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Freedom is much more than choice of consumer goods, TV channel or political puppets. It is about the bigger issues that determine the type, diversity and direction of society, and how resources are divided. Modern democracy therefore does not automatically equate to freedom.

The NSA and the 9/11 Deception / The Corbett Report - 26 Jan 2014
Another insightful report from James Corbett on the illegal NSA spying and wholesale data collection, and also the way mainstream media and government are trying to sidestep the real issues. However, the people are starting to fight back with campaigns like

John BrennanChaos Computer Club files criminal complaint against German Government / Feb 2014
A criminal complaint has been filed with the Federal Prosecutor General's office in Germany by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and the International League for Human Rights (ILHR). In the words of CCC attorney, Dr. Julius Mittenzwei: "Every citizen is affected by the massive surveillance of their private communications. Our laws protect us and threatens those responsible for such surveillance with punishment. Therefore an investigation by the Federal Prosecutor General is necessary and mandatory by law – and a matter of course. It is unfortunate that those responsible and the circumstances of their crimes have not been investigated." Click for more

One of the greatest fallacies that humans continue to fall for is that privacy can be given up for safety. But because safety is actually based on privacy, our efforts to be safe at the cost of privacy is entirely counterproductive. We sacrifice privacy at our peril. [more]

PRISM - US World Surveillance (Jun 2013)
If you use any of the following online services, you are unwittingly a victim to a massive US surveillance system that is monitoring and recording all your communications and all your online activity. This Surveillance system is called PRISM.

Microsoft (inc. Hotmail & Office etc.)
Google (inc. Gmail & Drive etc.)

Stop using these services if at all possible and try to find alternative services that are owned by companies based outside the US, Canada and the UK. Other governments monitor as well, but not quite to this degree (unless you are in China).

Of course, these companies have vigorously denied involvement with government super-surveillance, but according to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, it is a federal crime for any participating company to publically acknowledge the existence of surveillance (source). So of course they would deny it!

The other thing that you must stop doing is using Google search engines which log every single one of your seaches. Try one of the following: and And certainly don't be crazy enough to continue posting private information on Facebook!

Prism 01

Prisim 02

Prism 03

Slides source:

John BrennanGoogle Data Mining is getting out of hand (Mar 2013)
Peter Sunter recently wrote on a forum:

"GOOGLE is ACTUALLY DOING MUCH EVIL: Every location you search on google earth is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies. Every word or sentence you type into google is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies. Every page you click on in google is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies. A data file about everything you do on the internet using any google technology is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies…

Google reads all of your email. Google sends any interesting emails with words it doesn’t like to agencies and the rest are put in an advertising database to trick you into thinking you stumbled upon certain ads when, in fact Google is secretly pushing those ads on you…

Google saves a file of everything you have ever done, looked at, sent or moused over IN YOUR ENTIRE HISTORY OF USING THE INTERNET. It isn't a business right anymore, it is an abuse of the public trust."

Kim Dotcom - Mr President - Jul 2012
Great music video by Kim Dotcom which sums up the threat to internet freedom, which is being eroded by big business which wants to control it – and you – for profit. The internet is for everyone and our future relies on the online free flow of information for transparency.

29C3 Panel: 3 Wistleblowers Speak of Their Treatment by the US Gov - Dec 2012
The US is no longer the Land of the Free: it has become a Surveillance State par excellence, where whistleblowing has become a criminal act. In these lectures you will see how the US gov treated those who spoke out against its constitutional violations and NSA terror campaigns.

Assange: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule - Nov 2012
The internet has been the greatest tool for liberty and transparency so far in the 21st Century. Julian Assange speaks about how technology and control systems are now in place to allow the character of the net to change substantially, becoming the main tool for world-totalitarianism.

TrapWire: Spying on You? / TYT Network - 14 Aug 2012
Hacked emails from the intelligence agency Stratfor have confirm that a comprehensive U.S. surveillance system is being put into place by a company called TrapWire which uses data from CCTV cameras country-wide to identify suspect terrorist behaviour. Big Brother has arrived!

We are imprisoned by a virtual world which defines and manipulates us. This world is constructed, maintained and controlled by the mass media. To break free from this virtual prison we must let go of our identity. [more]
John BrennanGreek triple jumper is sent home after African joke (Jul 2012)
Voula Papachristou's offending tweet read: "With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!" She tweeted this in response to reports that West Nile mosquitoes were now being found in Greece. There was such an outcry over her remark that she has been sent home from the Olympics, before they have even started. But what happened to free speech? Why are we all now so afraid of anything that might offend anyone else? Does intolerance towards prejudice stamp it out, or does it just move it further underground? Papachristou offered an opinion that this magazine certainly found a little offensive, but we strongly stand up for her right to say what she feels over banning her in this ridiculous way. Political correctness does not produce a correct society, it produces an obedient and mindless society that is far easier for the elite to manipulate. Free speech is the life-blood of civilisation and should not be sacrificed for political correctness. As Voltaire wrote: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."
John BrennanStipping naked to protest intrusive TSA searches lawful (Jul 2012)
John Brennan stripped naked at Portland airport in protest of TSA invasive searches and was promptly arrested and tried for indecent exposure. But now he has been found not guilty because, according to US law, naked individuals are only breaking the law if they are havint sex in public or got undressed to arouse sexual desire in another person. Brennan said that his protest was intended to give the TSA agents an idea of what passengers felt about the body scanners. The judge therefore had to dismiss the case, setting an interesting precedence for future acts of naked protest. [more]

The Rise of the Forth Reich (The European Union)

Forth Reich EUThe Red House Report was the Nazi's "Plan B" written in November 1944 when they realized that the war was lost. It described a secret meeting that took place at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10th in which it was decided that, although the military-driven Third Reich had failed, a commercially-driven Forth Reich could rise from its ashes. This would be achieved by having the German industrial network (much of it secret) rebuild Germany as quickly as possible, a plan economically helped by the Allied Forces who wanted stability in the region. Then, when the time was right, German industry would take over the whole of Europe through supranational organisations, giving the control necessary for a successful resurrection of the Nazi party – the Forth Reich.

Today, we can see that this plan has been followed to the letter, and what started as the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) developed into the Economic European Community (EEC) and finally into the political-economic superstate known today as the European Union (EU). And the dictatorial control that the EU imposes on its member countries and their respective citizens is reflective of its Nazi roots and ultimate Nazi/Fascist agenda of centralized political and corporate control. For more information, click here.

Police State USA

The US is becoming increasingly intolerant of dissension and protest - Nov 2011
Although the student UC Davis protest was a peaceful one, University Chancellor Linda Katehi, pictured right, called in the police to break it up anyway. Here, Lt. John Pike calmly pepper-sprays students. Petition for Linda Katehi's resignation. (more info)

America is Gone - Its Freedoms Replaced by Tyranny - Ron Paul (28 Jun 2011)
The United States of America, once a bastion of democracy, has transformed now completely into a state of tyranny, a country that treats its citizens as potential terrorists and allows the President now to go to war without Congressional approval. The Land of the Free is no more.

bp-logoWikileaks and Free Speech Under Attack (December 2010)
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has now been arrested after Sweden issued an international arrest warrent for what appear to be "sex crimes" allegations (no charges made yet). Not only that but Wikileaks itself has had its domain hosting withdrawn. But don't worry, hundreds and soon thousands of mirrors sites have sprung up offering the world the right to know what their elected governments are saying and doing behind closed doors. You can find the mirror sites here. We will be updating this link as and when it changes. People are waking up to the fact that our "democratic" governments are actually the worst terrorists, and that the only way to defeat terrorism once and for all is to have the sort of transparency of information that Wikileaks offers. If you support free speech and democracy then you have a duty to support Wikileads and Assange.

Britain has turned into an Orwellian Surveillance State (Feb 2009)
This isn't just the view of civil liberty campaigners but also the conclusion of the Lords constitution committee. The peers warned that the level of British CCTV surveillance, the highest per capita in the world, has reached a point where it is threatening to undermine democracy. Not only that, but the UK also has the largest DNA database in the world, containing profiles of 7% of the population (as opposed to 0.5% in the US), showing that the government's "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" justification for Orwellian Britain is deeply flawed. [BBC]
Freedom to Fascism — The New World Order (May 2007)
Film-maker Aaron Russo has released a film called AMERICA: From Freedom to Fascism, a must-see documentary. What is happening in the US is similar to what is happening in the EU: we are all headed for a totalitarian world-government which will bear out, with no exaggeration, the horrors of Orwell's 1984. If you want this to happen, do nothing — sit back, enjoy your TV, and trust your politicians. If, however, you don't want to be a slave to a world government, then visit and see this powerful documentary. The choice is yours. (And if you want to see a film that exposes similar abuses of power and the rise of totalitarianism in the EU, watch The Real Face of the EU.)
Comment: US & UK Descent into Fascism (10 Mar 2005)
Over the last few years, the US and UK governments seem to have jumped wholeheartedly onto the terrorism bandwagon and are enthusiastically pushing through so called "anti-terror laws" that increase their control over the people who elected them, and that undoubtedly erode democracy and government accountability in the process. Many believe that that is a fair swap — security for freedom — although many more realize that any surrender of civil liberty can actually place us in an even more precarious situation as a society looking for security can so easily descend into fascism, and we know what a fascist society is capable of from the unspeakably evil activities of the Nazis in Hitler's Germany. But even if you do believe that during times of threat liberty needs to be surrendered, you cannot deny that for any democratic society to make such an important decision (which is their right) they need to have an accurate assessment of the threat in question. The illegal invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq, and the exposed lies and spin trumped up by the UK and US to try to justify an action clearly described at the Nuremberg trials as the gravest of war crimes, must make any thinking person feel the need to reassess any perceived threat from global terrorism if that perception has been disseminated by government and government-friendly sources. That is why sites like this one and their regular visitors criticize government anti-terrorist laws. It is not that we are communists or anti-American or anarchists or stupid; it is that we recognize the value of liberty and democracy, and our perception of government is always as the servant of the people. And although we would love to trust our governments, we know from past that this is one of the most foolish things any democratic society can do. Herman Goering warned us at the Nuremberg Trials: "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." And that, I am afraid, includes the "Land of the Free" and "Great Britannia".