Destiny, Ascension & The Esoteric

This is a pivotal time in history as we teeter on the brink of destruction and transformation. This time was foretold by prophets, mystics and cultures like the Maya and Native Americans, and the level of transformation demanded of us is changing humanity on fundamental levels.

Laura Eisenhower at Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 / Aug 2012
The control of humanity is not just about physical, emotional and mental control, but spiritual control as well. We are at the brink of awakening, and the Illuminati are doing everything they can, in league with the Greys, to prevent humanity from its natural spiritual ascension.

Spirit Science 1-15 Full Movie Series (4 hours!!) / May 2012
This is the story of mankind, from our history to the great awakening that is happening today. It is based on the work of Drunvalo Melchizidek and includes some fantastic animation. This documentary/animation really brings everything together. Fantastic work guys!

A Question of Ascension
Norman Sillett—01/2013
Visionary Norman Sillett shares some of his insights into the ascension process and dimensional existences. Sillett reveals that DNA updates are not immediate but gradual, taking between two and seven years to complete. Only then can we enter the three day ascension phase. [more]

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Interplanetary "Day After Tomorrow?" - Hoagland & Wilcock (2004)
This is a report compiled by Richard C. Haogland and David Wilcock that examines the physical changes that are simultaneously taking place on all the planets in our solar system. How is this possible? The researchers propose a hyperdimensional model that tries to explain the data. To read the report visit: