DMT & Psychedelics - Comment

night sunThe Dangers of Flouride for Pineal Health (2014)
The picture on the right is of two calcified pineal glands. This is what happens when we ingest flouride into our bodies which triggers this calification process. We can clear this calcification doing the following:
1) Use non-flouride toothpastes
2) Drink filtered water only (distilled is good for a time)
3) Meditate on the third eye with a silent mind
4) Take a course of high-dose MSM
5) Ensure we have adequate iodine in the diet
6) Take algae supplements like chlorella & spirulina
7) Avoid calcium carbonate food supplements - the body finds it hard to process
8) Eat raw chocolate
9) Add lemon juice to your wter
10) Eat a vegan or vegetarian diet

11) Avoid mercury containing foods and vaccines
12) Eat organic and avoid foods grown with pesticides
13) Take Vitamin K2
14) Take apply cider vinegar in your food when vinegar is needed
15) Avoid sugar, smoking, alcohol and caffeine containing drinks
16) Garlic is highly recommended as well

Some people highly recommend Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish oil, but as a vegan site we think that the benefits of the oil are outweighed by the negative aspects of eating animals.

Untold History of the United StatesBOOK: DMT: The Spirit Molecule / Rick Strassman, M.D.
In the early 1990's, Strassman undertook research at the University of New Mexico on injecting DMT — dimethyltryptamine — into humans and recording their psychological reactions. DMT is a substance produced by the pineal gland and naturally found in the human body, so any research on its effects hint at what we are naturally capable of. The results were nothing less than astounding as his patients chronicled their stories of other worlds, many which had similar features to those experienced by other people on DMT — a shared vision that indicates a parallel reality. Strassman himself was deeply affected by the implications.

Scientists find no link between psychedelic use and mental health issues (Aug 2013)
New research by Norwegian neuroscientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has found that regular psychedlic use is not associated with high levels of mental health issues. In fact, the very opposite was observed: psychedelic users had a lower risk of mental health issues including psychosis, phobias, anxiety and trauma. You can find their full paper on the subject of psychedelics here.

BOOK: The Cosmic Serpent / Jeremy Narby
The Peruvian Indians recipes for healing concoctions with many steps that, if just one step was missing, or the wrong amount of a particular ingredient was used, would render the final product extremely toxic. Ask them how then did discovered these recipes and they will tell you that the forest told them. Narby takes an open-minded journey into the heart of their culture where he is invited to partake in their hallucinogenic ceremonies. There he discovers the source of their wisdom, consciousness infinitely wiser than human consciousness and this takes him on to the theory that knowledge may be being transmitted by our DNA itself.