The Future, Prophecy & Ascension

This is a pivotal time in history as we teeter on the brink of destruction and transformation. This time was foretold by prophets, mystics and cultures like the Maya and Native Americans, and the level of transformation demanded of us is changing humanity on fundamental levels.

A.I., Black Goo, Archons, and NASA's Deep Dark Secret - Harald Kautz-Vella / Jul 2015
Our bodies are being invaded and enslaved by nanotechnology that can control not only our biological functions but also our minds and souls. Kautz-Vella, a German scientist, ties in HAARP, smart dust, geo-engineering, Morgellan's Disease, Archon controllers and the siren call of tech.

FINAL WARNING: Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Biblical END TIMES / Aug 2015
There are many concerning parallels between America today and Hitler's Nazi Germany. Obama is now on a power-grab and looking to build a new world order. At the same time, the Catholic Church is pushing for a global gov and ET disclosure. Is this just Republican/Christian paranoia?

Jordan Maxwell - Raw and Uncut / Feb 2014
Maxwell tells us that NOTHING in the world today is as it seems; the world we accept as real is an illusion, and that we are slaves who are literally owned by the state. The entire world is a business and our bodies are corporations, and our way to freedom is through knowledge.

Laura Eisenhower at Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 / Aug 2012
The control of humanity is not just about physical, emotional and mental control, but spiritual control as well. We are at the brink of awakening, and the Illuminati are doing everything they can, in league with the Greys, to prevent humanity from its natural spiritual ascension.

Project Camelot interviews Dr. Pete Peterson / Sept 2009
Peterson is an extraordinary scientist and inventor and here he gives a facinating interview about ET technology, how 15% of the world's population (of all races) have ET ancestry, why Einstein was wrong, and the coming ET disclosure and societal collapse. Also see Part 2 and Part 3.

Spirit Science 1-15 Full Movie Series (4 hours!!) / May 2012
This is the story of mankind, from our history to the great awakening that is happening today. It is based on the work of Drunvalo Melchizidek and includes some fantastic animation. This documentary/animation really brings everything together. Fantastic work guys!

Interplanetary "Day After Tomorrow?" - Hoagland & Wilcock (2004)
This is a report compiled by Richard C. Haogland and David Wilcock that examines the physical changes that are simultaneously taking place on all the planets in our solar system. How is this possible? The researchers propose a hyperdimensional model that tries to explain the data. To read the report visit: www.enterprisemission.com
A review of Kishori Aird's books DNA Demystified and DNA And The Quantum Choice which describe her protocols for reprogramming our DNA. [more →]
Gnosis 1: Lughnasadh 1
Zeraph Jasius—08/2006
Zeraph Jasius outlines the foundation of gnosticism and gives us a taste of why it has obsessed some of the best Western minds for many centuries. [more →]
We live in a world of chaos, and yet, if we go deep enough, we can find order in that chaos. Su examines futures and outcomes, showing us how to best swim in the stream of time. [more →]