Clean & Limitless Energy

Energy is what makes it all happen and control of this fundamental need for each and every individual, community and organisation is what keeps the world enslaved to governments and corporations. Our future lies in the infinite potential of free energy which is being suppressed.

Limitless clean energy that can make petrolium fules obsolete (Nov 2013)
Isothermically compressed air offers us an immediate solution to the energy crisis by offering a clean and limitless supply of energy. Bill Mollison explains how a "trompe" works and gives us an indication of its global potential. This technology is already being used to power cars in India.

Dr. Thorsten Ludwig — Zero-Point Energy and Vacuum Fluctuations (Jul 2015)
We are surrounded by a sea of energy — the so-called zero-point or vacuum energy — which can be tapped as a source of free energy to power our civilisation. But the technologies associated with zero-point energy are currently being suppressed as it is more difficult to profit from them.

A.R.V. and the Mark McCandlish history of the free energy Fluxliner (Dec 2015)
Technology now exists that allows craft to use field-propulsion systems (rather than traditional mass-ejection) that tap into the almost unlimited energy in the vacuum — the zero-point energy. The potential of this tech for humanity is HUGE, but it is unfortunately being kept secret.

Vortex-Based Mathematics / Marko Rodin (Oct 2011)
Rodin has formulated a revolutionary system of mathematics the involves whole numbers, toroidal constructions and spirituality, a system he calls vortex-based mathematics and one that can help to explain the live and the universe. It also promises the production of free energy.

Pulling Energy from the Vacuum — Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden (2013)
Bearden has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and is Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists. He has built electromagnetic devices that can pull energy from the vacuum and here he talks about these technologies and why they never seem to see the light of day.

Free Energy — The Race to Zero-Point (2008)
This is the inspirational story of the future of the human race and how, in just a few years time, we will be extracting the energy that we need from the zero-point field that has been described by modern physics. The video is dated but has great information. [1 hour, 50 mins]

To date, Alex Schiffer has converted four car engines to run on orgone energy using the Joe Cell Method. This is a clean and freely available source of energy that will revolutionize society. Although nobody as yet fully understands how this process works, following are three explanation of how the Joe Cell might work. [more →]
Free Energy Machine Down Under (Mar 2008)
Two Australian inventors have unveiled the world's first commercial free energy machine capable of powering a house with permanent, clean, green and virtually free energy. The machine, developed by Brinsmead mechanical engineer John Christie and Edge Hil electrician Lou Brits, has an international patent pending and is expected to go on the market for $4000 - $5000. There are in fact a number of free energy devices around the world that are being developed, but this seems to be the first commercial one, although it still requires the inventors to raise $500,000 to start their production plant. Click here for more.