Destiny, Ascension & The Esoteric

This is a pivotal time in history as we teeter on the brink of destruction and transformation. This time was foretold by prophets, mystics and cultures like the Maya and Native Americans, and the level of transformation demanded of us is changing humanity on fundamental levels.

Prophecy Update
Norman Sillett—01/2013
An update from Norman Sillett, a remarkable English healer who has spent many years opening up and tuning in to the new energies that are coming into this planet at this time, and uncovering the real history and destiny of mankind. [more]

Spirit Science 1-15 Full Movie Series (4 hours!!) / May 2012
This is the story of mankind, from our history to the great awakening that is happening today. It is based on the work of Drunvalo Melchizidek and includes some fantastic animation. This documentary/animation really brings everything together. Fantastic work guys!

The New Age of Man
Norman Sillett—10/2012
A message of hope from Norman Sillett, a remarkable English healer who has spent many years opening up and tuning in to the new energies that are coming into this planet at this time, and uncovering the real history and destiny of mankind. [more]

Brad Meltzer's Decoded 2012 / Mar 2012
December 21st 2012 — is this really the end date of the worl?. Brad Meltzer investigates prophecies from around the world, including web bot analysis, and how all these diverse sources of information seem to be agreeing that something BIG will happen on this date.

The Source Field Investigations - David Wilcock 2011
In The Source Field Investigations Wilcock brings together new perspectives of time and sacred geometry to give a whole integrated understanding of the world changes that are taking place around the 2012 date. Wilcock is inspirational!

The Mayan Prophecy - Beyond 2012
Norman Sillett—12/2010
Bringing together a lot of information on 2012 along with personal insights and spiritual guidance, Norman Sillett presents a fascinating overview on what we might expect over the next few years. [more]

To my fellow swimmers:
here is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift,
that there are those who will be afraid,
who will try to hold on to the shore,
they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
and keep our heads above water.
And I say see who is there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history we are to take nothing personally,
least of all ourselves, for the moment we do,
our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves.
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
For we are the ones we have been waiting for.

The Maya Of Eternal Time - Drunvalo Melchizedek (Jul 2009)
The leader of the mayan council of elders Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez has given his approval to Drunvalo to tell the world what the mayans themselves have to say about the 2012 prophecies. This box used to contain an embedded Youtube video but it was taken down due to copyright infringement complaints from EsoTV which own the video. So here we are, 2 years away from 2012 and we have a commercial organisation blocking the release of information given to humanity for copyright reasons. So much for the values of modern society!

David WilcockProject Camelot - Richard Hoagland (2008)
Excellent interview with Richard Hoagland, author and fringe science journalist, who discloses the Nazi, Masons & Magician controllers of NASA, and their cover-up of our alien heritage and strange artifacts found on the Moon and Mars, and the grand cosmic conclusion coming in 2012.

Video 1 (Google Video)
Video 2 (Google Video)
Video 3 (Google Video)
David WilcockProject Camelot - David Wilcock (2007)
This is a set of three video lectures that tell the story of David Wilcock, 2012, ascension, spiritual development, ETs and the earth changes that are currently taking place. This information is so mind-blowing that many will find it very difficult to swallow. You really have to be in tune with the 2012 destiny to appreciate Wilcock's work.

Video 1 (Google Video)
Video 2 (Google Video)
Video 3 (Google Video)
Video 4 (Google Video)
Interplanetary "Day After Tomorrow?" - Hoagland & Wilcock (2004)
This is a report compiled by Richard C. Haogland and David Wilcock that examines the physical changes that are simultaneously taking place on all the planets in our solar system. How is this possible? The researchers propose a hyperdimensional model that tries to explain the data. To read the report visit:
A review of Kishori Aird's books DNA Demystified and DNA And The Quantum Choice which describe her protocols for reprogramming our DNA. [more]
"Here is what the Hopi Elders are telling their people: You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell people that THIS is the hour." Oraibi, Arizona / Ilopi Nation
Gnosis 1: Lughnasadh 1
Zeraph Jasius—08/2006
Zeraph Jasius outlines the foundation of gnosticism and gives us a taste of why it has obsessed some of the best Western minds for many centuries. [more]
We live in a world of chaos, and yet, if we go deep enough, we can find order in that chaos. Su examines futures and outcomes, showing us how to best swim in the stream of time. [more]
Changing with the Earth
Su Maya—05/2005
Prepare for Earth changes: Su Maya explains that it is time to simplify our lives and brace ourselves for the transitional times ahead. [more]
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean:
Dr. Doreal's original translation of one of the oldest mystical texts originally attributed to Thoth the Atlantean, also known as Hermes, who is said to have been the builder of The Great Pyramid in Egypt.