Changing with the Earth

Su Maya—05/2005
Prepare for Earth changes: Su Maya explains that it is time to simplify our lives and brace ourselves for the transitional times ahead.

IT IS TIME to share a bit of prophecy, and some suggestions to guide us through any radical shifts. It may seem premature to speak of these things while you are in your current routines, but you may be taken off guard if you are not prepared mentally or physically and many lives are a stake.

The Earth is changing and all her inhabitants are feeling the pressure. As she is moved by much larger forces in  our solar system, we are by nature influenced by the energies that are part of this intricate design.

As the energy shifts it will effect the local and global environments. It begins with the relationships between the elements at the atomic level and works its way out into perceivable realities.

It's not possible to predict all the tornadoes, or earthquakes, or weather patterns, especially if the patterns we have gotten used to are revised over time. However, there are a few ways to evolve with the climate.

First, find ways to filter your air and water, and to supply heat in case the electric grid goes down for long periods of time.  Roads can be blocked that will prevent oil, gas and most other supplies from being transported. Have some stock of food for your family and animals that does not require cold storage or cooking. Then keep a bit of cash on hand so you are not dependent on the web, or banks for assets.

Along the way you may search for help from government, insurance companies or other authorities and although you may  find some information you may then be disappointed or misled.  It's better for you to sharpen on your instincts and trade skills with those you trust locally.

A good idea is to watch your animals and native wildlife for signs of changes in their behavior. Their senses are much sharper than humans and will alert us if we are listening. Just like a cat who hides from loud noises, or birds who collectively silence themselves before a storm, or elephants who feel earthquakes miles away and move away from tsunamis.

With the creative planet Uranus still transiting the watery sign of Pisces, we will see more surprises related to water. We have already seen this during the last 2 years and its transit will last more than another 5 years. So you have time to look for ways to shore up resources and live peacefully side by side, or move to a new location.

Rain and drought can trade places in certain areas. It has happened several times before in Earth's history, over millions of years. The Grand Canyon is an obvious example.  Water, which takes many forms, including rain, rivers, lakes, ocean currents, clouds, snow, glaciers, ice caps, and every combination will be changing in quality and form.

Some groups of people who have taken life for granted will face unusual reversals of fortune, some who have lived a modest life will find unexpected grace that didn't exist before.

If people are caught unawares, there will be trials and hardship, but more relief to follow as with every cycle. However, the simpler your lifestyle, the more your senses can be open to knowing what to do, you are free to move on with fewer burdens to deal with.

It is a good time to sort out what is really important. Make peace with your loved ones, and give away the rest. Life in its purest sense is all we really have anyway.

Remember the tranquility of being grounded and at one with Nature. She will speak to you if you are able to hear Her Voice. You may have to carve away many of the peripheral activities of society in order to be free enough, clear enough to know. Meditation and simplicity are key here.

In the end, where ever you are in consciousness is where you continue. This may involve a whole new life or a fresh point of view in which to continue the Journey.