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Can We Change the Course of History, This Time?

Su Maya—07/2005
We live in a world of chaos, and yet, if we go deep enough, we can find order in that chaos. Su examines futures and outcomes, showing us how to best swim in the stream of time.

WE BEGIN the 21st century with all the knowledge, products and technology to help us change our realities, to make this a better world, to transcend our usual dilemmas. Then why are there still so many innocent creatures suffering, so many wars and acts of terrorism, so much greed and poverty?

With every act of violence, fears of an apocalyptic event horizon become more exaggerated, despite the fact that for last twenty years we have heard so much about positive thinking, creating your own reality, and manifestation. Authors and business leaders spoke as if these are certain and accountable tools for making a good life. Maybe we were just in another phase of psychology. Couldn't we change the course of history this time?

This is not a new question, though. Philosophers and great thinkers throughout the centuries have also discussed whether destiny or decision are the definitive cause of personal and collective reality. Yet, the old quest of fate versus free will still looms. Especially now.

From my perspective there is no linear or a black and white answer, but one of a star shaped pattern. Therefore, I will attempt to draw a series of parallels from various points of view.

It seems we are given many opportunities, and with careful thought and foresight we can choose a range of goals, but rarely can we predict the exact result. This has been proven over and over by weather forecast models, new math, and quantum field laboratories.

In weather, we see the elements mixing and reacting to create new forms. Floods, wide spread fires and tornadoes can rip apart the web of life. Sometimes this means total destruction of a landscape before any grass or flowers begin to grow again. It can take years for wildlife to return to what was lost to its native homeland. And as our oceans are warming, our air and water become more polluted, many species will face other unexpected losses.

Groups of land and sea animals have to revise their migratory patterns to adjust, which in turn affects all the interdependent modules of life. The whole system is changed by each act of Nature or act of man on Nature.

Now we are learning more about Space weather, meaning the influences of cosmic energies on our atmosphere. The closest, measurable impact comes from our Sun, which has active cycles of 11 years, sending massive coronal ejections our way. These impact our magnetic field as geomagnetic storms, x-ray flux and radio/satellite blackouts.

New studies show these storms affect not only the ionosphere but the mental and emotional stability of humans. Research shows correlations with stock market fluxuations, hospitalizations, and acts of aggression.

In physics, light changes between wave and particle, energy particles disappear or become anti-matter, and sometimes when two particles are sent into a chamber to collide, three or more will emerge out of nowhere. Our best scientists surmise that the Universe is not made up of pieces but of probabilities, and probable dimensions which are interconnected.

Astrology serves as another example of energies in motion. It lays out a matrix of probable patterns with mathematical timing, like a giant multi-level clock around our tiny solar system, ticking away the years to be unfolded.

In the book of Genesis 1: 14-19 it is stated, "Elohim said, Let there be luminaries in the firmament of the Heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs and for seasons, for days and for years. And to be radiating in the firmament of Heaven to give light upon the earth. And it was so."

Profound value and insight can be found in comparing events which are mirrored in the transits of slower moving planets like Pluto. Pluto is a very distant planet in our solar system which takes several human lifetimes to revolve once around the whole 12 house system.

In fact it takes an average of 16 earth years for this planet to traverse one sign in the traditional zodiac. This means past lives and future lives can be marked on a grid.

Now, if we continue to look at just one planet and one sign, Pluto happens to be in Sagittarius at 22* representing a powerful transformation of philosophy and global outlook. It is true in a sense that because of our expanded communications and transportation, also assisted by transits of Neptune and Uranus through the last several decades, we as individuals and as societies are shifting our world view.

We are not done with this transformation yet, and it will bring more perceptual and possibly drastic changes when Pluto hits the 26* mark in the next few years. 26* Sagittarius is the point of alignment with our Galactic Center, of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ancient cultures who were expert astronomers and mathematicians, such as the Mayans, Hindus and Persians, knew this and painted several pictures as to how this will affect us as quantum fields of change.

Probabilities were envisioned by our ancestors through a similar clarity of consciousness which enabled them to see without personal interference These stories were usually passed down as long lasting truths. Certain predictions that were delivered by these gifted prophets over the ages actually have come true. And they said there will be more developments to steer us further by multi-dimensional catalysts. It is part of the evolution of the planet over millions of years.

*             *             *

Here is an exercise to transcend the confusion.

First, you need to turn off the telephones, TV's and computers, put aside any personal judgements about politics, religions etc.

If you are very busy minded, it may take several sessions to achieve a relaxed state. When you are feeling rested and free of strong emotions, take deep breaths, releasing all the pushes and pulls of daily life, going deeper into a detached frame of mind.

Meditate on the thought that you want to know what is the best course to take at this time, for you individually and as part of the collective.

You have to go very deep to receive insight from higher realms, since these are ideas that exist as fields of intelligence beyond our own.

You may be given an answer that surprises you, not because it will entail outrageous changes in your lifestyle, although it might, but because the solution might simply be outside of your habitual list of choices. It may lead to gradual shifts in your mind that can lead to an awakening and a new, more Universal purpose.

*             *             *

I spend a lot of time in higher meditative states where I am shown the beauty being drawn out of the apparent chaos of space and time, and am grateful for the opportunity.

Imagine beautiful geometric patterns as a blueprint of light that connects the places and times of events plus the realizations which emerge from them. From this perspective they look like the cuts of a diamond or precious jewel, every point and line between reflecting and refracting the lights of celestial highways.

*             *             *

Visions of celestial blueprints are gifts I see as guideposts of the causal planes, which balance other gifts of deep sensing in the present moment, like a compass magnetized toward the poles for direction.

Even with such knowledge it is not possible to accurately predict all the news that will actualize, but always possible to see the imprints we have left behind on the fabric of time.

So while you cannot will the future into a specific outcome you are already making subtle shifts in the flow of its streams.

Therefore our every step, every word to others is precious and important, because they determine the direction of energy following waves, which influence currents radiating outward to all directions. Each movement is the sub-frequency or the harmonic of larger forces gathering momentum.

It is not our own world, but by the Grace of God that we are blessed with a life full of mysteries, in a delicate balance of elements, and supernatural rhythms to experience so many wondrous, awesome things, giving us a vehicle to refine our souls and bring them Home again.