Fionna Johnson Online

Writer, Reseacher & Eco-Consultant
Fionna Johnson is a writer and researcher specialising in the Environment, Ecology and Natural health medicine. She is currently involved in setting up a Global charity called Tierra Verde International, and writes screenplays in her spare moments.

Fionna JohnsonFIONNA JOHNSON is one of those people who can do anything she puts her mind to, and do it extremely well. She has the unusual combination of a prodigious open-minded intellect, an artistic eye, deep intuition and mystifying practical ability for someone her size (she has even built houses complete with foundation laying etc.) Put these together and you have someone able to make a real impact on the environmental crisis we are currently facing.

Having spent decades working with garden design, organic and permaculture projects, and having studied natural and alternative medicine, Fionna Johnson's primary role now is as an educator and eco-project manager. Twenty years ago, her warning of impending ecological crisis fell on deaf ears; today, individuals like her are taken seriously, but still not seriously enough to have organisations and/or governments sponsor enough of their projects.

Johnson currently runs Tierra Verde International, an eco-consultancy involved with various projects in Europe. The main project she is working on is in conjuction with Ecoshelter and involves setting up an eco-farm high in the Spanish mountains of Sierra Nevada.

You can read Johnson's column entries and other material by using the menu on the right, and you can find out more about Tierra Verde projects in the watchdog section of this site.