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The humble bee could shortly become extinct if we do not change our agricultural ways. And because they pollinate most of our major food plants, the disappearance of the bee will be a calamity to humans too. [more →]
US & World Oil Production
John Baird—01/2008
All the evidence strongly suggests that the US and the world have now reached peak oil production. From hereon, oil production will start trailing off despite rising demand. [more →]
50 Ways You Can Help Save The Planet
Daisy Prince & Emily Butselaar—05/2006
Vanity Fair's Daisy Prince and Emily Butselaar have written a guide to green living by listing the 50 most important things you can do to save the planet. [more →]
Gaia's Last Stand
Helke Ferrie—04/2006
Helke Ferrie urges all of us to take practical action to help save the Earth from imminent ecological destruction. We must act NOW because very shortly it will be too late. [more →]
Back to the Anicent Future
Joe Bageant—04/2002
Bageant contemplates Richard Duncan's Olduvai Theory — the fast approaching human "die-off" that will occur within our lifetime if electricity production continues to slide. [more →]
If we want to save this planet, we need to learn to live with minimum physical impact. But minimum physical impact can only come from practicing minimum psychological impact… [more →]