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editorEnergyGrid is a multi-issue publication that promotes writers and film-makers focused on presenting alternative viewpoints that challenge the out-dated belief systems and perspectives of the mainstream media. Whilst the mainstream media promotes a worldview that benefits primarily an elite, and the establishment that supports it, alternative media such as this one presents a worldview that empowers ordinary people to make choices that are more life-promoting and more compassionate. In this way, society starts to reflection those new choices, whether it be in who we vote for, what foods we select, what healthcare we use, what goods we buy, what legislation we reject or accept, and what media/news sources we trust.

Some do not like the heaviness of some of the articles and videos we publish, but our focus is as much on making the darkness conscious as it is on spreading 'light and love'. We feel that we need to do both at this time to find wholeness.

Whilst we do not really have the time to debate points raised, we certainly respect your right to have a different viewpoint. Some of the articles and videos here are quite controversial, and if you have any comments or issues concerning them, please contact the particular writer or film maker directly.

If you are interested in reproducing any article on this site, please check out our copyright policy.

Thank you for visiting EnergyGrid.

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