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Interplanetary "Day After Tomorrow?" - Hoagland & Wilcock (2004)
This is a report compiled by Richard C. Haogland and David Wilcock that examines the physical changes that are simultaneously taking place on all the planets in our solar system. How is this possible? The researchers propose a hyperdimensional model that tries to explain the data. To read the report visit: www.enterprisemission.com
BOOK: Serpent of Light: Beyong 2012 / Drunvalo Melchizedek
This is a phenomenal book about the "end times" transition that we are now in which sees the Earth's Kundalini move from Tibet to its new home in Chile. It is the story of Drunvalo's thirty-five year journey in service to Mother Earth, as he visits sacred sites and attends indigenous ceremonies that energetically put the final pieces in place ready for the the birth of a new world and the final tuning of the Unity Consciousness Grid. What is most remarkable about this book is its description of how the spiritual leaders of many different indigenous cultures are in remarkable agreement on the time-line of transformation, and how they are starting to release long-held secrets to help humankind make the transition into a new world.
BOOK: Jason My Indigo Child / Ann Andrews
An extraordinary account of a mother's experience bringing up an "indigo child" or "star child". Jason was deeply disturbed by regular alien abduction experiences since he was a tiny boy, but over time, and with the eventual support of a mother and father who took years to come to terms with the paranormal and specifically his experiences, Jason has now accepted that he, and tens of thousands of others being born like him, are here to help the Earth through this difficult time of global transition. The book reveals some profound insights to our collective destiny, for those open-minded enough to read it.
BOOK: The Isaiah Effect / Gregg Braden
Braden writes fascinating and challenging books… if you are open-minded. This one takes his study of eschatology a step further as he draws together new discoveries in quantum physics with ancient prophesies from various cultures around the world including Tibetan, Mayan and Hopi, as well as Nostradamus and the Dead Sea Scrolls. More specifically, he discusses the Isaiah Scroll that was unearthed in 1946 that teaches us the power of prayer and our minds. The book is an inspiration but some of the "research" it is based on is dodgy.
BOOK: Opening to the Infinite / A. Bryant & L. Seebach
This book tells the stories of a remarkable group of men and women who have various degrees of multidimensional awareness. These are our forerunners — humanity's destiny — and their stories are an inspiration to all those wanting to break free from the constraints of "normal" consciousness and what it is to be human. We are all multidimensional, but only a few of us are consciously aware of this fact, and even fewer of us base our lives on this multidimensionality. Opening to the Infinite is a seminal book that tells their stories without trying to fit anything into the box of a new philosophy or religion. A fascinating book!
BOOK: Lost Star of Myth and Time / Walter Cruttenden
All cultures from around the world speak of a golden age, when man was more conscious, had eco-technologies and lived much longer. These are the mythical ages when men walked the Earth as gods. Cruttenden shows that these stories are not myth and the central theme of his book is that history is cyclical, moving from golden, silver, bronze and then iron ages before reversing. Cruttenden tracks down an astronomical explanation for this which is that our sun is part of a binary star system (probably with Sirius) and that 24,000 year precession of the ages has a direct impact on the level of humanity's consciousness. This book ties up many loose ends and gives a breathtakingly grand view of human history.
BOOK: Opening Minds / Simeon Hein
This book ostensibly covers the English crop circle phenomenon that has brought thousands of curious people from around the world to the Wiltshire countryside. Most people view crop circles as either the work of aliens or human pranksters, and as evidence for the later accumulates, the crop circle phenomenon is being increasingly dismissed out of hand. Hein, however, a remote viewer who has studied the phenomenon in depth, shows us a much more encompassing picture, in which humans are playing a part in the dawn of a new consciousness. This book puts the mystery back into the phenomenon.
BOOK: Alice In Wonderland / David Icke
The madman is back with another work of fiction. At least this is what most readers may want to believe. In actuality, Icke presents a clear and logical investigation of the events of 9/11 and shows, without doubt, that the official take on these terrible events was a fabricated lie. Quite what the truth is, is another matter, and open to conjecture. Icke's books are always fantastic at challenging our accepted beliefs, and if for nothing else, they are worth reading for this reason.
BOOK: Infinite Love is the Only Truth / David Icke
Icke gets better and better with every book he writes. This, his latest so far, is extraordinary in its scope and reiterates a grand paradigm (one that other have put forward before but less explicitly) that sees each person as an infinite being experiencing a holographic deception. What is so great with Icke is that he takes points to their ultimate conclusion, unafraid of being politically incorrect, making this book one of the most fascinating and bold in the New Age book section. Icke raises the bar for New Age spirituality and philosophy clean out of site with his clarity, directness and humour. This is a book not to miss.
BOOK: Tales from the Time Loop / David Icke
Icke has written a conspiracy masterpiece; there has never been one as comprehensive and as far-reaching as this one. It covers almost EVERYTHING, from the history of this planet, the genetic start of the human race, the control that continues today, including the diabolical Iraqi War, and the destiny of the planet in terms of its spiritual awakening. What is perhaps most refreshing about Icke is his disregard for political correctness: he writes as he sees it without self-censorship. Of course, that does not mean that he is right or balanced in his work, but it is certainly entertaining.
BOOK: The Biggest Secret / David Icke
When this book came out, many thought that Icke had gone too far. In it, he begins to develop his theory (actually, it is not his, but nobody has presented it so cogently or popularly) that there is a reptilian bloodline that defines the current rulers of the world and their behaviour. Icke perhaps takes his theory too far when he asserts that these leading rulers and politicians, such as the British Royal family and the Bush family, take part in child sacrifice in order to maintain their true reptilian identity. But then, who knows… maybe they really are? Judge for yourself.
"Here is what the Hopi Elders are telling their people: You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell people that THIS is the hour." Oraibi, Arizona / Ilopi Nation
BOOK: Ultimate Journey / Robert A. Monroe
This was Monroe's last book and certainly his most profound. Monroe describes the journeys he takes out of body to different dimensional levels, the lessons that he learns and how his most profound helpers turned out not to be angels or gods, but different levels of himself. This books is about the ultimate journey that we will all make at the end of our lives, and how that journey is dependent upon the mental states that we habituate in this lifetime. What is so refreshing about Monroe's work is that it is not encumbered by the same level of dogma that pervades so many other similar types of books.
BOOK: Shapeshifting / John Perkins
A phenomenal book that takes the reader on a sacred journey to the heart of reality creation and shape shifting, describing the wisdom of the shamans from the mountains of Tibet to the deep Amazonian jungles of South America. Perkins is a man that was born in the "Western" world, but gradually drawn into a world of pure magic, where our every thought weaves the tapestry, not only of our own lives, but of human destiny as a whole. This is a timely reminder that we are facing an enormous transition at this time, one that could spell the extinction of humanity… or its spiritual blossoming. This book will permanently change you.
BOOK: 2012: The Year of the Mayan Prophecy/ Daniel Pinchbeck
This is a personal odyssey into the heart of the meaning of 2012, drawing together psychedelic vision, alien abductions and ecological crisis into a grand synthesis that culminates in directly channeled messages from Quetzalcoatl — basically, get ready for the end of the old cycle and the start of a new world. Pinchbeck teases the reader with glimpses of different truths, but wisely refrains from giving out pat answers and predictions. In fact, it has been a while since we have come across a book that so expertly and openly examines the multi-dimensional aspect of the 2012 mythology, without pandering to one particular view-point or truth. An intriguing read.
BOOK: Strange Secrets / Nick Redfern & Andy Roberts
This book covers material that would fit comfortably on the hit TV series X-Files — UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, life-after-death, psychic spies/assassins, the real Men in Black, and so on — except that what is printed here is actually thoroughly researched and documented fact. Having researched and written about the paranormal for many years, authors Nick Redfern and Andy Roberts delve into real documents world governments never thought anyone would see… and they let their readers in on a little secret: It's all true!100 years. Read and contemplate this thesis today. Tomorrow, it may be the news headlines."
BOOK: Secrets In The Fields / Freddy Silva
Crop circles have had a bad rap recently, with most people believing that they are man-made. Whilst this many be true for most, there is still a huge amount of mystery in the phenomenon which Silva captures in this comprehensive crop circle investigation in which he looks at both its history and its evolution over the years. Silva also shows us how we can tell a "genuine" crop circle over a "man-made" one. What is so refreshing about the author is that he can deal with both the science and the mysticism in the same book.
BOOK: Mass Dreams of the Future / Chet Snow
Snow worked with Wambach seeing what would happened if, instead of regressing people into past lives, people were "progressed" into future lives. The results were surprisingly consistent and fell into three different categories, one being total destruction of this planet. Interestingly enough, after 2012, these dreams of the future stop as if the planet does not exist on some level past that point. We shall see if this is right, but an interesting "coincidence" is that the Myan calendar also begins a new cosmic cycle at the end of this year. The problem with Snow's work is that some of the predictions he made were earlier than this date and have happened.
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean:
Dr. Doreal's original translation of one of the oldest mystical texts originally attributed to Thoth the Atlantean, also known as Hermes, who is said to have been the builder of The Great Pyramid in Egypt.