Ecology & Geoengineering

We live in a fragile bubble floating in space, a bubble that birthed us, nurtures us and protects us. Yet modern humans treat this bubble as a resource to plunder, endangering its life-support systems for the sake of greed. To survive, we must respect and protect our sacred Mother.

Few would disagree that it is insane to willfully destroy our own life-support system. We certainly have the technologies to alleviate the ecological crisis, but these are not implemented because they would threaten the power of the current establishment. Unfortunately, a dying planet is a good business model that enriches a few at the expense of the whole world. >>>

Lobbyist Claims Monsanto's Roundup is Safe to Drink / Mar 2015
The World Health Organisation has recently concluded that the glyphosate active ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup "probably" causes cancer. Here one of their lobbyists is trying to convince a reporter that Roundup is safe. Glyphosates are also found in GMO crops.

Seeds of Sovereignty - The Gaia Foundation / 2014
This is the success story of how African farming communities and organisations have managed to revive traditional seed diversity, resisting the short-term profit offered by big agri-businesses that leads only down the road to ruin. It is time for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Seeds of Freedom - The Gaia Foundation / 2012
This powerful documentary looks at our most precious heratige, the seeds that feed the world, and how big business is trying to control seeds so that foods is no longer Gaia-given but requires us to purchase seeds each year from massive agri-businesses. Solution: buy local and organic.

Chemtrails: The Secret War (Italian Documentary) / Dec 2014
This is probably the most informative documentary on chemtrails, and it was produced by Antonio and Rosario Marciano of Tanker Enemy. Speakers include Giorgio Pattera, a biologist, and Carrado Penna, a physicist, who make the case that chemtrails are a very real threat.

Geoengineering and the Collapse of Earth / Feb 2014
Dane Wigington presents the facts: Earth is in melt-down as secret government geoengineering programs have backfired, and are now destroying life on earth and causing extreme weather patterns. If you think that all the above is just conspiracy theory, watch this: UN presentation.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars / Jul 2013
Aquifers around the world are running dry as we pump out more than 15x the amount of water that is returned. With forests disappearing, rainwater is not being held in the land and our meat diet is one of the biggest contributors to drought. At this rate we will run out in a few decades.

The humble bee could shortly become extinct if we do not change our agricultural ways. And because they pollinate most of our major food plants, the disappearance of the bee will be a calamity to humans too. [more →]

bp-logoThe BP Oil Spill (June 2010)
BP is a multinational company (44% British-owned, 39% American-owned and 17% rest-of-the-world-owned) responsible for the catastrophic oil spill currently affecting the US Gulf. This is the oil company that has cynically run a PR campaign, in recent years, to make the oil business look positively green — reworking its logo to a green/yellow flower, symbolically investing in clean alternative energy, using the phrase "beyond petroleum" beside its logo, and decorating its petrol stations with eco-bling wind turbines. But the nature of this false PR-derived image has now well and truly been exposed by the recent blow-out in the Gulf, an careless accident responsible for one of the worst oil-spill environmental disasters. And this is on top of $373m fines BP paid in 2007 to the US Department of Justice for environmental crimes and for committing fraud. As the oil runs out, deep well drilling, with its increased risk of high-pressure blow-outs, is going to become the norm. Welcome to the future of oil exploration.

US & World Oil Production
John Baird—01/2008
All the evidence strongly suggests that the US and the world have now reached peak oil production. From hereon, oil production will start trailing off despite rising demand. [more →]
50 Ways You Can Help Save The Planet
Daisy Prince & Emily Butselaar—05/2006
Vanity Fair's Daisy Prince and Emily Butselaar have written a guide to green living by listing the 50 most important things you can do to save the planet. [more →]
Gaia's Last Stand
Helke Ferrie—04/2006
Helke Ferrie urges all of us to take practical action to help save the Earth from imminent ecological destruction. We must act NOW because very shortly it will be too late. [more →]
Back to the Anicent Future
Joe Bageant—04/2002
Bageant contemplates Richard Duncan's Olduvai Theory — the fast approaching human "die-off" that will occur within our lifetime if electricity production continues to slide. [more →]
If we want to save this planet, we need to learn to live with minimum physical impact. But minimum physical impact can only come from practicing minimum psychological impact… [more →]