniques.

Ascension has been the original goal of every major belief system, but where belief systems go public, other values have ended up being publicly substituted along the way. These usually relate to "helping the poor" or "getting rich" or some other sociological or economic set of mortal (yes, mortal, not moral) initiatives. Looking at all those secret societies – let's take a few defunct ones rather than living ones, for fear of reprisals at this point: Manichaeans, Cathars (Albigensians), Templars (of the original variety), monasteries of obscure religious orders, alchemists, hermits – they have sequestered themselves away either in groups or as solo individuals, in order to indulge in some quality time in 5D, sometimes making it out of here and sometimes not. Ultimately, ascension is all there is to gnosis.

So how to achieve ascension? Remember that it's a state of being, which involves using a lot more than 10% of your brain activity. It might be taught or encouraged or facilitated but ultimately only the individual can achieve it for himself or herself. Otherwise it's like sending a proxy to the Olympics. Frankly, we each have to change significantly in order to take control of the five bodies – yes, the physical body cannot be ignored – sorry, all you sports-averse folk – and in order to put on the robes or vehicles of transliteration into 5D. Why not 4D? And who's who in the world of ascension? And what about "me"? These are other issues, for a date soon.

Don't despair, human beings are easily imprinted. It's easy to get humans to behave in certain ways, as we can see from buyer behaviour and adverts. All you need is one stunning example of the desired behaviour which can be emulated, modelled or copied. That's fortunate, because I guarantee that you can all name at least one famous person who has ascended. Why beat about the bush? You all know who I mean.

So, why not start as we mean to go on? Without further ado, Ladies and Gentleman, I give you:

The Jesus Christ Panuniversal Prize for Ascension will be awarded to the first individual (or may be shared between two or more people in the event of a mutual simultaneous effort), who successfully moves between the planes, from 3D to 5D or beyond, making more than one witnessed and validated return trip to 3D (i.e. not just going and coming back once, because this would not evidence a full ability to control the process) using their own physical body as a vehicle, (i.e. not leaving their physical body dead or behind, because this is only akin, respectively, to death or to astral travel or conscious dreaming, none of which counts).

The prize is obviously going to be mega. And it's open forever to all categories of being across the Universe who happen to be trapped, willingly or not, in 3D. This is quite fortunate for our sponsors, because if we were looking at ascension from, say, 5D to 7D, and awarding the prize from here in 3D, we'd have to accept the probability that we might have to fund billions or should one say, zillions, of prizes. Whereas if we're only awarding this prize in 3D, we could be looking at the probability of awarding a figure on that, well, I'm making a ballpark stab at this here, something in the order of, say, one.

So who are our sponsors? Good question. Clearly, with this being such a once-in-a lifetime, so to speak, contest, I'm looking at a basket of goodies which will tempt the best brains and bodily vehicles in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual classes, from across the entire universe. And since they have indisputably got us to where we are today, obviously I'm looking to the Globally Corporate World to cough up enough money to make it worth the while of the incredible individual – from whatever galaxy – who eventually in some time-frame, wins this, to be interested in coming back sometime to experience the remnant of beingness that the Globally Corporate World has managed to make out of what used to be Planet Earth.

So for a start, let's have as first prize the Kingship of the Newly Arisen Atlantis. Then to go with the Kingship of the Newly Arisen Atlantis, there should be an Ivy League-Smithsonian or maybe a binary-honour-with-Oxbridge Emeritus Professorship in Applied Gnosis. This could actually be a Virtual Emeritus Professorship, because by around 2020 a lot of the East Coast of North America and most of Britain, particularly Cambridge, will have disappeared under the sea (mainly because of the imminent and cataclysmic emergence of the New Atlantis).

P.S. This is not a joke.

All of you interested beings out there can e-mail me with further suggestions for the prize package and its sponsors. I'm especially interested in correspondence from China and anywhere beyond Alpha Centauri.

By the way, don't worry all you drooling controlophiles out there, you may still have your chance to win the award. Think about it. The prize is pretty unlikely to be accepted by the lucky winner because, as with most epic stories of transmutation, it transpires that "the prize is in the process". This means that if you can still find it in any of your bodies to be bothered about anything 3D has to offer, you probably won't be able to power up any of your bodies to ascend anywhere anyway. After all that learning and getting into readiness for the state of beingness necessary to ascend, you will almost certainly long ago have given up any interest in anything to do with poor old 3D. In fact you probably aren't even here.

And so goodnight.