The Future, Prophecy & Ascension - Articles

A review of Kishori Aird's books DNA Demystified and DNA And The Quantum Choice which describe her protocols for reprogramming our DNA. [more →]
Gnosis 1: Lughnasadh 1
Zeraph Jasius—08/2006
Zeraph Jasius outlines the foundation of gnosticism and gives us a taste of why it has obsessed some of the best Western minds for many centuries. [more →]
We live in a world of chaos, and yet, if we go deep enough, we can find order in that chaos. Su examines futures and outcomes, showing us how to best swim in the stream of time. [more →]
Changing with the Earth
Su Maya—05/2005
Prepare for Earth changes: Su Maya explains that it is time to simplify our lives and brace ourselves for the transitional times ahead. [more →]