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FINAL WARNING: Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Biblical END TIMES / Aug 2015
There are many concerning parallels between America today and Hitler's Nazi Germany. Obama is now on a power-grab and looking to build a new world order. At the same time, the Catholic Church is pushing for a global gov and ET disclosure. Is this just Republican/Christian paranoia?

A.I., Black Goo, Archons, and NASA's Deep Dark Secret - Harald Kautz-Vella / Jul 2015
Our bodies are being invaded and enslaved by nanotechnology that can control not only our biological functions but also our minds and souls. Kautz-Vella, a German scientist, ties in HAARP, smart dust, geo-engineering, Morgellan's Disease, Archon controllers and the siren call of tech.

The Saturn Time Cube Matrix / Jordan Maxwell & 6 God / Dec 2014
Saturn is the negative powerbase of our solar system, the planet that binds us to slavery. Our whole society is set up on Saturn worship, but we do not realize it. Jordan Maxwell is one of the most interesting researchers on Saturn and the effect it has on human society.

Jordan Maxwell - Raw and Uncut / Feb 2014
Maxwell tells us that NOTHING in the world today is as it seems; the world we accept as real is an illusion, and that we are slaves who are literally owned by the state. The entire world is a business and our bodies are corporations, and our way to freedom is through knowledge.

Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist: We're Living in the Matrix / Feb 2013
Nice splice of Joe Rogan and a NASA physicist talking about the multiverse and how we are living in a simulation or matrix. This gives us the ultimate freedom because we come to understand that consciousness is primary to the structure of the world, a world that often frustrates us.

Laura Eisenhower at Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 / Aug 2012
The control of humanity is not just about physical, emotional and mental control, but spiritual control as well. We are at the brink of awakening, and the Illuminati are doing everything they can, in league with the Greys, to prevent humanity from its natural spiritual ascension.

Spirit Science 1-15 Full Movie Series (4 hours!!) / May 2012
This is the story of mankind, from our history to the great awakening that is happening today. It is based on the work of Drunvalo Melchizidek and includes some fantastic animation. This documentary/animation really brings everything together. Fantastic work guys!

Brad Meltzer's Decoded 2012 / Mar 2012
December 21st 2012 — is this really the end date of the worl?. Brad Meltzer investigates prophecies from around the world, including web bot analysis, and how all these diverse sources of information seem to be agreeing that something BIG will happen on this date.

Spirit Science 12 - The Human History Movie 2012
Great documentary cartoon that sumarizes some of the central New Age perspectives on Earth's history. This video is just under 1 hour, but crams in a great deal of information. (Thanks M!)

The Source Field Investigations - David Wilcock 2011
In The Source Field Investigations Wilcock brings together new perspectives of time and sacred geometry to give a whole integrated understanding of the world changes that are taking place around the 2012 date. Wilcock is inspirational!

The Quickening - Keith Wyatt 2011
This video outlines a Carl Calleman-inspired perspective on these remarkable times of transition. This is a time for awakening, the time to realize our oneness on this planet. This is the next step in humanity's evolution.

Dwarf Start Coming Alignment Earth Changes (May 2011)
NASA downplay "comet" Elenin as just a dirty ice ball, but there is some evidence that it could be a much heavier dwarf star and that its approach to Earth will signal major changes due to its gravitational and magnetic impact.

2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies & Science of a Golden Age - David Wilcock 2010
Wilcock is one of the most interesting New Age teachers lecturing today. Here he lectures on the processes of change associated with the approach of 2012, including global warming and the awakening of consciousness. See Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.

Drunvalo Melchizedek- New Humanity (2010)
Drunvalo Melchizedek speaks about the upcoming changes that we are about to witness, and the spiritual flowing of humanity as it realizes that it is an integral co-creating part of a living, loving and caring universe.

Awakening - A short film that 7 billion people need to see (Dec 2010)
Many people around the world have found themselves on the verge of something vast, and their experiences can't be explained. This film introduces the awakening and illustrates the unprecedented number of lives affected by this shift.

Project Camelot Interviews Graham Hancock (2010)
Hancock is the premier investigator into alternative history, the paranormal, and the ultimate nature and purpose of consciousness. Here he gives an overview of his work, and how he sees this time as pivotal in the awakening of consciousness.

David Icke: Human Race, Get Off Your Knees / Project Avalon Interview (2010)
Icke is interviewed here on topics that he has written about in his latest book, Human Race, Get Off Your Knees. What is always inspiring about this man is his absolute fearlessness about challenging the status quo and accepted ideas.

Monuments to Life - Lecture by Graham Hancock (1996)
This is a recording of an old lecture that Hancock gave back in 1996 in the UK, but the message is fascinating and Hancock is a great lecturer. Hancock worked closely with a lot of this work with his collaborator and friend, Robert Bauval - see below.

Monuments to Life - Lecture by Robert Bauval (1996)
Bauval, like Hancock above, is also a great lecturer. Here he talks in 1996 at the same conference as Hancock above about the astronomical alignment aspects of the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, showing that they were pointers to the stars.

2012: Not apocalypse but 60-70 hours darkness before birth of New Sun
In the ancient cities of the Maya, Grand Elder "Wandering Wolf" talks about 2012, the end of the world, the New Sun and the Shift of the Ages — a far cry from the apocalyptic vision of the new 2012 movie.

The Mayan Calendar Comes North 01 - Ian Xel Lungold
Part 1 of Dr. Calleman's break thru discoveries of the structure of the Mayan Calendar as it relates to the Evolution of Consciousness. See below for Part II.

The Mayan Calendar Comes North 02 - Ian Xel Lungold
Part 2 of Dr. Calleman's break thru discoveries of the structure of the Mayan Calendar as it relates to the Evolution of Consciousness.

Project Camelot interviews Dr. Pete Peterson / Sept 2009
Peterson is an extraordinary scientist and inventor and here he gives a facinating interview about ET technology, how 15% of the world's population (of all races) have ET ancestry, why Einstein was wrong, and the coming ET disclosure and societal collapse. Also see Part 2 and Part 3.

The Maya Of Eternal Time - Drunvalo Melchizedek (Jul 2009)
The leader of the mayan council of elders Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez has given his approval to Drunvalo to tell the world what the mayans themselves have to say about the 2012 prophecies. Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

The 2012 Enigma — VIDEO by David Wilcock (Mar 2008)
David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more! (www.divinecosmos.com)

David WilcockProject Camelot - Richard Hoagland (2008)
Excellent interview with Richard Hoagland, author and fringe science journalist, who discloses the Nazi, Masons & Magician controllers of NASA, and their cover-up of our alien heritage and strange artifacts found on the Moon and Mars, and the grand cosmic conclusion coming in 2012.

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David WilcockProject Camelot - David Wilcock (2007)
This is a set of three video lectures that tell the story of David Wilcock, 2012, ascension, spiritual development, ETs and the earth changes that are currently taking place. This information is so mind-blowing that many will find it very difficult to swallow. You really have to be in tune with the 2012 destiny to appreciate Wilcock's work.

Video 1 (Youtube)
Video 2 (Youtube)
Video 3 (Youtube)
Video 4 (Youtube)

ZEITGEIST, The Movie (Aug 2007)
Zeitgeist is a highly recommended alternative documentary, exposing the inner workings of governments, religions, educational systems and the corporate banking system. This film is a must see for anybody interested in stopping the enslavement of humanity and the creation of a one world government by those who control governments, the media and the banking systems. This film is over 2 hours long and the associated website is www.zeitgeistmovie.com.